Could Arsenal still give Jack Wilshere a new contract?

Arsenal should come out with their plan for Wilshere by Sylvester Kwentua

Okay family, it’s few days to our game against Newcastle and I am sure we are anxiously awaiting the game on Saturday, which will serve as an opportunity for Arsenal to bounce back after the defeat over last weekend. Meanwhile, as we await the important game, can we talk about Jack Wilshere one more time?
It is not a hidden secret that Wilshere has been training with Arsenal since last summer, what seems a secret however, is Arsenal’s plan for their former midfielder.
If I am to believe a report in the mirror that Wilshere was recently named the best player in training, then I may just assume that Wilshere will soon become an Arsenal player once again.
Let’s look at it this way; If Arsenal had no plan for Wilshere, then why allowing him train with the team, right up to almost midway season? If he was allowed to train with Arsenal for him to keep fit and possibly regain his game form, then Arsenal may be looking at the possibility of signing a player who has the club’s DNA in his blood. If Arsenal has plans to sign him, I am fine with it, but then would he be the same Jack whose goal against Norwich City was voted the BBC goal of the season in 2014?
Just recently, when Wilshere was asked about the next step in his career, he sounded not sure of what he wanted to do. He said he was not sure if he wished to continue playing or to quit! But from his constant participation in Arsenal’s training sessions, one may say that he might have been told by Arsenal to just keep training and see if he could still get a way back into the team.
All my presumptions may be wrong, which is why I humbly ask Arsenal to reveal the plan they have for Jack? Do they intend offering him a contract? If yes, then when?
We are Arsenal and proud.
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  1. If we want to be better than Man City, Chelsea, Liverpool we need to move on from our ex players both wilshere & many times did Man City & Chelsea bring back their ex players to play for them. Arsenal should buy better quality players in January.

    1. @DanKit
      Only in your “bizzaro” world dude. Jack is bow legged as well as pigeon toed. He can’t run an never was taught or learned to utilise his low centre of gravity like most short players have.
      He does have a brilliant football mind.
      His best bet is to give up playing and concentrate on management…IJS

  2. If he was deemed unfit for WHU, can he be deemd fit for Arsenal? Why do we get too sentimental with the players? Why do we not demand the best from the players? We pay top dollar to watche ’em play. Some fans want dross and sicknotes to paly for us and then bash the manager for not grinding results. CFC lost KDB & Salah, have they ever made an attempt to get them back? Why do our fans have this small club mentality? Let the manager do his job, support him to unearth hidden gems like Ramsdale & Tomiyasu & Sambi, etc.

  3. If we’re in such dire straits, let’s bring back Abou Diaby also.
    I’m sure the 3/4 games he could give us would help in our push for that top 4 spot…🤔

  4. Now, just because Arsenal gave a former player a chance to train and get back to football fitness, we’d start putting pressure on the club to hire him?
    Come on!!!
    We could as well give Robert Pires a contract; he’s been training with the team for quite a while!

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