Could Arsenal’s embarrassment force Kroenke to act?

For years Stan Kroenke has abused our love for the club, realising that if thousands of Arsenal fans walked away, thousands more are waiting for their season ticket. Finding a way to force out our owner is a topic we have debated before, with it hard to come up with a realistic answer.

If though there was a result that could be the closest to rock bottom to cause a dramatic reaction, it was the result of the Europa League Final. This is not being reactionary to a one-off result but the manner of the defeat.
Over the years, there have been too many big games away from the Emirates where we have fallen apart the moment we faced any adversity. Although a dull first half, the game was there for the taking but we lacked the mentality to take the next step. It’s happened too many times to be a coincidence. Who exactly is watching this? Who works behind the scenes with any power who cares about us enough to insist this is unacceptable?

That the idea of Chelsea giving us a patronising guard of honour the same week Spurs could win the Champions League is a level we should never allow ourselves to reach again. Someone should be honest and point out that this is the opposite of competing with Bayern Munich, therefore meaning the current model has failed. If this led to some sort of action plan, some soul searching, then the humiliation would be worth it. Yet how many gooners believe this will lead to a 200 million overhaul?

The reality is Mr Kroenke most likely wasn’t watching the final, did he even know who or where we were playing? As much as Ozil became the scapegoat straight away, I liked to see someone hurt, someone disgusted to receive a runner up medal, who didn’t want to listen to the opposition’s kind words. As much as the German has his own flaws, he has standards and slowly he is watching the dressing room become weaker every year. I like to see a bit more anger in other departments of the club.

If this isn’t enough to make Stan Kroenke care, nothing will…

Dan Smith


  1. Ozil has standards? He’s one of the main reasons the dressing room has become weaker!

    Some Arsenal fans are a fickle bunch though. We FINALLY sign a player like Alexis, who brought in a never give up attitude, fight for everything, run yourselves into the ground. A really strong mentality, and some fans were not happy with him shaking things up in the dressing room, as were some of the players. I think Wenger had conditioned his players so much, and some of the fan base, in his softly softly approach, that as soon as someone with the correct mentality came in, no one could handle it. We honestly need to ditch all of Wenger’s players, and get in some fighters. Players that will work their socks. Fed up of seeing players like Ozil jogging around doing nothing! Amazing that he earns more than Hazard!

    On Kroenke…he won’t change a thing. In fact, I’d be very surprised if he even said anything about the final, or even knew about it!

    1. ?
      Kroenke is only interested in the balance sheet and the value of his 100% owned asset.
      The only thing that will get his attention is the lack of bums on seats, diminishing advertizing revenue and falling merchandise sales.

    2. I agree about Alexis being the right type playing style, nothing much to argue about he was a huge threat. But we had other players who could run themselves into the ground and they didn’t have a strop out on the pitch. Monreal, Ramsey, Coquelin, Bellerin, Welbeck. Alexis acted like he was too big for this club. If he had shouted at them, encouraged them, nobody would’ve minded. That isn’t leadership what he showed, it’s a child acting up. The players wanted him to stay, they were upset that he had no intention of staying. Because of him we ended up giving Ozil an unworthy salary, and all the time haggling with them two we aloud Ramsey to end up in a similar position. Alexis f****d us man.

    3. Agree mate…I watched them since 1949 and have never seen a team so lacking in 90 minute fighters. Yes I am living in the past but you hgo to Burnley and see how many top defenders they have had from the lower divisions and then compare them with all of Arsenes sighnings and got to say it, Emerys too. Give me Simeone type management anytime or even George Graham.

  2. Don’t expect a lot from Kroenke.
    He’s also a snake
    Just ask the fans of the former St Louis Rams. He took the team to LA!
    He cares more about money than trophies
    The opposite of The Glaziers who took the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to the Superbowl victory and has spent a lot at United.

    We will need to sell to get the quality players we need. There are loads of players that don’t belong here in my opinion. So sell away!

  3. I wonder if Emery has the balls to stand up to Kroenke and tell him the facts.? It would probably cost him his job so he should make it public so that everyone understands the situation at Emirares.

    1. Exactly. My instincts tell me that he wants a manager who won’t make demands and spend too much. He wants the coffers full. I hope I’m wrong
      Especially from a manager who has only been here 1 year. I think Kroenke didn’t want to get rid of Wenger for financial reasons

      1. Emery has already been open with Arsenal stakeholdets, when he revealed that Arsenal only had funds for loan deals in the January transfer window.

  4. The not so rapid decline of a once historic and powerhouse football club. This decline has come about by the lack of courage, financial support ( and greed ) and general interest from the owners, who are in it solely for personal gain. So long as 60,000 turn up each week and the sposnprship deals are signed ( how long before these start to dry up as results suffer ? ), the owners are happy. The club is completely mis-managed from the top down – look at Ramsey leaving for free and Ozil’s wages as examples

    1. Keeping with Wenger far too long – the club was in the comfort zone, happy to accept 4th when clearly the maanger had lost the plot ( £35m for both both Xhaka and Mustafi, £ 17m on Perez – clear evidence) 2. under-investment in the playing staff ( what little money was available spent badly – see above – dont be fooled and consider the net spend – selling Walcott & Giroud raised £ 40m ) – paying or not paying for low quality – eg. Socrates is not the answer at centre back, Kolsanic on a free, another who cant defend 3. The acceptance of our supporters for below average and medicore players ( I sit in the North Bank and listen to those around me praising the likes of Xhaka, Iwobi, Mikki, Kolsanic), clapping players off after drawing at home with Brighton. 4. No leadership on the pitch 5. Embarrasing Defending – identified by everyone over a number of seasons as the major weakness in the team.

    It comes to something when we are played off the park by Wolves, Crystal Palace and Leicester. Incidentally, there are at least five, maybe six, Leicester players who would walk into our team – this sums it up. We are an embarrassment, a laughing stock. We are on the slippery slope to mid table oblivion.

    1. Thank you @Darren porter,
      you just said what I wanted to say about comparing our XI with other teams below us Leicester to be specific. any of the following Leicester players will go straight into our line up.
      + their keeper is as good as ours.

      1. John that sensible post just tells the truth why Kroenke should not be blamed first for our decline. It is not all about money. He can’t give his money to those people that have shown their decision making is suspect and scouting networks is bad. We just don’t know what players to buy. How much does it take Leicester to gather those players listed and won epl. How much does it take Spurs to get to the finals. Kroenke certainly is not responsible for the mismanagement. He did go after Suarez when Gelson Matins is their or chase after a lost course to get Carrasco or Perisic. He didn’t buy Mustafi and Xhaka, he didn’t lose 60m on Sanchez and money on Ramsey. He didn’t buy Welbeck and Perez and lose on both. Chelsea is going to sell Hazard for over 100m after 8years of service full winnings and we got nothing on Ramsey after 11 years. If any one was a major shareholder in this kind of mismanaged club would you put your personal money into when you are guaranteed without doing so you have nothing to lose but gain.

        1. ??Well said.
          I await with trepidation for the sale of the Emirates for redevelopment into apartments.
          Please remind me again, why Arsenal left Highbury and what promises were made to be successful in the EPL and Europe?

          1. Only problem I have is the same was said of Ramsey, they said no top team would ever want him and you’d prob be lucky to get 5m for him. Now people say it is 60m missed out on, that’s what top players are costing Liv and City at times, and others. I’m not disputing that there’s a lot of work ahead, but people just rounding off every name is unrealistic. It was easy to see that Ramsey could be useful to a squad, personally, I feel the same about Xhaka. Iwobi just came through and he’s not the finished article, but he’s shown this season that he can have a use. The same fans said that Laca and Auba can not play together, I thought it could be a problem too, we were proved wrong as they act like true teammates. It’s always too easy for people to insult, rather than have a real go at strategizing or looking for worth within the squad as a manager might need to do. I’ve seen some fans on this site never speak up on a players behalf, like never, how is that a supporter could never speak up for any player.

          2. So true mate. I still cannot believe that we fell for all those lies. Thank you Mrs Bracewell Smith you really killed our great club by selling to Kronke….didnt you have enough millions girl ?

            1. Surprised you chose to omit Fitzman who also and first, which was crucial and catastrophic, sold vast share holdings! Even Dein , whom I worship, introduced Kroenke to the club and Hill-Wood, in one of his few sensible utterances over many years said “WE DON’T WANT HIS SORT AT THE CLUB”. Shame on him for betraying his first correct statement. Lady Nina was a naive innocent, way out of her depth and used by the others to betray us. That is the complete truth, unlike your biased and wrongly blaming post.

        2. Mobella, Do you not understand that it is the moral DUTY of the owner to look after his business investment properly? To absolve Kroenke of blame, as you do, is wrong and naive. He is the owner, the buck stops with him and were he not so uninterested and remote, he would and SHOULD have had the nous to sack both GAZIDIS and WENGER many , many years prior to them leaving. You are being naive!

    1. Be careful what you say about Ozil, before they come for your head. Honestly, i wasn’t so disappointed in his performance in the final because i’m used to it and I expected it but i was livid when i saw the way he walked off the pitch like we were the ones winning, like he didn’t care. I can’t explain that, and i wish someone would explain that to me, how our best player who claims to love our club can stroll off the pitch when we are being destroyed. Maybe he felt we had no hope of winning again which shows his weak mentality, i don’t know.

      As for kroenkee, he probably didn’t know what the score of the game was, maybe doesn’t even know we played.

      1. McLovin, Gizzle you’re both right get rid of them all and start again it is going to hurt but Wenger stayed too long and we are now paying the price for it

  5. Kronke saw a lucrative biz opportunity and took it

    You think he care then..u are just at verge of another

    DISAPPOINTMENT..u think ozil gives a damn sh!t then

    U are clearly not seeing…

    We have too many uninterested players the only Who’s who care are over aged and although they want to there age can’t allow them

    Gush what did Emery do this season that showed we are progressing too many questions yet little or No answers

    1. You can only work with the tools you have got. Don’t blame the manager yet give him a chance next season

  6. Im certainly not a fan of Kroenke but I think it’s a bit far fetched to say Kroenke did not know where we were and what the occasion was as his son Josh was at the game. He would have reported back the total embarrassment that typified our performance but whether he does anything about it is another question altogether. If he did bung in £200 million of his own money wouldn’t that just get us in trouble due to FFP? Please don’t mention Man City and their financial money laundering as they are likely to be kicked out of Europe and get a transfer ban. Chelsea have a transfer ban for their dodgy dealings already. Perhaps he’ll just sack Emery and demand we get a decent head coach.

    1. im fed up of hearing about FFP we just changed sponsors £60m, we are supposed to have 40m anyway include player sales and what the club has made this season the transfer pot should be around 150m

      1. Totally agree and yes we should have the amount you mentioned but I was talking about Kroenke putting in his own money not what we earned.

      2. You may be fed up with FFP but unfortunately its here to stay and is going to enforced more and more. As regards the 60 million, it would be total incompetence of the management to allocate that money for transfers. You are right in as much as there needs to be a clear out of certain players, not as I expect we will get anyway near some of the figures being quoted by some n this site. What it will do is reduce the massive wage bill and give us room to offer realistic wages to convince good players to come to Arsenal FC.

  7. Well said Darren Porter .You have summed up the current state of affairs of our Club so aptly in the final two sentences of your rational submission.

  8. I don’t understand how Ozil is upset to recieve a runner-up medal when his performance was that of a sunday league player. what did he expect? How can you perform like that and have high standards?

  9. Our legend #DB10 should be given the post of DOF not Edu. Offload nine players promote the academy players, raise around £170 and buy mostly from EPL like Liverpool fc. Keep Triming the squad even in january.

    1. Thank you Atiku for supporting my proposition that the great and available Dennis Bergkamp be brought back into the fold at Arsenal

  10. If you were to read the history of English football from the 50s onwards you will see Wolves being champions .Players play for the love of the game and club.Once the maximum wage was abolished,Wolves could not compete.
    Now football has become a business.If the Arsenal owner wants to compete on a self sufficiency model,forget it.Where were MC and Chelsea when Arsenal were challenging MU ?No where.Since then these 2 clubs have spent millions to win trophies.
    The caveat is there is no guarantee spending billion if not millions will win trophies. MU and a few others come to mind.Arsenals model has not been working.
    In a way I amglad the gunners cant qualify for the cl. Its just to generate money for the US owner with no benefit to Arsenal.
    I t would take Arsenal to fight relegation before the US owner will make the gunners competitive,imho.

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