Could Arsenal still get Lacazette?

Arsenal target admits a move is on the cards!

It is no secret that the Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger is a big fan of the Lyon striker Alexandre Lacazette, with whom he has been linked with for quite some time now. In fact, a £29.3 million bid was reportedly rejected by the Ligue 1 side last summer and it seems as though the Gunners boss, who looks likely to continue at the helm, hasn’t yet given up on bringing Lacazette to the Emirates.

And for good reason. The French international has been in blistering form this season, scoring a staggering 30 goals in all competitions. His superb form has further raised his value and the highly-rated hitman is said to be a target to Arsenal, Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur. With Lyon resigned to lose their prized asset this summer, there will be quite the battle between the Premier League trio to secure his services.

Speaking in regards to his future as quoted by the Daily Express, the 25-year-old forward said: “Will this be my last few months at Lyon? It depends which teams will be on offer to me. I am prepared to leave, but only to make a significant leap forward. Otherwise, nothing will happen.”

In addition, Lyon’s club advisor Bernard Lacombe admitted to French radio station RMC that Lacazette may be on the move, saying: “The departure of Alex would be very difficult for our club. Even if we could make lots of money, he is an immense player and I do not think that we will understand the magnitude of his departure fully until it happens.
“I do not know which team he will go to. I hope for only one thing, that he will stay with us for another year, or two, because he is an immense player. ”

So with the player admitting that he is willing to leave if the right offer is on the table, the news comes as a green light for the Arsenal boss who has been trying to sign the prolific striker for quite some time now. While competition for his signature will be tough, the player has previously admitted that he is fan of Arsenal and while that may not necessarily mean a move to the Emirates, it gives the North London club an edge over the competition. But if Arsenal fail to qualify for the Champions League, the story may be very different.

Are we still a step up from Lyon?



  1. SoOpa AeoN says:

    if there’s any chance of signing Lacazette again, Wenger will still gamble on it instead of paying the right price seeing as he’s worth it…..he will be reluctant to do so

    There’s a adage that says “Once beaten , twice shy”
    But to Mr.potato Head, it’s “A Thousand times beaten, Never Shy”
    His delusion is deeper than y’all think!

    1. bran99 says:

      true, the guy will end up at Spurs and in a few times will he be terrorizing us when we meet.. you made me laugh – But to Mr.potato Head, it’s “A Thousand times beaten, Never Shy”

    2. Midkemma says:

      Again a fan has gone “Derp, Wenger must do EVERYTHING”.

      We are reading about how Wenger will be told to rebuild on £100mil. Not that Wenger can buy who he wants at what-ever price he wants. He has a limit. Could be increased to £200mil from sales.

      No we didn’t bid enough for Lacazette last time, we did bid around £30mil from what I recall and that would have been £100mil that the club would have spent, instead we had to go for a cheaper Perez because Arsenal didn’t let Wenger have enough cash.

      Perez was never trusted by Wenger and even though Vardy was ARSENALS top CF transfer target, Wenger never spoke to the guy like he did with Alexis and Ozil. How much of a target was he for Wenger…

      It is clear that Wenger wants a top CF and Perez was not it and Wenger has not trusted Perez… WTF was AFC doing buying Perez when Wenger didn’t want him? Wasting money AGAIN!!!!!

      You got £100mil.
      You need a CB, CM(def), CM(B2B), CF, Winger and LB.
      Who do you get?

      Hindsight we can moan about Kante but if you are being honest with yourself then Arsenal supporters was happy with Xhaka signing and proud that we bought him fast and how he had a good run in internationals. Xhaka is more of the def one while Kante is more of a tough tackling B2B. I do wish we could have had them both but do feel the def CM was more of an important role to upgrade.

      Mustafi at the time was a bit hmmm but once he joined and we went on that unbeaten run, supporters was proud of him.

      If AFC had only £100mil to spend then AFC would have had only around £30mil left for a CF… Oh FFS!! Look at that, around the price that was rejected for Lacazette.

      Supporters need to learn about the club they love.
      If Wenger doesn’t have the money to spend then what do you expect him to do? Not even try to get them on a bargain???? Give up before even trying and just getting more Welbecks and Perezs?

      AFC have a board who know very little about football, they are business types and part of the reason why Wenger has so much control at Arsenal is because the rest of the board are clueless when it comes to the sport. They see Lacazette and Perez and see the price tag. David Dein would know the difference, I bet Marc Overmars would know the difference, I doubt Gazidis and Law do.

      From the rumors I read it would seem that Silent Stans son is aware of this and wants to change it.

      Rumors are Arsenal will be wanting a SD/DoF and names being mentioned are people who know the sport better than Gazids and Law.

      I hate to give Silent Stan credit but the rumored changes would bring about a hierarchy with more footballing knowledge and the structure to allow the club to go after manager targets without the manager having to waste their time on negotiations and spend that time working with the players.

      This has been something that has been needed ever since David Dein left us.

      I believe that the turning point for us was when Dein left us, the structure at the club changed and the club has suffered from that change, IMO this is the most important change we need to make to compete again like we was when we had someone with footballing passion on the board.

      To be honest I get amazed that so called fans do not take this serious, do you never pay attention to the politics of football? Do you think that what happens on the board doesn’t affect the players? Do you think a board of business people with very little footballing knowledge can run a successful SPORTING football club? Do you think that type of board will be able to hire the right manager to replace Wenger?????????

  2. The troll formerly known as Robin Vanpayslip says:

    Well last time around Arsenal knew what West Ham had been rejected at and bid less.

    So I doubt Arsenal is his next destination.

  3. Nebsy says:

    So no Lacazette, as he wants to leap forward. Arsenal has been backward since 2007. The only reason they’ve attracted Ozil and Sanchez was Ivan’s lies about wanting to compete with the likes of Bayern.No top player will ever come to Arsenal as long as we have the owner and the board we now have. As of this season, it’s blatantly obvious what are only ambitions of this club – REVENUE, REVENUE, REVENUE.

  4. Frank says:

    As long as Wenger is in charge it doesn’t matter who Arsenal sign. Wenger will have a good month here and there but not good enough to challenge for the title so what’s the point? Until he leaves Arsenal will be just a bit better than a mid table team, beating the clubs below but not the ones in front. Mediocre ambitions and nothing more. I won’t get excited by anything Arsenal does until Wenger is gone.

    1. Quantic Dream says:

      Spot on mate this is exactly what I have been saying! We can even sign Ronaldo, Messi and Lewandoski but if the cancerous incompetent manager remains we will win nothing. It is all zero work ..useless effort. The cycle of mediocrity will continue.

  5. gotanidea says:

    Arsenal had better be realistic and target other proven and talented players that have less chasers, such as Munir El Haddadi or Lukaku. Otherwise they should try their best to keep Sanchez and Chamberlain.

  6. John Ibrahim says:

    This is why fans are protesting wrongly…

    We should protesting to be under the direct payroll of our 3 billionaires and big spending will come

    100m each from each owner each season and we will win titles after titles with a new manager and new players

    1. bran99 says:

      the owners are smiling only when money flows in their direction, vice versa is never acceptable.. they’ll keep announcing fat warchest for the transfers but it’s a lie to attract those season ticket holders to renew

      1. Midkemma says:

        Thus, when Wenger only signs 3 players for a total of £100 mil and one of them being a bargain panic buy fans will forget everything and think Wenger should have spent £500 million to get 22 new players.

        To be fair on Usmanov though, I did read years ago he wanted to loan us the money for our debts at interest free and over an unspecified period of time so we could keep spending on players… David Dein pushed for this man to buy us before Silent Stan came onto the scene.

        Usmanov has made his opinion on Silent Stan not investing public, how he is blocked from being on the board even though he owns a decent number of shares…

        It might be PR but it might be that Usmanov might actually care for us and willing to invest in us but he is being blocked by Silent Stan who cares about his profits too much.

  7. Break-on-through says:

    Yes Arsenal could definitely get Lacazette. All it would take to stop us though would be Real Barca Che City PSG to want him more. Arsenal Juventus and Atletico, from what I read that is the main competition, we pay better than those clubs and then the French thing might come into it. Juventus looks a nice place to go all the same, titles, Italy, and look like they could make a splash in the CL soon. Atletico to me doesn’t look like a great draw, you put in one heck of an effort all season long but are still well in the shadow of those other two clubs, and they just fancy dan their way through the whole season. The Prem, and English being most peoples first or second language is still big for allot of players, since they were boys we hear, when Lacazette was a boy he supported Arsenal no doubt.

  8. Marty53 says:

    I don’t know why anybody would sign for an English club and endure the slog that is the Premier League when you can sign for a club in Italy or Spain and live there.

  9. Midkemma says:

    I wonder if the fans might play a part in him not coming?

    Who would want to be turned on within 12 months in a foreign league… While they are still adapting?
    Risk hearing your so called fans chant stuff like “You’re not fit to wear the shirt” BS?
    Fans telling he isn’t good enough for us if he doesn’t hit the ground running…

    There are Arsenal FANS and then there are Arsenal SUPPORTERS.
    1 supports while the other is a fanatic.

    If the player doesn’t care about the fans and just the paycheck then is that who you want to support? If they do care about the fans then wouldn’t the fans behaviour have a negative affect?

  10. Janssen says:

    We should have bought Lacazette two years ago when he wanted to come to Arsenal. Now he is too expensive and probably wants to play for a team which can win major trophies.

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