Could Arteta’s leadership snub open door to Arsenal exit? (Opinion)

Arsenal are claimed to have named a leadership group to support new captain Martin Odegaard for the current season, with Kieran Tierney one of the surprise names not including on that list.

The Gunners have started the season in top form, despite some key players such as the Scot yet to return to 100%, but after the club moved to strengthen most areas of the team this summer, we have been able to deal with absentees without fuss.

Oleksandr Zinchenko arrived from Manchester City this summer alongside Gabriel Jesus, and both have made a bright start to life in north London, and both now appear to have demoted Tierney. The Ukrainian could well be our new first-choice at left-back, while the former Celtic captain could well make a push for his place back as he nears full fitness, while Jesus’s arrival has also seen his role as one of the main leaders taken away also.

Mikel Arteta is amongst a host of people to consider KT as a future captain of the club previously, and it was thought that he was the main rival to new captain Odegaard for the armband before the decision was confirmed that the Norwegian would lead us this term, but now he is no longer amongst the top three, after TheAthletic claimed that Granit Xhaka and our new number nine would assist the former Real Madrid midfielder.

It has been mooted that Zinchemko’s arrival would mean that we would be willing to sell Tierney for the right price, and this snub by Arteta could well make the defender consider his role in our side, especially as he is unlikely to be short of offers should he push to leave.

Do you fear that Tierney could be closer to an Arsenal exit than he has been previously?


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  1. I don’t believe Tierney has been demoted, Zinchenko was always bought as a back up LB and his main position is Left side of Midfield. KT isn’t fit yet, but as he gets stronger I expect him to play more. There is going to be a serious amount of games played this season so both players will get plenty of games. KT will be vital in the big games, when Zinchenko stepping into midfield will cause us problems defensively. It’s worked a treat versus the lesser sides so far.

    1. Tierney is injury prone … if a good offer comes we should sell him . having said that I would say he is our first choice left back . we don’t have the luxury to have an injury prone left back and CM .

  2. I think Zinchenko is prepared to be Xhaka’s successor, if Xhaka gets a good offer after this season ends. Unfortunately, Zinchenko has more experience in the interchanging LB/ left DM positions, as compared to Tierney

    Arsenal could also assign Tierney as Magalhaes main competitor, because Tierney has played as the left CB of Scotland national football team. That solution will solve our left CB problem and give Tierney enough chances to rotate with Zinchenko/ Magalhaes

    1. Tomiyasu also plays left centre back for japan.

      If we are considering letting anymore defenders leave Bellerin, Cedric and Holding should be top of that list definitly not Tierney.

      Its the players with less than a year to run like Bellerin, Maitland-Niles, Nelson, Elneny we should be making decisions on too, unless of course we hold 1 year options.

      1. Yeah, it’s the players with expiring contracts who’d likely be moved on

        Tomiyasu used his weaker foot sometimes, so he could also be Magalhaes’ backup

        But I’d prefer Tierney for that role, since he can bomb forward from that position as he did for Scotland. If the Argentinian garden gnome of Amsterdam could do it in Eredivisie, I bet Tierney can do a better job

  3. “it has been mooted that Zinchemko’s arrival would mean that we would be willing to sell Tierney for the right price”

    Sorry Patrick, who made that decision? You and the media? Or Edu and Arteta must’ve told you.
    Stop with the lazy writing please, it’s become a constant thing for you.

    Partey will be a leader on the pitch, Gabriel Maglhaes will be a leader on the pitch, Tierney and Zinchenko will be too. Is it a must that 5 names must be listed?

  4. Snub?
    Don’t know about that.
    Unfortunately, Tierney simply has been too much injured to be relied upon as a regular starter, and it makes sense to me not to have him as a captain, unless that changes.
    He is a superb player, without a doubt, but the reality is, we have to a player, who isn’t just occasional back-up for him. This also means, Tierney might have be on the bench, even when he is fit.

    1. It is not a snub, there are just other decent candidates.

      I used to think defenders made the best captains but now forwards have to be just as organized as pressing is a vital part of the game. Gabriel is very good at this and has a shed loads of experience including experience of winning the premier league.

      Xhaka is possibly a more controversial choice but apparently remained popular among the team even when fans were getting at him.

      Tierney could have been included too but realistically we probably only need two back ups. Emery’s leadership group of five was over egging it

  5. Not worried at all, a fit Tierney starts but if zinchenko takes his place and consistently does better he should fight to earn his place back . No guarantees to starting and that’s what top teams look like. Earn your status in the team

  6. A conspiracy theory and nothing more than that! Regular reader of my posts will know EXACTLY what I think about conspiracy theories.

    Lets just say I have less time for them than I do even for Spuds.
    After all I enjoy mashing or roasting Spuds and then eating them,as I expect our club to also do this season.

    BTW, I expect both Tierney AND MA to still be here in three years time.

    Conspiracy theories come from human fantasy imagination and invention. Such people should stick to writing fantasy books or films , WHERE THEY HAVE SOME USE and not in football.

  7. Guys guys.
    Please stop with this constant manufacturing of problems that are not there..

    Can we just relax for once and stop introducing these never ending scenarios that are nonexistent? Manufacturing situations to get people on the edge, nervous and unsettled..

    Can we just keep things calm at the moment when the majority of our fanbase and club as whole seems to be all pulling in the same optimistic direction..

    1. +1 Goonster

      When the team stops winning the pulling in the same direction will stop – but as you say, let’s enjoy it while we can 🙂

  8. I think that even KT would agree,right now what he needs is to concentrate on getting back to full fitness.anyway,you don’t need the captain’s armband or being a co-captain/leader to share your experience, giving advice or telling off a teammate , especially when you’re as respected as TK.

  9. Please can i see this list before i make judgement. Is it not possible there is no list or simply that Jesus and Xhaka have been added to the list to replace lacazette and aubameyang.?

    1. Tierney has been unfortunate with injuries and he should be given more time to recover last seasons he was in great demand both for Arsenal and Scotland. And that also made him very vulnerable to injuries. But now he will need to pull up his socks becoz he was becoming dependeable

  10. Nah, the scot going nowhere, we said the same thing when Tavares was playing well.

    We said the same thing about Saka when we were trying get Raphinha.

    We said the same about Ben white, with the return of Saliba.

    At some point fans got to change their way of thinking, Arsenal is a big club and that’s what big club do, two good international for one position.
    The gaffer seems way ahead of pundits and some fans, but then great leaders are ahead of their time

  11. All is quiet and peaceful on the negative Arsenal front.
    No complaining to be seen anywhere.
    We can’t have that says GoonerP.
    I shall address that state of affairs immediately.

  12. I am of the belief that you also need to reward long serving members in leadership choices. What did the coach see in Odegaard who doesn’t even deserve to be in the first 11. Jesus has played only 2 competitive games and he gets ahead of Partey, Gabriel, Saka etc. It seems Arteta is on a drive to frustrate and remove all the players he didn’t buy himself.

    1. The manager decides who captains the side based on what he [in this case] deems beneficial to the team, and based on behind-the-scenes intangibles which we fans are not privy to. It is not an automatic necessity to reward long service unless it is considered as a factor in the managerial thinking. I disagree with your last sentence.

      1. But he needs to make good choices. If we are not behind scenes doesn’t mean we can’t see what’s wrong or right. Are you saying none of the guys who have been at the club before Jesus have leadership qualities. Being loyal to an institution is rewarded by leadership roles as you know a lot about the institution. It might not be an issue today but I don’t think all the players are happy about it. You don’t just get a captains role at Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, AC Milan, Liverpool, Inter etc.

  13. Slight diversion
    Herd Nuno Tavares was on the score sheet again.

    But Arsenal must strike a deal with Marseilles for Pepe now, it could give him a new leash on life and send back up his value

    1. Yes! In a 1-1 draw.

      Also Balogun scored again (pen) in a 4-2 loss. Scoring in a losing team is much harder, so the guy’s doing ok.

  14. KT does not need the pressure as cpt it’s clear to me now we no he is prone to injuries. His actual game time has to be managed. If we can get 20 full games per season out of KT I’m happy with that but no way do we let go to man city

  15. I don’t think we need to burden him with this at present. We all know that when he’s fit he is a terrific player. We also know that he has a terrible injury record – missing many games since joining us. He needs to focus all his attention, along with the medical/fitness departments of course, on improving that if at all possible.

  16. There’s plenty of games to be played this season as someone said before so we’ll need both players and other roles should be strengthened as well,so we are not short of players

  17. We haven’t bought a new left-back but a versatile player who can play back and in the midfield. Zinchenko’s preferably position is in the midfield where he plays for his national team.

    If Tierney can’t stay fit we should sell him. From my point of view we should consider to sell any player if the right offer arrive.

  18. All. Players are now needed seriously If we want to play CL next season.,,, Even Leno should be kept, if we look at the performance of David Degea of Man U against Brentford it was disastrous that he needs a rest/layoff for a month or 4 matches to help him to refocus

  19. I don’t think is a snub from Arteta. Tierney is prone to injury, so that makes him not available for lengthy time.

  20. Serious managers find ways to play their best players in position … less serious managers play white and xhaka at all cost … put in a bid for de jong for god sake .. if Chelsea get him they will be way above us at end of season he might even be able to turn man utd around .. though asking a lot …. meanwhile we want to reinvent xhaka as an attacking AM .. mind boggling idiocy !!!

  21. As Arsenal are on song signing in the EPL this season’s summer campaign, played 2 won 2 and garnered 6 points to place 2nd in the table behind Man City on goals difference who are 1st on the table.
    But as Arsenal are currently looking bright in the campaign and in strong position to take on AFC Bournemouth at away this weekend in the EPL and beat them in a late match.
    To thus increase their points garnering to 9 points at week no3 into the season.
    All right, correct decision and actions should be made and taken by Mikel Arteta to avoid any potential trouble shooting actions taken by him for the team. Which will negatively imparted on the team continue winning performances in the EPL that is reminiscent to impolsion in the team.
    Which if not avoided will consequently tear apart the existing team harmony us Gooners are witnessing reigning among the current Gunners at Arsenal.

  22. I’m not at all concerned about this being a snub. My only concern about quality players wanting to leave is squad rotation. Arteta still needs to show he can find minutes for 20 top players. Last year, albeit with a thin squad, his performance in this respect wasn’t wholly convincing.

    Obviously we are only two games in but if the likes of Tierney, Tomiyasu, Sambi, Nketiah and ESR don’t get a start in any of the first five PL games I’ll start to worry.

      1. Yes but I dont think players like Tomiyasu, Tierney, Viera, Nketiah and ESR will be entirely happy with being Europa starters only. It’s a nice problem to have if Arteta can solve it

  23. Another slow news day I guess.

    He signed a long extension in Jun 2021. If anyone were to come for him now, with 2 weeks left in the window, it’s hard to see a suitable replacement being found in time – assuming the replacement would be subject to the new tests, which are about more than just playing ability, also attitude and character.

    So I don’t see how Arsenal would agree to sell (unless there’s already a deal in the pipeline that the usual rumour mill merchants have missed). And there are no time pressures contract-wise so the club doesn’t need to do anything it doesn’t want to do.

  24. Both Tierney and Zinchenco will get lots of games. We have 38 league games and many FA Cup, League Cup and Europa League games, plus Zinchenko will come in for midfield injuries. If we only had Zinchenko and not Tierney we would be going backwards. It would .be dumb to sell him

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