Could Arteta’s future hinge on the result at Tottenham next week?

Will the Spurs result define Arteta’s future at Arsenal? by ThirdManJW

Although I still back Arteta, I am really starting to worry after yet another shocking performance, and a third home defeat in a row. Even more worrying, our next game is away at Spurs and Mourinho! I feel Arteta’s future could hinge on the result of this game.

We all want to see a good performance, but in these types of fixtures, and considering our current circumstances, it’s all about the result. A win will lift everyone at the club, and that confidence booster will hopefully lead to better performances. A defeat… well I dread to think. It could be the beginning of the end for Arteta.

The Spurs fixture I don’t find particularly scary apart from one key factor… Mourinho.

Fans will actually return for this game, although on such a small scale, it will make little difference in regard to home advantage. Arteta actually has a great record so far against quality opponents, and an away fixture also allows him to revert to a more defensive counter-attacking system, which clearly, he and the players are more comfortable with. The form of the two clubs is vastly different, but we all know that form counts for nothing in a derby game. The only real sticking point is Mourinho. He knows exactly how to deal with Arsenal, more than any other club in his career, to the point, he toys with us! I am sure Mourinho will be looking at this game as an easy victory.

So, because of Mourinho, an Arsenal win is highly unlikely. And we need a win! Even a draw, barely alleviates the mounting pressure on Arteta. I like Arteta, and I want to be fair to him, and only judge him at the end of the season. But if the poor performances/results continue, specifically in the league, then his position needs seriously looking at in 4-6 weeks’ time. We all know our problems go far deeper than just the manager, as Emery proved before, and is proving since his stint at Arsenal, but once you lose the dressing room, there’s no coming back from that. I don’t think Arteta has lost the dressing room yet, but the players are starting to look more and more disillusioned, with each passing game. A defeat to Spurs could tip some of these players over the edge, and it certainly will for part of our fanbase.

I still support Arteta, but ultimately, I want what’s best for Arsenal. If our poor form continues, I don’t think we can wait until the end of the season to make a decision on Arteta.

Will the Spurs game make or break Arteta’s future at Arsenal? What do you think?


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  1. Yes. If we lose MA has to go. Too novice. Losing to wolves no one to blame but 100% Arteta. Terrible decisions !! Lost players respect. The captain has lost his usual smile, loser written all over him. Body language says it all.

    1. I think its close to 100% chance that we will lose away to the spuds on Sunday.

      Its not something I say lightly either. We are playing like a team who has no hope, no courage, no direction or any freedom to express themselves.

      The Spuds on the other hand are playing the complete opposite and I will be amazed if we went there and won with how well they are playing.

      I think MA will be a great coach, I think he has what it takes and I hope he learns and learns fast about the mistakes he and his staff have made this season.

      All I want is for the club I love and have supported for over 50 years to be successful and entertain the many millions of Arsenal fans around the world. If that isn’t happening then I’m sorry but we should move on.

      I think it will depend on how big the defeat to the spuds will be this weekend, I can see us getting thumped, probably by the biggest score line since the 8-2 loss to UTD

      based on how we are playing recently and it hurts me to say so, something here is not right and it needs to change and fast

      1. I agree Val that Arteta has the makings of a great coach and that means an ability to learn from his mistakes.

        Unless he has list the dressing room, which I dont think he has, I’m confident he’ll be given the time to grow into the role. I’ll be really disappointed if he isn’t.

    2. Spurs is going to be difficult to beat home or away, derby or not. Arsenal is looking the part of a mid table side judging from our recent form and the (footballing) decisions made. One thing Arsenal don’t have is time, we need to act now however difficult it might be and cut our losses.

  2. Mourinho will 100% disrespect us and get away with it during his press conference on Friday, just like the media towards certain kinds of not-well-off people.

  3. Well, I feel that even if we lose to that lot we must still retain MA. He will be a great manager one day but I fear not with us. But we have to be fair to the man and afford him some patience. Of course we may soon arrive at the point of no return and that saddens me greatly. Not sure what manager could turn this around given our deep seated problems.

  4. Our players were too good in playing back passes. We have even faulted doing the same in yesterday’s match. I think Arsenal is playing football in their own half mostly and giving back passes to the keeper. Every team is known to the fact that winning at Emirates is easy thing to achieve. Attack from the word go and score a goal… Match over because we are not capable of creating real chances. Even if we create few, our front line can’t find the net. Its painful and no longer we play our own brand of football. Not even worth watching these games. Nothing is going in right direction and its really a worrying thing.

    1. We do have an habit of bettering spuds in a game and not in the league recently. Its a tough one for me, i think Arteta is potentially a good coach, i just doubt his ability to run a club from the top. My doubt from the start was his personality, ability to drive players and be able to make them believe in his untried philosophy, i see nothing to change that. He will not be sacked if we lose to spuds but he will lose the support of the media and fans. The advantage for him is the lack of crowd to voice their opinions, the disadvantage for the fans, is just the same. Wenger survived for two years too long on the back of an FA cup, Arteta can not be given the same curtesy, he should be judged solely on his ability to improve our league form that has been getting worse year after year. If he cant show an improvement and quick, he has to be replaced.

  5. how has he got a great record against quality opponents..???
    if u disregard the FA cup his record is shocking in the premiership..he only beat liverpool when they had already won the title..
    hes lost to liverpool this yr ,city twice ,spurs and chelsea..only team hes beaten in a premiership game that matters is Utd

    1. Great point Joe, some sensible supporters have been saying this for some time. Not to mention the dude just set broke few records as well like licester winning against us after 22 years n some other as well. Why don’t these fans talk about that. When ever you argue with them they will start posting friendly or pointless match results….community shield, Cardoba cup blah blah blah

  6. We’ve needed a win for the last few weeks.. and look how that’s panned out!!
    It would be typical Arsenal to finally show up and beat that lot after playing so poorly for weeks…. but honestly can I see it happening? No… they’re looking really strong and are playing as a team…
    I am really, really worried about this fixture…

    1. Mourinho can say something inane like
      “Supporting Arsenal is like wearing a Maga hat or tearing the stars off the EU flag.”
      And we can only agree. We’ve got no comeback unless we win on Sunday. Even mourinho laughs at that impossibility.

  7. We sre gonna get a whooping. I predict at minimum a 3-0 scoreline. I am interested to see if MA reverts back to a 343 for spurs. I think I would and treat it like a cup final. Get the players to buy into winning at spurs being for the fans and barging rights.

    IF MA and arsenal loose. He won’t be sacked. Arsenal board are always late to respond and are reactive rather the pro active. We all know what arsenal should do but are afraid to say it. I think only is we his relegation zone will the board actually sack MA this season.

  8. If we see another game, where we look less motivated, slower an dintiidated, we will lose and we may even get a heavy defeat. Then his position could, and maybe should, be in jeopardy.
    If at least we come out looking mentally up to the task for 90 minutes, we may still lose, but then I don’t think he will be sacked.
    In general, I am for giving him time, but if the way we have been performing recently continues, we will be in a relegation battle come New Year. Then, we may need something new.

  9. I think we will play somewhat well but still end up losing, just to make it bittersweet. And not get MA sacked.

  10. If we play another disjointed, lifeless, lumbering performance where the defense dips and we struggle offensively, then Arteta has to be put on notice. He hasn’t been able to motivate the players, instill any urgency, or have them display any intensity.
    Getting played off the pitch can happen, but it’s becoming a bit of habit over the last couple of games, and that falls on the manager.
    Arteta needs to show something, prove that he is deserving of more time and investment in January.

  11. With ceballos and xhaka in the midfield, we are certainly gonna lose the game against the spurds.

    I have been saying it here, you can’t win a game with backward passes.

    Arteta used to be a specialist in side way passes during his playing days. That is why his goal tally was very poor.

    You don’t expect him to assemble an attacking team. He will always prefer players that can play safe.

    If sacking him will restore arsenal glory, so be it.

    1. Sacking him will just create chaos. Everyone was calling for Mou’s head last season – his first at Spurs, and now they are top of the league (for the moment). I’m not sure where anyone gets the idea that the team will suddenly play glorious football and win every match just because the manager changes. Look at any team in England and that basically never happens except for the exceptionally rare occasion, maybe 1 in 10000. This is delusional, quick-fix thinking that will do more harm than good. Give the lads time to navigate this rough patch and get back into form.

      1. In answer to the headline question, the answer is no.The loss of Partey, and for that matter, Elneny, has denied us of the duo who controlled the midfield against Man Utd.In their absence, Arteta, rightly or wrongly, has turned to Xhaka and Ceballos who were overrun at Leeds and cared no better yesterday.They clearly do not have the pace and energy to be effective in the EP L and until they are replaced the team will continue to struggle.Despite all the unjustifiable comments concerning Willock, he was streets ahead of his midfield teammates against Wolves and I would link him with Elneny and AMN against Spurs.I sincerely hope MA will be strong enough to change the midfield and to start Nelson on Sunday.

      2. Not a good point. MA is struggling. His team selection sucks. He is obsessed with Willian even though he adds no value to the team.

  12. Changing managers every 5 games is pointless, it will just create chaos. Klopp didn’t win silverware his first year at the club and needed 3 years to get Liverpool going.

    Arteta has shown he can train the players well and the players like him. Let’s not cave to negative fans – who simply fall apart and go into embarrassing hysterics at every single loss. The time when Arsenal players and coaches need support the most is in times of adversity.

    We’re having our rough patch early in the season, that’s a good thing. Look at the PL this season, it is highly competitive and unpredictable. Many teams will go through rough patches later on in the season when we are finding our form. Let’s not fall apart and self-destruct just yet.

    Arteta has shown a willingness to learn and change formations and personnel. Give the lads time to figure it out. We have the quality in the squad to beat anyone on our day, but we need time to achieve consistency.

    If we hire another manage in a couple weeks time, might as well pre-sack him in 3 months time because stupid Arsenal fans will demand the sack after a loss or two anyhow. That kind of antagonistic behavior is unnecessary and counter productive. Let’s not surrender to the whims of the most hysterical and self-destructive among us.

    AFTV is just a bunch of grown men crying asking to sell every player in the squad every time we lose and praising everyone as heroes when we win silverware. Don’t be influenced by those idiots. They are 100% pure fair weather fans and nothing more.

    1. I don’t watch AFTV but on every other point you made I am in total agreement

      I’m currently watching Leicester losing at home to ‘lowly’ Fulham. Should they lose tonight will the LC fans be asking for BR’s head? How many posts have I read that want Arteta replaced by Brendan Rodgers?

      You are right, there is an hysterical air during what is, so far, an extremely unusual season. There are plenty of short memories regarding Arteta’s arrival till now. Getting Auba to sign again, the arrival of Partey and Gabriel. European football all gets forgotten in a nano second because the team is not firing just now. I do understand the worry of a wobbly spell but there is a huge rebuild ahead that can’t happen overnight

      1. Why do we always compare our selves to teams when they are struggling why don’t we compare our selves to them when they are performing. Why didn’t you make the same comparison when licester destroyed city at home?? Where as same city ran rings around us. It’s only Arsenal who has to rebuild same rebuilding is happening at Chelsea, Spuds, Man United in EPL…I can go on and on if I start putting Europe elites in here…they don’t seem to performing and churning out results. How do you explain that SueP?

        1. Mohsan
          All I am saying is that all teams at the moment, bar Tottenham are having strange results
          Pure and simple

            1. Mark,
              I wasn’t trying to.
              I was referring to many of the teams having unexpected results. Did you expect Leicester to lose at home to Fulham, or Liverpool to draw with Brighton? There have been many more examples.

              1. Come on Sue P, we are not having strange results we are having bad results. Look where licester and Liverpool are and look where we are in Table. We not only have lost against direct top 6 baran United we have lost to mid table and bottom table teams as well. Have a look at the table to see I’m comparison to all these teams were we are.

    2. Klopp Liverpool was never this bad and should never be compared. This team under MA is bad and I am not sure what direction he is taking. He is not the only new manager under transition but the only one struggling. Lets be real. If this was any other coach, we will be calling for his head.

  13. We’re going to loose to spurs.

    I think the board mutually have given Arteta up until the last game of next season before considering other options, to observe his trend and for some stability.

    That’s what I’ve given him anyway, before I’m officially Arteta out if nothing improves.

    Arteta will come through. This spurs game means nothing.

    1. The spurs game certainly doesn’t mean nothing. Lose to them and we possibly drop to 16th in the league. Have you seen the fixtures after that? Yes, frightening, getting sucked into a relegation dogfight and we are not yet into the new year. If we are 3 points off bottom three at Christmas, he won’t be here in the new year! Not my choice by any means but the board will act.

  14. I have not a shadow of doubt that MA s job is 100% safe and the clubs power brokers are not silly and panicky as so many so called fairweathwer fans are showingthemselves, disgracefully, to be.

    I am prepared to have one to one bet with anyone that he will not be sacked after the Spuds game. I also believe we will likely lose but that will not affect his position in the least.

    BTW, I also remember and was there when Spuds won their Double in 1960-61 and we were 3-0 down to them at their place after 15 minutes and got a 4 -4 draw and we were far further behind them just before that game than we are now, in every way.

    You never know for sure in football.

    1. My GOD Jon fox you are more stubborn then Wenger who you blamed for everything that happened in ur life lol!. You just can’t let go of the fact that with your big ego and years of useless couch football experience current situation n facts Infront of everyone are proving you wrong again and again. I am starting to wonder if you are getting some sort of cut from Arteta’s pay cheque.

      1. Don’t worry with Fox.. Its called saving face.. He isnt in denial.. he doesnt believe half of what he has written there but he has to stand by his previous comments

  15. No it won’t bec of two simple reasons our board is scared to admit they made a mistake and not quick to act to correct it. Second our die heart stubborn Arteta supporters would rather see us relegate or lurke at the bottom of club then to realise they have been in wrong. I still see so many fans here supporting MA and giving excuses after excuses when it’s clear as day light the job is beyond MA’s ability. I would not have criticized him if he gave us atleast one thing results or attractive football but he has failed on both fronts. To give more time to a failing project in hope it will rise from the ash like phenix will only land us in more permanent state of decline from which it will hard to recover both menatay n financially. Why some fans are held bent on taking club to championship level is beyond me, you want to bet on a manager who has no proven track record and so far his decision n tactics seem wanting.

    1. Mohsan
      You tell me who will bring Arsenal to the top in under a year with the same background inherited by Arteta?
      I do unashamedly support Arteta for what he is trying to do for the club. Apparently as an ‘Arteta fan girl’ 🙄 I fully appreciate that his job is difficult and may well end up in him being sacked. But anytime soonis a backward step

      1. SueP I know that we can not be turned into title winning side over night but the size of club and players we have do not justify us in any way or form to be outside top 4. Do you think our squad is worse then the teams above us specially with big spending in last two years out if which one was overseen by MA. We are not only struggling to get result but have you even seen our football it’s toothless and boring to death. Even Morinhio thats right that bus parking bitter man is playing better n more attractive football then us. Have you seen our results im EPL since MA took over…what improvement has he made. This is a genuine question not a taunt. When ever I try to have logical discussion with MA supporter they start posting results of Cardoba cup and community shield. With regards to FA cup we have seen smaller clubs make it to final on expense of bigger clubs..that does not make their manager that special. If FA cup is the ultilmate measure of greatness then we should not have hot rid of Wenger. I don’t see Chelsea fans fighting and supporting De Matio this vigrously when he was about to get sacks although he won them champions League which has eluded so many great managers.

        1. Mohsan,
          You are under the misguided belief that I think Arteta is our saviour and equally wrong to think that I would support him regardless.

          All I ask of others is to remember the position the club was in at the time Arteta took the job, that was almost too much for the most experienced coach/manager to deal with and within a year. I really do not know what you expected from a team that was indescribable a year ago to, yes winning a cup. I suppose then, that you were not happy with that and the prospect of European football? It was more than I expected after the total mess that was Arsenal a year ago

          I also asked you, in all seriousness, was who could have done better than Arteta in the same amount of time, with the same owner, with the same squad? I cannot account for the poor, poor dealings at the higher level of our club. There was no sugar daddy like Chelsea, or a sovereign state buying Arsenal. We are a different club, with a different set up, owner so its not like for like. Arteta has to deal with the hand he was given and which he chose to accept. We all have to bear in mind the conversations on JA that talked of it being a long process.

          It is easy to condemn or criticise but much harder to come up with a solution.

          1. SueP, I believe Brendon Rogers would have done a better job bec he has more experience with working and getting more out of less expensive squad. I think Allegri is the solution as well he has proven track record and I think he can work with our spending restrictions which I don’t think there are to be honest. Let me prove it to you..1) Chelsea who you say have a sugar daddy while the same sugar Daddy could not help them last year and with no signing they finished in top 4. 2) licester another example they sell their stars but still some how either finish in top 4 or around there even last time they lost out by a point. 3) we have spent approx more then £200 million in last two windows, are you saying that is not enough and the owner is not backing us? I use to have same issue with owner before but not any more, we have been completely supported in transfer windows. looking at our last two windows specially the last one when everyone was struggling financially we still spent good amount ..who would pay £45 million straight up for a player in this pandemic? Even Madrid and Barca have struggled with buying players n they are financially more strong them us. Arteta has not been dealt with a bad hand he has been given quality squad and has been given a good transfer window as well so you can not divert the blame to owner or board here. Last point when you take a job you know what the job is and how difficult it can be but once you have committed then it’s your responsibility to produce results otherwise you should not have taken the job plus we are paying him it’s not like he is doing this for some sort of charity.

            1. Mohsan
              I would say that the Chelsea squad was already stronger than Arsenal during the year Chelsea were unable to sign players
              Arsenal have spent money but do you not agree that over the years too many of them have not been good enough, were over valued by the club and paid too much to play?
              I think Cedric and Mari were signed as squad players. Willian hasn’t been great which is disappointing and our strike force has not been able to score. I have nothing against Pepe but was he worth £72m? I was against giving Auba a huge pay rise. Players of his age don’t usually get that but we all wanted him. Partey hardly played before getting injured and Gabriel is doing ok.
              Rodgers may well be a great coach at Arsenal but I do believe that he went into Leicester at a time when they were in a crisis and very important to this debate is the involvement of the owners which is outstanding
              Allegri has a good track record and I can’t answer if he could have done any better. Perhaps he could

              1. One more point to add to your fine observation, SueP is that most of Allegri’s teams play defensively. Also, he has a good record in a league, which frankly speaking, has only been competitive recently. Now I am not against Allegri, he is a great coach, but just as UE dominated the french league(another farmer’s league) and came to Arsenal and couldn’t replicate that success, I feel like Allegri could struggle like that too. Also we have seen the fate of Sarri at Chelsea, so I am not very sure of Allegri.

  16. Arteta needs to understand the consequence of selective discipline. It never ends well. Many players have been underperforming for a while, buy he has persisted. The benefit of doubt he has his partey and element have been our best midfield pairing and they have lost no matches with a full 90 minutes together. Be that as it may be, he managed guendouzi very badly. That boy is a phenomenal footballer.

  17. MA was his own worst enemy by being such an obvious hypocrite when it comes to all things team-related…in disciplinary matters there’s no consistency and/or proper transparency…it appears as if some players are immune from being publicly admonished, regardless of their respective on-field failings…furthermore, we constantly hear the word “patience” when it comes to Arteta’s managerial experiment…I would have no problem if our manager really treated this undertaking as a “process” which would require a couple years to come good, instead he continued to sign, re-sign and play more veteran players when more youthful options were readily available…you can’t have your cake and eat it too…either we’re a team in transition or we’re attempting to legitimately challenge for a top 4 position…if we’re a team in serious transition, which anybody with eyes clearly knows that to be the case, we should start acting like one…get rid of Luiz, Mustafi, Sokratis, Xhaka, Ozil, Willian, Laca, Cedric, Mari and anyone who truly isn’t part of the future, then let some of our younger players to emerge from the shadows…even if they fail to meet expectations, they will have almost assuredly increased their potential values on the open market…we have been trapped in this proverbial “no man’s land” where we pretend to matter then complain when the inevitable happens…it’s time to finally change this truly nightmarish narrative that has plagued our club since the building of the Emirates

  18. What exactly is Arteta trying really. It’s funny that Mr Fox and company find themselves cheering the looser again. Our players have proven twice under new management that they can perform. Sad both Spaniards just don’t have what it takes. Arsenal is a big club Pochitino for me. That was to SueP.

    1. Thanks for that Jah son

      What a thoroughly unpleasant snipe at Jon Fox and company cheering the loser again

      I don’t see it in those terms at all. I am Arsenal through and through ( over 55 years) and do not ever consider another Arsenal supporter as the loser. It is not about that at all. Sad for you if that is what you think. Rather spiteful actually

  19. Well said SueP. Enjoy the rest of your evening.I just watched West Ham sneak a win against Villa who were the better side for most of the game.Apart from Grealish, I was impressed by the Villa DM , Luis who is a good bit better than our Louis.

    1. Thank you Grandad.

      I seem to have copped a lot of criticism tonight for my opinions.

      Anyway, I did have half an eye on proceedings but not enough for an analysis. Living in Leicestershire since 2004 and married to a local, he was not a happy bunny after the early kick off. Funny old season so far.

      1. Hey SueP, It is just discussion, sharing point of view and counter argument. I hope you are not offended by any comments. We are all Arsenal fans n some time all of us can be a bit stern on their view.

        1. No not you Mohsan. Goodness me!
          A debate is what we enjoy.
          It’s when others are deliberately rude it becomes unpleasant

  20. Looking forward to the Spuds,game even waking up at 3,30. AM. Talk about a sucker for punishment. However, I don’t think it’s a career defining moment for Arteta. The two teams are in a totally different space and he’ll have the rest of the season to try and sort out the mess. I’m going to approach the game as a David vs Golath stand off and hope that just like the Leeds game we can hang in and save face.

  21. Arsenal needed a manager with experience and world class clout.
    Ancelotti/Pochetino/Allegri/Simeone my favorite
    Too bad we became penny wise and dollar foolish.

  22. It may hinge on the result but it shouldn’t. I think that Arteta has lost the room so there are two options – change the manager or change the people in the room. The easier choice is to change the manager and we have done that twice now in the recent past. It has worked really well…

    A new person comes in and what do you think will happen? Do you think that they will be better? Maybe for a game or two but this team needs a full-on rebuild.

    Based on the performances so far there are only a few players that you would keep without question. Everybody else should be for sale – some at any price and some if the right offer comes.

    I know this isn’t Football Manager but if it were I would keep Gabriel and Partey for sure, Gabriel because of performance and Partey because he has looked great when he played. Then some of the young guys. After that, all have a price and some of them should be sold for whatever price and we should eat some of the salary.

    And yes, I did not put Auba on the essential list – something is wrong there beyond service – he is the captain and he has given up. If the right price comes along, take it.

    If you only change the manager, and I don’t really care who it is right now, the personnel is not in place to be good. Most of people issues are pre-Arteta but there are some now-questionable decisions, at least on the outside looking in.

    Unfortunately Martinez is looking like we kept the wrong guy in goal (and I was all for keeping Leno based on his pre-injury form). I don’t know what the deal is with Saliba. I don’t know why Maitland-Niles was kept so he won’t play. I would love to hear the thought process about taking Willian for three years. This is more of the same – it is so 2010s Arsenal.

    Next year we start the 2020s (I know you can say it started this year but give me that at least). I hope that there our business dealings continue to improve. If that happens we will get better if we just rotate a manager then we get to keep looking up at Spurs – and what a horribly-ugly ass that is to look at…

    1. And I can see the other side of the equation as well. Much of what I have said can be used to say move Arteta. Watching Switzerland from time to time I see a very different Granit – much freer and making forward (yes you read that correctly) passes. The team is so stale and maybe it is due to inflexibility in process and training. Maybe Auba is feeling shackled (and to be fair there isn’t much of a midfield to speak of).

      So get rid of him, and I respect your opinions, I just don’t think that is going to help us much…

  23. Stuart I was rubbing my hands over Xhaka and the captain’s armband incident hoping that we had seen the last of him in an Arsenal shirt. Had high expectations of him due to the publicity but was soon exposed as a naked emperor. Since then I’ve always associated Xhaka with low expectations and a downwards projectory for the club. But then Arteta came in and told everyone how important Xhaka would be to his plans. I took it with a grain of salt hoping that Arteta Knows Best, but I can’t see how this guy can ever make an impact in the Premier League, Too slow,,not forward thinking enough, rarely puts his body on the line, overated as hot shot, in fact never in the right position to take a shot from outside the penalty box. And it’s hasn’t just been with Arteta. He played like this for Wegner, not to mention the fans frustrations when he was captain.( sic).If anything Arteta has been protecting him. Yesterday, he should have been turned off at half time but managed to complete the game for reasons that only the manager would logically defend

  24. No I dont think that he will be sacked after the spurs game if we lose. MA has a lot of problems to solve and think about the team selection, playstyle etc. Whether he chooses to be reactive like UE or go with a set mindset like AW does not matter, the results are all that matter. But he should look at the players hard and re-evaluate where they can become more useful. Like Xhaka will work better if he is afforded space and relieved of defensive duties. So a bonafide ball winner/defensive player should be partnered with him. Same as Dani if we have to play him. MA should also look at our youth squads and players who haven’t been given a look in. Also the players that he selects in the squad, should do their bit too. Now I haven’t watched the Wolves game so will not comment on that, but every other game in the PL, has been a collective responsibility for both the manager and the players. MA cant do anything if a prodigois talent like Saka and an experienced strikers like Lacazette and Aubameyang miss chances. I think this season Saka has missed three clearcut chances, in the city, leeds and ManU game. He should sefinitely re-evaluate his finishing. It is not only him, others have disappointed also. I agree MA hasn’t been very succesful with his negative tactics, but sometimes players make me feel they dont execute those tactics perfectly. Another point to note is our set-piece tactics. They have been at best a misadventure forever. And the Brentford coach Georgson hasn’t really improved us in that aspect. Dont like to blame anyone but Arsenal as a whole has been declining since this season’s start. And the fault lies with MA, his team of coaches and the players. But I guess optimism doesn’t hurt, so I hope we would have better results from now on. Cheers

  25. Big question is, who next for the job,Potch, proven manager in this league ,tried and tested,speaks good English,fully refreshed.Allegri top manager experienced title winner, would get the players respect but still learning English not coached outside Italy , bit of a gamble. Eddie Howe great manager at a small club, produced wonders on a small budget, will be fully refreshed, can seem to motivate players, downside not used to big names, gamble not managed at big club.Southampton manager could be worth looking at, also another former Leipzig manager Rangnick, Nagglesman would interesting, but can’t see him leaving Redbull Leipzig, but you nether know, there are candidates out there, but no clear cut candidates.

    1. This is the problem cuppers. You have named several managers without any of them, as you say, being clear cut candidates and this makes Arteta’s position stronger at least until the end of the season

      It isn’t sensible to chop and change and it is also expensive paying off the manager and back room staff.

      Arteta may well not have the solution but it would have to be worse than it is now for me to reconsider my views. I think of Hassenhutl at Southampton after the drubbing they took against Leicester (?) last season and they were at the bottom of the pile. He did wonders and if Arteta can do that then he can succeed too during this blip.

  26. You lot talking about squad not good enough and all that are just clueless. The likes of Aston Villa, Brighton and West Ham are even playing better football than Arsenal. Keep sleeping and deny the fact that there is no clear direction under MA.

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