Could Barcelona backtrack on Auba deal after departure falls through?

Barcelona agreed a deal with Arsenal to sign Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, but with Ousmane Dembele set to stay put that could now be in doubt.

Chelsea were believed to have enquired about a deal to sign the French international, around the time that things appeared to be progressing with Auba, and it appeared as though one could well have a direct affect on the other.

Auba is on £350,000 a week in north London, and it was his wage which was believed to have been the issue earlier on today, but a deal was supposedly made nonetheless.

The club have a limited wage budget to work with at the Camp Nou, which makes me believe that Dembele’s failure to secure an exit could well prove to be a stumbling block for Auba as he looked to complete his move to Spain.

There is nothing official at present to claim that our striker will no longer be joining, but this update below could well affect things.

Can Barca afford this deal without offloading another squad member?


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  1. “Barcelona are eager to get him off the pay roll but at the moment there’s not the urgency in spite of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang coming in at Barcelona.” according to Sky

  2. Aubameyang have signed for Barcelona fc and I pray he rediscover his form and fire Barcelona back into champions league and prove haters wrong. I’m the happiest man on earth for him….

    1. I on the other hand, could not care less whether Aubameyang scores for a different team. I cared when he was scoring or not scoring for Arsenal. It is hardly fair to call haters the people who doesn’t like the fact that ever since he signed the big money contract, he was not the same player. Regardless of what he does from now on, he was almost useless for Arsenal for the past year.

  3. In just over two years as manager, the gunslinger, Mikel “For Free” Arteta, has single-handedly taken out two of the best and most highly paid players of his time – Mesut Ozil and Pierre Aubameyang. I wonder who will be next.

    I think we should worry about the long-established reputation of our club to attract and retain world-class talent in the very near future.

    1. No doubt RF…now we’re going to have to pay well over the number, from a wage perspective, to lure anyone of consequence to the club, which we’ve already been doing for the better part of a decade, even for subpar recruits

      some people just don’t get it, as I’m all about cutting the fat, but only when there’s a proper plan in place when it comes to replacing any outgoing assets, even if only 1 or 2 came in when 4 or 5 went out

      furthermore, who’s to say that we’ll even be able to properly reinvest the monies we’ve saved come the summer, as it’s clear we’re no longer a highly desirable option for those in demand and there’s certainly no guarantee that any big moves will be sanctioned

      no wonder this amateurish club has offered contracts to both the aging Laca and underwhelming Eddie, as it might be slim pickings for us moving forward

      not to mention, what if these largely cost-cutting maneuvers leave us incredibly short for options when it matters most at the end of the season and that ultimately costs us a spot in Europe, thereby negatively impacting our ability to recruit

      for me personally it was either well understood that the monies MA received last summer required him to drastically slash the wage bill come January and the whole Vlahovic gig was another organizational ruse, as we’ve seen the whole “deceive to appease” narrative before, or this was just another short-sighted misstep that was far more concerned about our bottom-line than anything “process” related that might better ensure future success…terribly ill-conceived window, no matter the case

      1. I agree with you wholeheartedly, especially the last paragraph. Now we have a better understanding of the US in-person visit: dangling the carrot of a new contract extension for the beleaguered manager, in exchange for Auba’s neck – on a plate.

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