Could Arsene Wenger really just turn down £30 million a year?

Reports have broken that the Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has reportedly received an offer from the China to go and manage a club in the ever growing Chinese Super League.

The Chinese Super League has rapidly grown in this past year, having made some big money moves over the last 12 months, including record breaking deals for a number of South American superstars. The league now seems to also be looking to add a few famous faces into the managers dugout too and Arsene Wenger could be one of the first to make the move, should he be interested.

The report states today that Wenger received an offer of £30 million per year to manage out in China, however the club that offered the sum remains unnamed. Wenger of course is in a difficult situation with Arsenal, where his future remains undecided and it is uncertain as to where the Frenchman will be managing next season, if not with the Gunners. The report does state that Wenger turned down the offer.

In my opinion, if this story is true then it says one of two things. Either Wenger still intends to remain with Arsenal and his commitment to the club is as loyal as it has ever been. The boss has surely considered moving on from North London during his 20 years here, but he’s always had a plan in his mind that will see him undertake the challenge from start to finish. Otherwise it could be that the boss simply isn’t interested in the money and whether his future remains at Arsenal or not. If he does leave, then Wenger must clearly intend on managing in Europe rather than in the Chinese Super League.

Wenger of course has experience in Asian football culture, given his time managing Japanese side Nagoya Grampus. The money may be lucrative for Arsene Wenger, but I don’t think that’s what the boss is after. If he is to leave Arsenal come the end of the season, it’s always going to be for footballing reasons rather than for the money. Wenger has the utmost loyalty and respect for Arsenal and I’m not surprised to hear that he’s turned down the reported offer, especially given he has also rejected the likes of Madrid, Milan and the French national team during his stay with Arsenal. However despite this, you must admit, it is also a ridiculous sum of money to say ‘no thank you’ to.


Updated: March 1, 2017 — 10:26 am


  1. He has enough money already. I don’t think money is a motivation for him any more

    1. And that’s only Because he has forgotten the meaning of the word ?? Motivation!!

  2. £6-9 million per year (or whatever his salary is) in a Secure job is pretty good too
    Also, he wants to go up the ladder at some point and make decisions from above
    More job security
    Also, he really likes Arsenal. He has been here a long time

    I guess he could have gone to China and come back

    1. I do wonder what is going on in Wengers head at times.
      You are right in saying his current job is pretty good too 🙂
      I do wonder if he is using his contract to try and force what he wants at Arsenal, I see a clear difference at Arsenal from the time he joined and was winning stuff to now, Wenger always appears to use his contract issue as leverage and I do wonder if he is doing the same thing again.

      I know I read how Wenger wanted Vieira at Arsenal if he was going to manage us and well.. He has some of that power back when contract is being negotiated. Want me to sign? Do XYZ! That kinda attitude.

      I dont doubt Wenger loves Arsenal and I will not say he is the best tactical manager we could have, I do wonder though how much he is using his contract as a bargaining tool? If so then are we not undermining Wenger by calling for him to be sacked when we believe the board will not sack him?

  3. 8 million easily earned or 30 million hard earned? Of course he will go for the first choice.

  4. Wenger should just go at the end of the season even if he finish in the top 4 and win the FA cup

  5. who needs more money, when he is already wealthy with money earned from arsenal fc? maybe whoever take over find it difficult in the first year to win trophies, but i am sure the mentally will be fresh = gooner for ever

    1. What if the new manager can not get his transfer targets because Arsenals support staff are incompetent?

      1. What if there’s an underwear flying in the sky?
        So much to wonder about.

      2. you think Wenger is immortal? one day he will go, may be that’s when you’ll also stop supporting Arsenal

        1. @bran99 Not everybody is so obsessed with Wenger like you….

  6. Whatever the outcome, It’s a win win situation for Wenger’s bank account ? and If I remember correctly, Wenger did state that he would be in management for at least ‘one more season’ whether it’s at Arsenal or elsewhere. Reports claim that he has been offered a 2 year extension @ £10 million a year but why did he say for at least one more season? ?
    God knows and maybe Wenger could still end up taking that £30 million pay cheque if the ?? hits the fan, come May.

    1. but he wants to tally Sir. Alex, that’s 4 years more

  7. I really can’t get the money involved in modern football.

  8. Could be a rumour put around by Arsene to take the heat out of the fact that the board are offering Le Dope a 25% increase in his already wildly inflated salary. You can be sure that after the club wins two games in a row anytime during March or April Arsene fully intends to sign his two year extension.

    Nice to know that all the ticket price increases of recent years are being well spent.

  9. At his age quality of life is more important. He has been earning 8 million a year for a long time and another 30 would not change his lifestyle. At Arsenal he has the dream job, no pressure to deliver trophies from the owner, living in one of the major cities in the world managing a well-known club and getting paid 8 million or more a year!!! Does it get any better than that??? Ask Mourinho, Rainieri, Benitez, Ancelotti, Van Gaal or any other top manager who failed to deliver.

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