Could Arteta really persuade Bernardo Silva to join Arsenal?

More and more outlets are putting two and two together by suggesting Arsenal are interested in Bernardo Silva.

It’s an easy rumour to make up.

Man City are spoilt with options in midfield and would like to recoup some money having spent one hundred million on Jack Grealish.

Especially if they are still interested in Harry Kane, the Champions at least need to show they are trying to respect Financial Fair Play Rules.

The Gunners are in the market for creativity and unlike other clubs would be negotiating with a club willing to make a deal happen.

Mikel Arteta collaborated with the player when he was assistant manager at the Etihad.

Many City players credited the Spaniard’s ability on a 1 on 1 to get the very best out of talent, and the hope is that our manager will now use his connections to make the deal happen.

Close friends with Pep Guardiola, Pep would love to help out his prodigy and unlike a Leicester with Maddison, City would be more receptive to a payment plan.

City don’t needs cash right now, just proof that income will be going into their bank .

In fact if one club are likely to not be put off by a flexible repayment schedule it would be Man City. Because they want to sell, they might also be one of the few sides who won’t price their assets out of the market.

If it’s true, their valuation is 60 million that’s surely tempting when you consider what we have been quoted for Maddison.

Silva is older but a proven winner who has performed in Europe. A couple of seasons ago when they won a domestic treble, you could say he was their best player.

Silva would be a game changer, an individual who would make us top 4 contenders again.

The crucial question is; would he want to join the Gunners in their current state?

We could pay him well, and many find London life tempting, but this is a man who won’t be short of offers now that his boss has admitted offers will be listened too.

He tweeted a message thanking Arteta and calling him a ‘great bloke’ when Arteta left Manchester City to become the Arsenal manager.

There’s respect there. But enough to give up playing in the Champions League or even Europa?

The Portuguese might even back himself to fight for his place at City, a club who mostly likely will compete in 4 competitions?

He’s good enough to do that.

Even your most optimistic Gooner would have to question why would Silva knock on Pep’s door and ask to move to the worst Arsenal team in quarter of a century?

Maybe Pep owes Arteta a favour?

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  1. We’ve needed a Carzorla type player for a long time.

    I love ESR but he comes up a bit short on the vision/through ball front. I’d takehim in a heartbeat.

  2. On the contrary, Man City need cash after spending around 100 M for Grealish and need money to get Kane. Bernardo Silva would most likely want to move to Arsenal, because the pressure to win a major trophy is much lower than Man City and the salary will be higher

    I highly doubt him to be a game changer though, because he’s slow and unproductive in scoring/ assisting. However, he could be productive in other aspects, such as in making pre-assists, passing, intercepting and pressing

    He might not be as combative and as fast as Smith-Rowe, but he’ll be essential to diversify our tactical options. If we can’t sign Odegaard or Silva, hopefully we can promote Hutchinson, Patino or Cottrell instead

    1. they’ve sold over £45m worth of youth players and had £12m off Utd for sancho. Added to this Munich have now coughed up the £50m for Sane which wasn’t on last years bill as well as getting £16.5m for Angelino from Red Bull in germany. The basically brought in way over £100m without adding the highest CL payment from last year, highest TV payments, league fees and what ever new sponsors the league and cl final can bring. Cant see that needing any money. After all utd have just spent £123m not sold anyone, looks like City will over take them this season in the money stakes too. Silva wants out of the UK not City, can’t blame him with the mendy, and press stuff

        1. GAI, so that new CF can get no service and live on scraps too, because of a deficient midfield.

  3. I can’t see many top players wanting to come here and play under Arteta and his drab football unless we give them a massive contract .
    Regarding silva I would say no ,just taking Man City’s cast offs so the can reinvest the money to sign Kane and strengthening them even more .

    1. Yet Auba, Saka, ESR and Tierney signed new contracts to play under Arteta and he was universally respected at City.

      Get that the football was dire at times last year and overall the season was poor but pretending Arteta isn’t well thought of in footballing circles when everyone who worked with him goes out their way to praise him is foolish.

      Can be no excuses this year but given we’ve been the 2nd best team for 2/3rds of a season (with equal fixture difficulty) now I’m not going to be worried until that changes. Obviously if we’re out the top 4 race come Nov/Dec I’ll eat my words especially as we have a very kind run after the Chelsea/city games.

      That said you do realise how insane all the Arteta out lot sound don’t you? We are the 2nd best run of form in the league over the last 24 games, who sacks a manager in that specific situation ever? We are also on a 5 game winning streak too. That is the reality, if that changes you can say “told you so” but until it does your all clutching at straws.

      1. But still finished 8th
        Auba saka ESR and tierney signed contracts to play for Arsenal not Arteta.
        You really think he will be here after next season .
        The only person I’ve ever heard praise him is Pep ,that’s because they are best buds .

        1. Never said we didn’t, we are still on a 24 game 2nd best run of form both things are true nothing can change that which you don’t seem to grasp. I’m aware we finished 8th which was poor. You seem however to be in denial we’re on a great 24 game run of form.

          If Auba, Saka, ESR and Tierney thought Arteta was out his depth they would not sign new contracts when they all had multiple good options, your being ridiculous to fit your personal agenda. The board have clearly backed Arteta ESR/Tierney certainly knew that and they certainly wouldn’t be banking on him being sacked and getting a random manager would they? Auba specifically mentioned Arteta as a major reason for staying. Saka praised Arteta to White in convincing him to come.

          Only Pep? Here we go. Could all Arteta haters stop making things up please? This isn’t aimed specifically at you Dan but general Arteta haters, we get it you don’t like the guy that doesn’t mean you can pretend we’re not in good form, that ESR wasn’t injured (that one really winds me up) and now that Arteta isn’t widely highly thought of in the coaching world. Without further ado:

          Sane – “People always ask me about training under Pep, but the things I’ve learnt from Mikel Arteta!” the winger is quoted as saying in Pep’s City: The Making of a Superteam.
          “We get on brilliantly, he’s a lovely guy and a great coach. And he’s always right. He’ll watch me at training and then afterwards he’ll tell me what he thinks. He doesn’t just suggest something and leave me to get on with it.”

          Wenger – “He has all the qualities to do the job, yes and I think as well he is one of the favourites,” said the outgoing Gunners boss in 2018.

          “He was a leader, and he has a good passion for the game and he knows the club well, he knows what is important at the club and he was captain of the club. Why not?

          “He has been an assistant of Guardiola as well, so overall I think he has the qualities” (Emery got the job then)

          Pep – “I’m pretty sure, yes,” said Guardiola when asked if Arteta could succeed him as Man City boss, per The Times.

          “He will have success, yes. But he decided to stay – thanks – but everyone decides what he’ll do in the future. Sooner or later it’s going to happen.

          “He’s a young manager, he’s 37, so he is so young but he has experience already to handle big players and teams and when it’s going to happen, it’s going to happen.

          “He’s helped me a lot. From day one, so not just the last two seasons, from day one. He has an incredible work ethic, and he has a special talent to analyse what happens, and to find the solutions.

          “We talk a lot about what he believes and feels and so on. He helped me a lot, especially in the first year. He knew the Premier League – like for example in games against Stoke or whatever.

          “He can tell me about the players we will face better than myself, because he played against them and was in the Premier League for ten or 11 years. That’s a long time.

          “He’s so happy when we win but suffers when we don’t and that is why he tries to find a solution. He’s an incredible human being, with incredible values about what it means in the locker room to be together, and he is already an incredible manager and he’ll have incredible success in his future. We see the football in really quite a close way.”

          Perarnau (Spanish journalist who wrote 2 books on Guardiola) -“Do you remember from Sunday’s game, after the second goal [against Arsenal], Pep’s hug with Mikel?” he told the 93:20 podcast at the time.

          “That was because Mikel said to Mendy, ‘Don’t make a high cross when you get to the end line, make a cut-back along the floor,’ and after that Bernardo scored the goal.

          “He [also] talked with Mendy and Sterling to try to make a double pass before the last cut-back.” (Mikel was directly responsible for the goals against us)

          Auba (after singing, putting his money where his mouth was) – “Two things persuaded me to stay,” he said. “The first thing was Mikel Arteta, because since he came in he brings a lot of positivity and a new philosophy for us.

          “I think that was important because it matched my game and I feel that I can improve with him. I think this was the key factor and as well, the love that I receive from the fans and the whole club.

          “Everyone is treating me very, very good, so I feel at home and that’s why I’m staying.

          “We had a chat during lockdown and we were supposed to talk about a game and he said ‘okay, forget about it, we’re going to talk about the future’ and he asked me what I wanted to do.

          “I was like ‘I feel good since you came, I’m improving, and the philosophy is very, very nice so I just want to stay’ and he was like ‘I’m sure if you stay you can leave a legacy, but it’s all about you and what you want. Of course you can leave and go for trophies in big clubs as well but I think you can create a legacy here in this great club.’

          “This was the key message to me and after that conversation I was like ‘okay, it’s all clear for me and I just want to stay’ and that’s it.”

          Saka (after signing) – ‘These are the coaches I’ve played under before, but Mikel, he’s just amazing you know.

          ‘He manages to give so much detail, while at the same time being so clear. It’s just amazing to have such a great coach.

          ‘The future looks bright, and that’s why I’m happy to be here.’

          Saka (before his contract) – “I’m really enjoying my football under the new manager,” said the 19-year-old.

          Saka – “Arteta knows a lot about football. He came in with a really clear plan. He has done it in a really progressive way, and he has given us opportunities – all of us.

          “He has given us so much belief, not just that, but information, advice on how to improve.

          “You can see that with the youngsters, they are not just coming in but they are coming in and making their mark, proving they can stay in the team.

          “That’s a credit to him.”

          Tierney (after signing his contact) – “I think the vision of the club, where it wants to go, and the expectations of the club [are why I signed[. Where I want to be in football is at the top. There’s no doubt about it, we’re not where we want to be just now, but we’re going in the right direction.

          “The way the club is run from the inside is amazing. I love everyone. I love all of the staff, I love all of the players, I love the manager and just working with them is an absolute joy. Being happy in life speaks for a lot and I am happy, so I was more than happy to commit my future [to the club].”

          Silva (man this article is about) – “A great manager and person! All the best Mikel.” Pretty standard platitude to be fair but he’s the subject of this article so thought it was relevent.

          Sterling (after Arteta had been manager awhile) – “He’s a person that had a lot of say here,” Sterling said. “The manager trusted him here and he had a lot of influence on the players here and the team as well.

          “So I knew once he went into Arsenal that it would be a great opportunity for him but also he would definitely implement what he wanted to bring in.

          “And he’s a person that will put his foot down and not let things slide as you can see with the boys at Arsenal. They know if they don’t run they are most likely not going to play.”

          Sterling says that Arsenal have always had a strong side but Arteta has challenged them to match their skill with work rate.

          “You can see the change that he’s brought in there, you can see the energy, you can see how much he’s put into them with their off-ball work,” the City forward added.

          “We all knew before Mikel got in how much good football they could play, how technically good they were but probably off the field they weren’t as aggressive as they are with Mikel.

          “They run their socks off now, you can see why they benefited with some good results recently.”

          Delph – “Mikel was incredible for me,” Delph told BBC 5 Live Sport. “He was the reason why I stayed in the team as long as I did. I owe everything to him.”

          Delph left City for Everton in July in a deal that could be worth £10m. Five months later, Arteta had left Etihad Stadium too after the 37-year-old was offered the chance to replace Unai Emery as Arsenal manager.

          “I knew he would end up as a manager,” said Delph.

          “He was fantastic with me, always very honest. In my first year at City, I had been hit and miss with injuries. I didn’t play as much as I liked and had the opportunity to go.

          “Mikel said ‘I don’t want you to leave. I feel there is a spot here. The way we want to play is different to what a lot of people have seen but you are very capable of doing it’.

          “We worked on it a few times in training and I decided to stay. Everything he said came true.”

          Do I really need to go on? These with exception of Silva perhaps are not false platitudes they are detailed high praise.

          (Sorry admin last st post was all over the place, can you delete that one please.)

          1. But still finished 8th .
            Arteta hater ! No
            Want Arteta replaced !absolutely

            All you did buddy was bring up a few player that have said nice things because they arent going to say the opposite are they .

          2. And TBF mate I could probably find 8players that said nice things about big Sam ,it doesn’t make him a good manager does it .

          3. Only praise by pep you say so I present a long list of players (including 3 of our best) specifically praising Arteta and you dismiss it. Saka basically said he’s the best coach he’s ever worked with. Your issues of course are that he specifically said that he has plan (which many of you deny) and specifically that he has given everyone a chance (which many of you deny.) Auba credited him as the main reason for staying. Tierney waxed lyrical about how is loving things behind the scenes. If your not willing listen to our best players opinions on our manager why do even follow the club anymore? Insanity. Seriously are calling Saka lier? Do you want him to leave with Arteta too?

            That’s without Sane “he’s always right” and Delph “I owe him everything” these are not nice comments they are way beyond that but because it directly contradicts your current opinion your trying to belittle it.

          4. Angus, Mikel Arteta isn’t with Pep Guardiola at Manchester City any more. Arsenal scored 55 goals last season and lost 13 games. Says it all really.

  4. Forget about Bernado and buy Martin Odegaard who will serve for long in the team due to his age bracket.

  5. Watching Lionel Messi interview about leaving Barcelona. He said he was a boyhood Arsenal fan and dreams of playing with Xhaka, and hopes to become a Gooner soon. My Spanish isn’t very good though so I might have misunderstood….

  6. Arsenal now only buy players 23 years and under with good resale value.
    Bernado Silva does not fit the profile.
    Bernardo to me is an ordinary player like Ben Foden but looks ok because he is surrounded by super stars.
    He is for sale at 70m!!! and 150k p/w.
    Willian comes to mind.
    Why are we trying to buy success?
    I thought Arteta was a super coach?
    Gabriel Saliba Mari Partey Tavares Lokonga White.
    Besides we already have a free superstar..Joe Willock.
    AMN Nelson + Nketiah with the right coaching can also be superstars
    We also have two loan options although one might be a GK.

  7. Bernardo Silva for 60M?
    Thank God you’re not part of Arsenal board. This is why I said, even we fans would have do worst than people running the club.
    Imagine buying Silva for 60M?
    A player who only has more than 30 start and 7 goals in just a single season in 2018/2019 and has been falling behind in numbers of appearance since then. A player who don’t contribute much to goals? a player who has never record 10 assists in a single league season in his career?
    And all that for 60M?
    He will be 27 in 2days which means we can never recoup half the money if he flops cos he’s no Home grown.
    Madison price was inflated because he’s homegrown not because he worth the amount.
    Buying Silva for 60M is the stupidity of the highest order.
    Even Odegaar should not be more than 30M, Aourar is not more than that also.
    Silva should not be more than 30-40M.

  8. We need goals from midfield and Silva doesnt offer that. For 10 million more we could get Maddison who does offer goals, seems pretty simple to me.

    1. not really … for 10 million more you are getting less creativity and a bit more defensive acumen … we need the former … if hes cheaper than maddison its a no brainer … if he wants to come of course …

  9. If he can’t then he’s even more pointless than what I’ve come to believe about the man … what kind of architect tries to rebuild something with no blueprint !!! We will put out a team against brentford that is worse than the one we ended last season with .. partey out injured saka I guess not yet match fit and martineli still reveling in Olympic glory … shocking really

  10. No denying Silvas quality. But City will be doing us no financial favours! Of that you can be sure. The financial decision will in any case not be Peps to give so, no personal favours to a friend will apply. And there are no REAL friends at this level anyway, when putting clubs first, as must and WILL happen.
    So two other factors apply; are we interested in Silva AND is he interested in us? I feel neither will apply but certainly the second is far more likely to be the certain negative case and that alone would rule it out.

    Which is my bottom line, as ever, as a realist”!

  11. How does Pep owe MA a favour? After all in was he, MA, who upped and left to join the opposition. Anyway does anyone think that Silva, now in his prime, would consider joining a club out of Europe and finishing 8th in the EPL?

  12. With Barcelona in trouble how about we go in for Pedri, he is young and Barcelona want to keep him at any cost but I think we can snatch him for right amount. He is an amazing player even at this young age and j think he is the missing piece of puzzle for us. Imagine a team with Saka, ESR, Martenelli and Pedri 💪. We can be right up there for as title contenders for years and years going by the overall age of the squad specaillay back 4 as well.

  13. Yes, Arsenal should vigorously pursue the signing of the younger Martin Odegaard on the permanent deal this summer to a successful conclusion. Instead of to the older and slower Bernado silva who may not contribute much to the Gunners’ top-four places finish efforts making on the PL next season.

    But on a curiosity note, what should Arsenal front three away to Tottenham Hs today in the Mental Series match look like?

    Pepe, Laca and who?

  14. Yes, Arsenal should vigorously pursue the signing of the younger Martin Odegaard on the permanent deal this summer to a successful conclusion. Instead of to sign the older and slower Bernado silva who may not contribute much to the Gunners’ top-four places finish efforts making in the PL next season.

    But on a curiosity note, what should Arsenal front three away to Tottenham Hs today in the Mental Series match look like?

    Pepe, Laca and who?

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