Could Arsenal v Man United be pivotal for EPL title?

It is still very early days of course, and we have seen from the recent troubles of Man City after a 100 percent start how quickly things can change, but at the minute it looks as though Arsenal and Manchester United are going to be there or thereabouts when the Premier League trophy is handed out in May.

Both of us have picked up some decent results in the early stages of the season and both of us are now playing with more confidence and flair, and the goals are coming. So when Louis van Gaal and his players arrive at the Emirates stadium on Sunday, could we be seeing an early blow struck by the eventual title winners?

United now find themselves on top of the EPL table, but a two goal win for the Gunners on Sunday would put us level on points and with the same goal difference. Perhaps even more important than the points, however, is the morale boost that the winner will get, while the loser will have their current form and confidence damaged.

United go to Everton in their next league game and they host Man City after that, so a blow struck by Arsenal at the weekend could lead to a bad run for them, but the same could be said of us, although our fixtures in the coming weeks are looking better, with Watford away, Everton at home and Swansea.

In fact, United have so far had just one game against their four biggest rivals and this will be the third for us. I am not writing off Chelsea and Man City, or even Liverpool after they won this weekend, but if their current form carries on then they could be leaving too much to do.

So could Arsenal v Man United be a crucial game in the race for the title, even at this early stage?

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  1. It could be. But on Premier League, every match is pivotal. We can’t afford to lose another point. Either win or at least draw.

    1. Urm, I’d say were now back in the race, but we must not ***beeeeeep**** this up. Also, the bench is good for Giroud, he always leaves a “benchmark” whenever he comes on as a substitute.

    2. This season is more competitive than before. So, if we can achieve 40 points after the boxing day, chance is open for us to challenge for EPL title. That said, I think we can afford to loose 9 points until 19th games. Of course I wish we beat United this week but, I won’t be mad nor panic even if we loose to United.

      Most important for me is to make Anthony Martial, Memphis Depay, Rooney, and Juan Mata really quite and frustrated. If we can do this job successfully, it will affect LVG’s and their players’ confidence significantly. Recall, United’s improving performance lately was basically drived by Anthony Martial’s surprising performance?
      Then, this will give ideas for other teams to beat United in their coming games. Goodison Park is not a friendly place for United, I think?

  2. It will definitely be a big fixture.
    United have presumably the harder fixture midweek with one less day to recover. LVG isn’t the biggest fan of rotation so hopefully Wolfsburg gives them a tough game, regardless of the result.
    I’m quietly confident though… I will be even more so if Coquelin’s back for the game.

  3. I remember last year when we played United at home and we absolutely battered them. how we lost that match I honestly do not know, but I don’t want a repeat of that. we need to press hard and take our chances because last year Wilshire missed a sitter which would’ve allowed us to take the lead and we were surely gonna win the game. chances like that shouldn’t be missed this time around, but I have faith we can beat them if we play our game.


  4. City is still in it too. Every match between the big guns is crucial. Especially Arsenal who are the most consistent against weak teams and not as good against the top teams. If we win a few games against top teams we will be title contenders. A win would be fantastic and go a long way in our title race.

      1. I did the first time he used it. It’s to do with an American Sports team. Nothing to do with Arsenal or Le Coq lol!

  5. With Walcott on the improve and Gabriel in place of Mertesacker I`d say Wenger has enough options to pull off the EPL. Whether or not he can do this with an extended run in the Champions League remains to be seen. He could fall between the stools.

  6. Yes, GIROUD is becoming a super sub. + WALCOTT is improving fast as a striker.
    I begin to respect some of wenger’s decision. I.e RAMSEY on the wing, do anyone realize that RAMSEY isn’t actually playing on the wing?? When he is on the pitch RW is actually HECTOR BELLERIN, he got a licence to as par up as possible with ramsey deep inside the midfield and a bit available to cover for HECTOR, which isn’t the case with LW where Alexis hug the line then MONREAL doesn’t need to far up anytime. I just realize when OX come on Bellerin become just the way monreal is. So I say with ramsey on the pitch we have extra body in the Middle, and bellerin is just like wing back. At least its working with his extreme pace and speed. #COYG

    1. Spot on Muda re: Ramsey. He isn’t a winger and but then he is not deployed as a winger. Don’t see what is so difficult to understand for some. You can play either side of centre in midfield without being a winger. No-one at United is claiming Mata is a winger – nor is anyone bothered what he is labelled so long as the team performs.

  7. This is a massive game this weekend against manure after we got robbed against Chelski and we cant be dropping points at home against the top 4 teams if we are to challenge to win the league! Dont change the team too much either for champions league game this week (1 or 2) we need the points badly if we are to qualify out of the group, 2losses with 2games against bayern back to back will be horrible to deal with.

    To be honest i have slated the manager and board alot but taking that aside because the team impressed me on saturday, abit more fight from us esp 1-0 down, just what we all wanted to see from out Gooners! Ozil, Caz, Walc, Alexis is starting to show signs of getting to know each others styles of play, exciting to watch! Beat Oympiacos and Utd and confidence will be imense

    1. We need to put the win against Leicester into proper perspectives. I am not taking anything away from our boys especially coming from a goal down. It was a wonderful performance. But Leicester defended poorly and failed to use the template other teams have been using against us. Believe it or not, Arsenal is the easiest team to play against in the premier league these days. Because we are so predictable. Same style, irrespective of the opponent. Teams have learned to defend well and hit us on the counter. Leicester failed to do this and the way they played against us, they were lucky not to have conceded more. Arsenal would overrun most teams that play the way Leicester played against us.

  8. I have always said it, a win against your title rival has the effect of six points! You rob them of three and you gain three over them. If we truly hope to win the league, this is a must-win match.

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