Could Arsenal’s Alexis Sanchez next club be Real Madrid?

Latest reports are claiming that Real Madrid manager Zinedine Zidane is keen on signing Alexis Sanchez from Arsenal this summer.

The Chilean international’s future has been up in the air for the last 12 months, with him and his club failing to agree personal terms over a new contract, and he has made some comments hinting towards the exit door.

Alexis previously claimed he wanted Champions League football, with a team that could win the competition, and Real Madrid would most certainly highlight those categories, having won the last two runnings, and with Alvaro Morata having left the club, there is space in the squad for a striker.

Zinedine Zidane is believed to be keen to bring him in, having fallen behind in their race to sign 18 year-old Kylian Mbappe from Monaco, but Real president Florentino Perez has other ideas.

Perez is believed to be of the idea that Arsenal are demanding over the odds for the player, who only has one year on his contract and will be available for free in 12 months time. Real would actually be able to speak to him from January onwards about a potential free transfer at the end of the term, while our league rivals would have to wait until the final month of his current deal.

Bookmakers are not in belief that our star player will join the Galacticos this summer, despite the obvious whole in their squad following the departure of Morata to Chelsea. He is priced to move to the Bernabeu at between 33/1 (34.0) and 66/1 (67.0), which seems worth a little bet considering the Mbappe deal looks in jeopardy…

Could Zidane convince his board that they need Alexis if Kylian joins PSG or stays put?

Pat J

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  1. funkyrith says:

    Perez did not buy Mbappe because he asked for 18M salary, and that can disrupt a dressing room where except Bale-CR7(above 300k) and Modric-Ramos(160k) everyone else gets below 150k euros or less, that itself shows they dont want to trigger a salary race in that dressing room, and Alexis will be that element, so be sure he wont be on their list.
    Also, when they are investing in youth and selling the likes of Morata/Jese for a fee much higher to their talent, I doubt they will invest in a 28-year old. They will buy, may be Ajax’s Sanchez or a young forward if they loan Mayoral

  2. gmv8 says:

    Getting bored of this now – Wenger has said so many times that he is staying, at least for this year. He likes his freedom, and he likes to be a first team player – he won’t get that at any of these other clubs continually mentioned in the press, like he does at Arsenal, that was why he left Barcelona. Unless he is completely thick, he must realise that also, it depends whether he thinks playing a bit part in potentially winning the CL, is worth it.

    1. gmv8 says:

      *at other clubs

    2. Me says:

      He is a footballer.
      They are thick as shite.
      Its not about winning prizes its about money and nothing more because if it was then he would not want to move to Man City..

  3. Me says:

    I could not give a toss if Sanchez or Ozil leave.
    I simply am not bothered.
    It is no coincidence that our season imploded after their contract demands were made public.
    Greedy, self absorbed foreign mercenary garbage…

    1. Frank says:

      Sanchez deserves a new contract and a pay rise but he wants to win trophies so good luck to him. Ozil doesn’t deserve a new contract on last years performance and I think the team would be better off if he left. He doesn’t offer much in attack and nothing in defence. Hahaha apparently Ozil’s agent has contacted Barcelona. With Barcelona’s pressing defence, he isn’t good enough for their bench let alone a start.
      Sanchez looks as though he has made his mind up to leave so he won’t resign. Arsenal need to sort out new contracts for Ramsey and Ox and look at replacing Sanchez at the end of the season.

  4. Viera Lyn says:

    I very much doubt that Real would pursue Sanchez unless they were contemplating moving Bale, planning to play Ronaldo centrally this season and willing to upset their delicate wage structure…of course anything is possible, but this appears to be unlikely…the bigger question is the fact that Wenger was willing to risk losing the first few games of the season because he hasn’t settled the Sanchez dilemma in a timely fashion…no one believes he was too injured to play so this is not too dissimilar from the Liverpool game last season, except for the fact that Sanchez was in street clothes and not in his warm-ups(much like Coutinho for Liverpool today)…we’re existing in such a fragile environment because of Wenger and Kroenke…in the game yesterday, when Leicester scored to make it 3-2, you could cut the tension with a knife…can you imagine just for a second what the reaction might have been if we had failed to score in the last 10 minutes

    of course no team wants to lose but I can guarantee you that the reaction by the Chelski fans after today’s results are nowhere near what would have occurred if we shit the bed on opening day…the difference is they have tasted EPL success on more than one occasion recently, they have won the Champions League and they have done it with 3 different managers in the last 12 years with a similar, if not smaller, wage bill than us…in comparison, we have been experiencing our own personal Groundhog Day with nothing to show for it but a few silvery trinkets that would barely wet the appetite of a world-class club…so it’s time for Wenger to stop gloating over our week one escape act and make some substantial moves before this window closes or I fear that things will take a horrible turn when the inevitable happens…living on a knife’s edge is no way to go through a full season of football and regardless of what side of the argument you fall on, you could feel high levels of toxicity in the air and that was friggin week one…I would much rather someone tried their best and failed, than took half-measures and hoped for the best

  5. Georgy says:

    What a terrible article.No imagination .
    Hey ADMIN! Talk about futbol.

  6. Turbo says:

    At this point, I would welcome Alexis leaving for Real, Barca, or PSG, especially for 50-80M. Much better than a protracted distraction and finding out in January he’ll be going to City next season for free. Hoping Ox will get some more starts (esp. if on the right), play well, resign and get excited about staying, that Ozil will get excited about Lacazette and our scoring potential in general and resign and that we can push forward with harmony and without any sulking annoyances dragging us down.

    1. mally says:

      id sell him cheaper to one of them 3 clubs to help cover his wages just to get rid, with the agreement we would get a good deal on cb,cm and a winger psg have to sell, baca are going to be investing so will have to let players go. Fringe players at these clubs still have bags of talent.

  7. Waal2waal says:

    let’s keep all our dead wood
    let’s yield to sanchez n sell him to citeh
    let’s sell ozil to barca and allow
    ox to discus terms with chelski
    welbeck can go to everton
    sell elneny back to barsle
    let’s give wilshire a new contract
    appoint walcott the captaincy and
    accept we’re cant achieve the top3

    *at this rate we can neva be happy
    unti we change the name Arsenal
    to Coventry fc

  8. Tristan says:

    Just sell Sanchez pls. Individually Sanchez is one of the best in the world. But collectively, he couldn’t help to get the best out of his teammates. The project failed last season. Football is a team game. The attack we played on Friday was much much much better than previous seasons, which we haven’t seen for a long time. Invest the money on new talents.

  9. wizardcalidad says:

    Sanchez can go all he likes.. . I care less now, no player is bigger than Arsenal.. Not even Messi or C.Ronaldo… And the problem that will arise is who to invest in after his departure, that is an area we’ve being lacking for a long time now, buying the worthy replacement.. All is well but he shouldn’t be sold to any Premier League team or be allowed to go for free, let’s force him for any move abroad if he’s not signing.



  12. big g says:

    who cares, i’d rather see him continue to play for us but if he keeps up his prima dona antics then we should just let the greedy git go.
    OT- i heard a rumour today that Ozil wants to go to Barca, can anyone confirm.

  13. jermaine bryan says:

    If it had any truth in it a straight swap with ascension would be good

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