Could Arteta Really Leave Arsenal in the Summer?

Rumours recently surfaced suggesting current Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta could leave the club this summer. Find out how true these rumours are right here.

Rumours recently surfaced in the Spanish media that Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta could potentially leave the North London side at the end of the 2023/24 campaign.

While some have suggested that these rumours are nonsense, others believe he could be tempted to join La Liga side Barcelona whether he wins the Premier League with The Gunners or not. Let’s dive straight in to discover more about this latest gossip that has got everyone fired up.

Why would Mikel Arteta leave Arsenal?

Arsenal still have a very good chance of winning both the English Premier League (EPL) and the UEFA Champions League, so to many football fans across the globe, it seems as though a move away from Arsenal would be foolish.

However, when you take into account the facts that the current Barcelona manager, Xavi, is set to leave at the end of the season, that Barcelona have openly stated they are interested in replacing Xavi with Arteta, that almost every fully licensed and regulated crypto sports betting website in the world has Arteta as the odds-on favourite manager to replace Xavi at the helm and the recent Spanish media rumours, you can see why people have come to the conclusion he could leave Arsenal and join Barcelona.

What are the actual odds of Arteta being the next Barcelona manager?

As mentioned, the best way to find out just how likely it is that Arteta will join Barcelona at the end of the current campaign would be to check the latest average odds on any of the top-rated online bookmakers featured on the official iGaming review site.

The carefully selected online sports betting sites that have been suggested on this globally renowned website currently have Arteta as the odds-on favourite to be the next Barcelona manager. When you compare the odds from all these world-class iGaming sites, you are looking at the following average odds:

  • Name: Mikel Arteta. Nationality: Spanish. Age: 41. Odds of joining Barcelona: 3/1 (fractional), +300 (American/moneyline), 4.00 (decimal). IPR (Implied Probability Rate): 25.00%
  • Name: Rafael Marquez. Nationality: Mexican. Age: 44. Odds of joining Barcelona: 6/1 (fractional), +600 (American/moneyline), 7.00 (decimal). IPR: 14.30%
  • Name: Jurgen Klopp. Nationality: German. Age: 56. Odds of joining Barcelona: 9/1 (fractional), +900 (American/moneyline), 10.00 (decimal). IPR: 10.00%
  • Name: Hansi Flick. Nationality: German. Age: 58. Odds of joining Barcelona: 10/1 (fractional), +1000 (American/moneyline), 11.00 (decimal). IPR: 9.10%
  • Name: Jose Mourinho. Nationality: Portuguese. Age: 61. Odds of joining Barcelona: 12/1 (fractional), +1200 (American/moneyline), 13.00 (decimal). IPR: 14.30%

Try to remember that none of these betting markets, even the odds-on favourite bet, ‘Arteta to be the next Barcelona manager after Xavi,’ are ever guaranteed to return a profit and that these odds are subject to change at any time.

Also, don’t forget that Jurgen Klopp has already stated that he has no desire to stay in management after leaving Liverpool, so you could perhaps count him out of the race.

Jose Mourinho might be too controversial because of how he ended his recent brief spells at Roma, Tottenham Hotspur, Manchester United, and Chelsea, so you could also possibly rule him out.

Final thoughts

It’s very unlikely that Arteta will leave Arsenal at the end of the season, but if there is a space open at Barcelona, and the money is right, there’s a good chance he could head back to his home country and take the managerial role at Barcelona.

Only time will tell; we will just have to wait and see what transpires. If he does leave, it also begs the question, who would replace him at Arsenal if Arteta joins Barcelona?

Some of the names that have already been suggested are Robert De Zerbi, Jose Mourinho, Graham Potter, Will Still, Thierry Henry, Unai Emery (for a second spell at Arsenal), and even Patrick Vieira.

If Arteta did leave, who would you choose to replace him?

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  1. Arteta will not join a team that has no dime to spend, and honestly, I will not join them even if it was me. They’ve already said in the press that any manager they have must be willing to keep involving the academy players heavily, which I don’t think Arteta will accept. So it’s a very big No No No

  2. If Arteta took over from Pep I would expect City to continue dominating I don’t think we can get a manager that can beat Pep and Klopp to titles I think Arteta is our best bet Someone might say, D Simeone or Ancellotti but that’s up for debate if you ask me

  3. Well, it is up to him. If he does, AFC must try to get an experienced manager, Ancellotti and Zidane comes to mind. Definitely no to Mourinho and the likes of BIG SAME.

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