Could Arteta ring the changes and give Ozil opportunity in the cup?

Could the Carabao Cup give Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta the perfect chance to bring Mesut Ozil back into the side?

Our game against Fulham seemed flawless and perfect with the fluidity of the passing and the togetherness, but our game against West Ham was in complete contrast. There was a lack of creativity in the team and just no connection with our players for some reason.

This is why I think now is the perfect time for Arteta to call upon Mesut Ozil.

There is no guarantee that he will change much within the team but if he does not get given that chance, then fans may always be able to moan about the lack of creativity within the team!

It would be nice to finally see Ozil get a run around in an Arsenal shirt against Leicester on Wednesday in the cup, but if he doesn’t then it would be safe to say that he definitely is not in Arteta’s plans for the season, which would be such a shame!

Given that we play Liverpool in our third game of the Premier League campaign, only five days after our Carabao Cup outing, I hope Arteta opts to switch up the team rather than keep the same selection, especially after their appalling performance against West Ham, despite coming out with the three points.

It would be nice to see that he takes each competition seriously and not just switch to B and C teams. To win the cups you need to have your strongest team out there at all times and given the amount of talent in our first team squad, we need experience to get us to the top and win trophies.

The season is a long, hard one and players will need a rest but if we want to be the best, we have to play the best team we have week in week out, but Arteta should also ring the changes if it is not working. If he wants the quality and creativity that the team is clearly lacking then the Carabao Cup competition would be the perfect place for Ozil to stake his claim for a spot in the first team.

So, will Arteta make this change to line-up on Wednesday or will he put the current crop out to work against Leicester knowing we have a key top of the table clash on Monday? Or will he switch it up to more of a “cup team” and give the other youngsters and non-starters like Ozil a chance to show what they can bring?

It will be an interesting week whatever happens because after the poor showing against West Ham, and I hope he closely analyses his team and rings some changes! Gooners?

Shenel Osman

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  1. I think this ozil issue is getting out of hand. How can a player of ozil caliber not be good enough to even make the bench. Ozil is the most creative player we have.

    1. Sue I saw your statement bout Douzi last night… He might’ve handed in a request truly.
      I won’t be surprised if Ozil and Douzi doesn’t play…
      I mean, there’s Nelson, Willock, Elneny, Saka because it’s obvious AMN will be the one to play against the scousers. His defensive abilities, and he’s the one Arteta calls upon in big games.
      I think the worst about the Ozil situation is yet to happen, I know what I’m saying, it could happen

      1. I just think tomorrow will be last chance saloon, Eddie. They won’t play at scouseland, plenty will be rested for that game… so if they don’t make the team tomorrow, then they never will!!

        Did you see a while back about 2 offers on the table, paying the same wage…then we may let him go??!!

    2. I will only be surprise if Arteta change to a back four with no Ozil.
      I know with 3 at the back it will be difficult cos we have no player to cover Ozil up.
      But if we change to back four with no Ozil in the team, then something must be wrong somewhere.
      Cos I still believe Ozil is our most creative player(Lazy though, but will make it up with what Nelson and Willock don’t have)

      Seriously waiting for change in formation and Ozil in that lineup. I need to see if he’s hungry again

      1. Nice one, Bobs. He was training with the first team earlier… so I’m expecting to see him tomorrow… if not, as you say “Houston, we have a problem!”

    3. I am tired of this ozil rubbish. Anytime we struggle then it’s a chance for ozil fanzone to come out talking utter nonsense. A team that won comfortably against Fulham then struggled next game with every one looking shaky from gk to strikers yet managed to win. What guarantee do we have that ozil will even be visible in the match judging from his past record and how westham stiffled us and how badly the team played. At least the boys who were on the pitch without playing well can put up a fight. Ozil is not a debryne i saw many matches were he is non existent should he play on Wednesday yes because our next game is against the pools and we need as much fit first team players as possible.

      1. No… I was just highlighting the fact that if he can’t get a game tonight – in the Carabao cup of all competitions Then I doubt we’ll see him again. So what’s the point of keeping him on our books?!
        Am I crying for him to start against Liverpool because we had a shaky performance against West Ham? No…
        So please don’t start with the ‘Ozil fanzone’

        1. I believe everyone who isn’t biased(or developed personal dislike towards ozil) wants ozil to play. I’m not his biggest fan but i still want him playing in efl cup. My opinion is that ozil has also not helped himself in many ways when a senior world class players finds himself in this situations they always push for a move and new challenge but not in ozil case. Also not helped by not agreeing a paycut been the highest earner, if not for any other thing for his team who accepted to take the cut(do it for the team) and him been one of the captains and also been trusted by arteta that he featured in all matches before lockdown, it can’t be a coincident that ozil have had problems where ever he had been real,Germany and now arsenal. Some times your attitude is more important than your abilities. Arsenal were in a downward spiral and it’s caused by many factors ans one of the factors is players attitude and some people will always fall in the category of part of our problems so far ozil and goundozi has been found out.
          Arsenal is trying to build back there culture and values which weren’t there anymore and some people will not always fit into that ethos and ethics that we are trying to build back. Truth is ozils situation is far from playing abilities. I believe that arteta is very aware of ozils abilities and also how he can negatively(though many will disagree) influence people around him and he always is a distracting figure which the team doesn’t need right now. Ozil been a nice guy and a good player is undoubtedly true but in a position we are in and what arteta is trying to build we need people with the right attitude also ozil been a former team mate with arteta is never going to be easy to coexist on same page (ask luiz and lampard) I’m not saying there are not few exemptions thou.

          1. I appreciate your comment, Pepe… I’m sorry if this comes across as rude, but I don’t really want to go over the pay cut and everything else anymore. I have my views on him, which I’ve stated and don’t feel the need to keep harping on about it! I have no idea if he’s in MA’s plans for tonight, but I’m hoping he will be… as I said to you earlier, if he doesn’t get a game, then what’s the point?!! Let’s hope we play well and go through!
            Be interesting to see if Leicester field a strong side… Vardy… always scores against us ☹ COYG

      2. And tbh it works both ways – I’m sick to death of the constant slating of him daily, even hourly on here!! I can’t even mention his name without being pounced upon “You’re a fan boy, in the fan zone, you’re not an Arsenal supporter” and all the other crapola!! I hardly mention him these days… I wonder why??!! Pity others don’t… keep repeating the same thing continuously, just in case we missed it the first million times 😴😴😴😴😴😴😴

  2. You talked my mind. Unless there are underlying factors outside football reasons, that we all suspect, it will be quite disappointing for Arteta to overlook Ozil on Wednesday once again. I’m afraid to say it, but such a rigid stand may sooner than later come to haunt Arteta. Let him do the rightful & the needful, as he has told the world of giving each player a level playing field to prove themselves. Looking forward to Wednesday. Can’t wait.

  3. We already have hungrier and faster CAMs in Ceballos, Willian, Smith-Rowe and Nelson

    Ceballos plays decently as a deep-lying playmaker. But his best position is CAM, as seen in Spain national football team and when he played as no 10 under Unai Emery

    This is why I oppose the idea of getting a new CAM like Aouar, because we already have too many of them and we don’t even play with a CAM formation currently. Aouar and Ceballos are CAMs who can play decently as deep-lying playmakers, but they’re not athletic enough to protect our defenders in deep midfield area

      1. Cant he lace his own boots? Also in a particular system, like the ultra defensive one against LiVARpool, they can be more effective than Ozil.

        1. Sid:
          Agree!. You can’t teach old dogs new tricks. If we are talking pure defending, Ozil becomes a liability. However, in some instances, the best way to defend is to attack. Hopefully we try that again one day for old time’s sake?

    1. Hmm best CAMs who cant open up hammers’ defense. see the irony. Yes Ozil is not without fault but he has the ability to unlock any tight space. So having him in the bench is logical.

      Just have Ozil in bence at least or buy one who can do this vital work

      1. Because Arteta always plays him as deep-lying playmaker. Cazorla’s assist tally also went dry after Wenger repurposed him as deep-lying playmaker to accommodate Ozil

        It’s been a very long time since Ozil break the opposition’s defense with an incisive through ball. Had we gone back to 4-2-3-1 formation and used Ceballos as no 10 behind the striker there, we’d likely see his creativity

        Ceballos plays as no 10/ CAM in Spain national football team and his best games at Arsenal are when he played as no 10 in 4-2-3-1 formation. Such as when we faced Burnley in 2019

        1. But he had only one good game as a CAM. I think there’s a reason why Arteta plays him as a DLP, or defensive B2B. He suits the system at the moment.

      1. Aouar looks like a faster Wilshere and we have too many players like Aouar and Partey. Arsenal should’ve gone for other types of players who can give the plan B in second half, such as Olivier Giroud type or Adama Traore type

  4. Rotation is essential for many reasons ,and a secondary Cup competition should be when fringe players, such as Ozil , Guendouzi ,Cedric ,Nelson,Willock and Saliba, should be given an opportunity.Brendan Rodgers will I am sure use the match to look at his back up squad, so basically this is an ideal chance to assess the depth of our first team pool.

  5. Could Mesut ring the changes and give Mikel the opportunity to get himself selected at least for the league cup bench? This answer only Mesut can answer and nobody else. Applaud him when and if he makes it through the tunnel, hoping he puts in a shift. But, but that is a very difficult task to ask, so let the status quo be maintained IMHO.
    If the boss selects him, fine. If he does not perform, let it be an opportunity for fans for and against him to unite and show him the door. If Arsene could be treated that way (which was the correct way to get the message to him /board) so let it be done to Mesut also.
    Thursday night should end this debate or discussions.

  6. Selecting Ozil and asking him to press and play defense is like asking Auba to play goal keeper. Unless you let him play his game , it’s better to keep him out.

  7. I really like Arteta. He is really on point to the degree he seems to have OCD and obsession about his job. He definitely is taking the reins and guiding us well. There is one thing I don’t like, and it may not be his choice, is he freezing players like Guendouzi, Ozil and Torreira out of the team. For many games, until they leave, they are better players than many who are playing. We have Carabao Cup, Europa League, and FA Cup, and really need our best players. We sold our best Goalkeeper and now we have frozen out out most creative and tigerish players. I love Arteta but he lacks humility.

    1. I dont think torreira is being frozen out tho, I believe it’s because he’s about to be sold. If any of the players mentioned however do not start today, I think it’s highly unlikely we ever see them in arsenal jersies anymore

    2. Shame it would be nice to see Guendouzi start. We have such a poor midfield with Xhaka and Ceballos how can Guendouzi be left out? I thought Arteta said he was starting from scratch with the players.

  8. Ozil should be given a chance for the League Cup. Otherwise, how can one come to the conclusion that he has not improved.? If Ozil does not play on Wednesday, I suspect it is more a non footballing issue than a footballing one. Let Ozil, Guendouzi and Willock form the midfield, let Saliba, Soares, Nelson and Macey be given chances, we have to have backups for the long and stringent season and we wont know who is good or bad unless they play. MA should give everyone a clean slate as he promised all of us.

    1. The problem is that some things we regard as non footballing issues are actually part of footballing issues eg attitude

  9. TBH Ozil does not deserve to be frozen out at all while we babysit players like Kolasinac. If Mustafi and Xhaka were coached to improve themselves and get redemption, why can’t Ozil as well. He isn’t that bad anyway, esp in games where we play offensively. Remember the Man Utd game last season. It’s beyond footballing reasons

  10. The carabao cup! How I wish there was an option to completely ignore this thing. complete waste of time. Never rated this competition and never will. I honestly I dont care, MA could lay cones out there and I would still be okay with that.

  11. Macey
    Cedric… Holding…. Gabriel… Kolasinac
    R. Nelson… M-Niles…Saka

    That lineup is strong enough to beat Leicester as long as they’re instructed to attack.

    No need of risking Pepe, Ceballos in this useless match.

  12. Please throw in all the bench warmer. Liverpool will aim for 5 goals, we need to have fresh n strong team. The way Mane play against Chelsea, it will b nightmare for us.

    Vs Liverpool
    Holding Gabriel Tierney
    AMN/Bel, Cabellos, Xhaka, Saka
    Willian Laca Auba

  13. I believe that a combination of Ozil, William, Laca and Auba upfront could be deadly any day, and can compete with any premiership Top 6 as well as other Euro top teams. These players have the experience. But for Arsenal to benefit from Ozil’s creativity, Arsenal and Arteta need two defensive midfielders in the mode of ex-Arsenal Captain, Patrick Viera, to cover up for Ozil’s lack of defensive ability, and there are some of them available in the market. Why is Arsenal FC unwilling to sign players that will provide the much needed solidity at the middle of the park to free up the attackers to concentrate and do their job. Ozil is a super star. Every player has a weak point. The duty of the club and the manager is to find solution to that weakness so that the very best of their star player can blossom.

  14. I think this is the perfect time to use both of them with Elneny in the midfield. We need to give a chance to Saliba too and let Gabriel play next to him rather than Holding with our new goalkeeper “if that’s possible”. Yes, we need more titles!

    I hope we can play with this formation:


    AMN Saliba Gabriel Kolasinac
    Elneny. Guendozi
    Pepe. Ozil. Willock

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