Could Arsenal swap David Ospina for Chelsea star?

The never-ending saga of Chelsea’s Petr Cech moving to Arsenal seems to be nearing the final scenes, with the whole world and his dog reporting that talks will be ‘accelerated’ next week. It will be a blow to David Ospina, who could be left out in the cold after having a fantastic six months as first-choice for the Gunners.

Wojciech Szczesny has made it clear he never wants to leave Arsenal, and perhaps he could commit his future to being a capable backup keeper at the Emirates for the rest of his life, but where will that leave Ospina?

Have a look at what Jose Mourinho said in an excerpt from the Telegraph:

Mourinho confirmed on Tuesday Abramovich would let Cech choose his next club, but added: “For every club that is interested in Petr, I can find a player that I like in that team too.”

Now we know for sure that Wenger won’t allow any of his England stars like Theo Walcott or Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain to move to our London rivals, but it would make perfect sense for Le Prof to offer David Ospina as part of the deal.

Although Mourinho will be very loathe to see Arsenal strengthened by Cech, I am sure he would have been impressed by Ospina’s stats at the Emirates and could imagine him as being a fine backup keeper to Thibaut Courtois, and would soften the blow caused by the loss of Cech.

Let’s be honest, if Arsenal get Cech they have one keeper too many, if Chelsea lose Cech then they need another quality keeper, so you see this swap would make perfect sense!

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  1. ospina has been quite solid for us this season bar the odd mistake, he seems to get on with the job and will make a good number 1 again next season, once we get a settled defensive partnership in front of him of gabriel and kos he willl feel more secure.
    game on gunners!

    1. Why not we keep ospina and give them shezney, its crazy to let ospina leave we will be left with shezney as our second gk, that is suicidal… Mourinho has no choice but to allow cech to move on and he wants to remain in London and guess who is the number one club in london ???the gunners….of course after Chelsea at the moment but next season we can be the number one club in England we just need 3 smart signings..wake up Wenger

  2. o.t is anyone else looking forward to the new kit unveiling on monday, should be great to see what the new design looks like if it is the one doing the rounds online atm(shirt with the gold trim around neck). that is a good second effort from puma, looks more like traditional arsenal red and white design not sure what the two other kits will look like. i am looking forward to the surprise of a new looking away and thrid kit also if that is the case.
    gunners forever!

    1. Think it (the leaked ones 1st & 3rd) are pretty uninspiring actually. Especially the home kit.

      I’m a designer so I’m probably being over critical but it just doesn’t seem an particularly imaginative/innovative design if this is to be it.

    2. I really liked this years kits in my opinion the best kits we’ve had in years. My only criticism would be the neck on the yellow kit although it’s still pretty nice and the 3rd kit is probably my favourite in a long time.

      I think from what I’ve see this years kits look very good too defiantly look better on than off I wasn’t sure about the pictures I’ve seen of the 3rd kit but it looks good on. The shorts on the home kit look a bit plain tho I think a bit more detail would have made the whole thing look better. I’d say puma have done a better job than Nike so far the Nike kits got very boring and pretty much every team that wears Nike has the same kit just in different colours.

  3. I cannot understand the hype about Iker Casillas or Petr Cech coming to Arsenal. IMO Arsenal is well served by Ospina and Szczezny, and Cech would be a marginal improvement. Wenger should rather spend money on 3 top outfield players, a CB, a DM (only to support Le Coq who has been outstanding) and a world class striker. Possibly an improvement can be made on the RB position as well – Gibbs and Monreal are little better than average. Then we can win the EPL.

    1. I agree with you Sagooner,everyone is obsessed about petr cech coming to Arsenal.There is a reason why cech is second choice at chelsea, I have watched courtouis this season n he’s been superb but rarely tested, and he’s had some howlers too(Charlie adams).Meanwhile our very own ospina has been brilliant in the games he’s played,few errors tht didn’t prove costly notwithstanding.Let’s give our own a chance rather than spending 11m on what I think is an area we don’t need to prioritize atm.striker and cm should be our areas of focus,plus I think we need a new CB more than we need a new gk judging by mertesacker’s age and lack of a leader at the back

  4. If anything Woljeik will be exchanged.

    Although can’t we swap Wenger for Cech. Chelsea surely are in need of an accountant to balance their books for all the money they will no doubt spend this transfer window?

    Thumbs at the ready…

  5. A swap deal?…… I hate cheLski……. Like cech is evrything in the world *smirks* …..but before u have me cruxified, Cech is a fantastic keeper…..but Please remind me what he could have done with czech republic against iceland yesterday…..that goes on to say a good keeper is as good as sh*t if he’s got bad defenders arnd him……if chelski dn’t wanna do a real deal with us………they can keep him for emselves…..i dn’t want walcott or ox Leaving for his sake

    1. AW will not swap Walchart or Oxmaide for
      Cech. As they have too much value (as in sellability for a good price).

      Schezer could be used though even if HE doesn’t want to leave.

  6. DAVID has a problem to his right. He seems to dive in to the gole. I think he is to old to change now and I have look at him playing for other teams and it’s the same. But unless we bench BFG no keeper will have confidence. I think AW should tell shezzzz that he is the future but this season coming he is to work on his game with P C

  7. I’d prefer Ospina stay and Szczesny leaves. Ospina isn’t World Class but he is quality and will improve

    Cech would motivate him to improve. And if he improves enough he can be our number 1 in a couple of years

  8. We could see a lot of
    wheeling and dealing
    this transfer window.
    Ryo has gone and Diaby released but said to be renegotiating.
    Szcz or Ospina could leave, go on loan or stay!!!
    If we go for a massive priced striker we might
    use Podolski, Wellbeck, Giroud or Campbell in the deal… or not.
    Flamini Arteta and Rosicky may also be part of package deals.
    I know just the man to navigate us through the murky world of transfers
    and as luck would have it he has just become available, Sepp Blatter 🙂

        1. NEVER and I mean NEVER say that again! Or I will break you Twig! 🙂

          It’s actually for
          Arsene Out Tomorrow

          Just kidding (or am I?)

  9. Why does mourinho feel like he as any say in this?! cech is the one tired of warming the bench desperate for a move to a London club. Its only going to get uglier for chelsea if cech hands in a transfer request if jose keeps playing ‘who’s a bigger c**k head’.

  10. A swap deal in this instance would mean that Chelsea have two quality keepers and we have one quality keeper plus that lanky boy that sometimes sneaks onto the pitch and stands in front of our goalposts for the photo opportunities 😀 Harsh? Maybe. Arsenal were a bit more steady defensively for Ospina’s run in the team, so maybe it’s not a fair comparison just at the moment.

    Ospina has been ok for us. I can’t remember offhand any major goofs he has made that have cost us points (maybe there has been one — but I personally can’t remember it). Ospina is a technically good keeper with a good starting position in one-on-ones and it’s only his occasionally jittery handling of the ball that has mildly concerned me. Arsenalkid1970 mentioned a problem with him going to his right, so I’ll keep a look out for that.

    The media seem to have a bit of a downer on smaller keepers at the moment but I’ve seen the bigger guys (i.e. Fraser Forster) drop a couple of clangers and everyone seem surprised by it. I’ve also seen the smaller (6 foot) Ospina clatter a couple of forwards in a manner that suggests his strength is fine. I think we’ve had a problem with confidence and decisiveness in our goalkeepers down the years. I would hope that in the event that we got Cech (I don’t believe we will), his experience and the pressure he has played under would give him the confidence to not be affected by whatever has affected our other keepers at times down the years.

  11. what?? thats unrealistic…getting quality and giving quality adds up to zero!!! we are strengthening the squad..aren’t we? so we need two quality goal keepers..period!:if Ospina is afraid of playing second fiddle to Cech at arsenal, will he be first choice at Chelsea?we need them both..otherwise it will be like swapping a younger and quality le Coq for quality but older schnederlin

  12. Ospina is nothing special. He is above average. I think the Air Head polish keeper has more potential. Just needs a push by the right person. Rather him back up a master keeper and learn the ropes from a real pro.

  13. Oh God pls no.
    No need to sell good players and they both are.
    If Ospina was there waiting fr his chance until Wojo whatever happened….why wouldn’t he be there patent w h a guy like Cech?
    I posted yesterday . hat one might get threatened by an equal but Cch is older than them….it’s not like he is coming for the next 5 years

  14. being a sports follower for more than fifty years now i find it hard to read that some people on here constantly use the word HATE !towards opposing teams !. i just dont get that at all . surely , if you are a football fan , or , a sports fan in general then how can you hate opponents !?.is not the whole point of sport to gain enjoyment out of watching your favourites . surely if you hate opponents then you cannot be gaining enjoyment from any sport.this seems to have crept into our wonderful game over the past few years and i for one think it stinks . these are the very same people who then come on here and whinge because opposing fans are saying nasty things about the arsenal . maybe i am being very slow here , but , if we had less of the hate , and more of the enjoyment , would not our team benefit from this . think positive people and positive things will occur . forget about what other teams are doing and saying , none of our business at all . we should concentrate on our colours of red and white and bring total enjoyment back into the game . after all , in fairness , our fantastic footballers are , at last , doing their upmost to make us enjoy yhe beautiful game , as it should be . so come on true arsenal fans lets drop the hate word in the intrest of sport .

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