Could Bellerin rival Tomiyasu for Arsenal role next season? (Opinion)

Hdctor Bellerin had an emotional goodbye at the end of his final Real Betis clash of the season, but does he have an Arsenal future?

The Spaniard left on a season-long loan last summer, and is set to return to north London for pre-season unless a transfer is figure out in the mean time, but it remains to be seen whether he could potentially play in our famous colours once again.

Last summer it seemed obvious that the defender would never play for us again, with both the club and player seemingly set on parting ways, but nearly 12 months on and that area of the team is still not completely filled.

Takehiro Tomiyasu was signed from Bologna last summer, and he made an immediate impact for our side, but after missing much of 2022 we have been forced to rely on Cedric Soares instead. With the Portuguese a player that the club should be considering upgrading ahead of the new season, Bellerin could well be one that we could look to bring back into the fold after an impressive season in La Liga, and our return to European football could mean that there is plenty of minutes to go around for the pair.

Keeping both Tomi and Hector could well bring some decent competition to bring the best out of the duo, something that we should be looking to bring to most positions in the squad, and the season away from the Emirates could have given him the fresh motivation and thinking that he needed to find to get back to finding his best form.

Would you be shocked to see Bellerin back playing in our famous red and white?


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  1. Wouldn’t be surprised if Arteta and Edu decide against buying a new right back in order to preserve funds for forward and midfield targets but I think Bellerin chapter should be over and I would add Cedric too. Would prefer we give a chance to Norton-Cuffy who has received good reviews on loan, and the EUL would be a good platform for him to gain experience with us along with some of our other academy players.

  2. I won’t be surprised if Bellerin returns to challenge Tomiyasu, because he is a homegrown, he has a good relationship with Arteta and Soares is leaving

  3. Would like Bellerin to be sold, but that’s just my opinion. I Think he wants to go pastures new permanently and I think arsenal should let him and get a decent back up for Tomi.

  4. Not a chance he’ll still be under contract with us by August. Take whatever we can get for him and move on. He’s been a good lad for us, release him and let him go where he pleases.

  5. I would like him to challenge Tomiyasu who initially looked better than Bellerin but like all the new signings we had this season they are not actually better. Tomiyasu has struggled in big games and he lacks quality in his attacking game which is important for a fullback. Tomiyasu doesn’t attack and provide crosses in the attacking half. I don’t see him as an upgrade hence I would like him to go toe to toe with Bellerin.

    We have failed to upgrade on a lot of players the past six or so years and wasted money on average players. The club is not moving forward as we are just bulk buying instead of quality buying to improve. We have failed to replace players like Carzola, Koscielny, Walcott, Ramsey, Giroud, Ozil etc. We need to buy better.

    1. Tomiyasu is defensively our best player imo, probably by a distance, and is comfortable on the ball. He’s the kind of right back who’d be more comfortable playing CB than wide midfield, but that’s not a bad thing. I see him as somewhat similar to azpilicueta – very good defender who’s not great going forwards, but not bad either. Overall I’d say tomiyasu has massively improved our side.
      Having an alternative RB who’s better going forwards would be great, but i think bellerin has played here long enough to show he’s not exceptional in that regard – in most games he offers no more than Tomi going forward and overall I don’t think he’s any better than Cedric.

  6. Bellerin was absolutely dreadful before he went out on loan. His only asset was previously his speed and that’s long since disipated.Betis is obviously his level and provided that he’s happy to take a drop in salary he should have his contract with Arsenal torn up and given a free transfer.

    1. His level ?
      Betis finished 5th ,two points off CL and will be in Europa
      Arsenal’s current position

  7. Get what ever is possible for him, terrible defender, only asset was pace, now that’s gone, Molina, Arrons, Atal, these are players needed for us to push on, big mistake will be keeping Bellerin.

  8. Hector’s had a good season on loan (that’s the point of loan isn’t it) so might still be worth a punt and there’s also the returning Maitland-Niles (who’s had a poor loan period) to consider.

  9. There is a lot to like about Bellerin but I’m not sure that turning back the clock is a great idea. He went out on loan because there wasn’t going to be a place for him in the squad, not because he was a youngster who needed to get game time

  10. OT: apparently Saka and his entourage wants a release clause inserted if he is to sign an extension.

    1. Well won’t really blame him. Any sensible player will do that under Arteta the wonder fail.

  11. Why don’t we go for Jed Spence who tore us apart playing for Forest in the FA cup?

  12. Has had better season then some think
    Lifted a trophy which is more then his peers back at Arsenal managed

  13. Shall we remain applying handbrakes whenever we play.I Think now premier league needs speed in order to be, the lad should be again given a second chance.

  14. He’s been playing decent this season so my advice to be stay where he is if they can get a deal done ,best for both parties.
    Maybe we could get Fekir in the deal .

    1. Betis have more than likely observed our transfers and hope to get him for next to nothing. What will we do? Overprice him out of a deal 😄

        1. Definitely Dan although he doesn’t have the disappearing qualities Odegaard posseses Ode is so unique he can completely vanish in big games 😆

            1. How dumb can you two be? Comparing a player who is supposed to be in a bigger club if he is really that good as you claimed and a young player who is yet to peak but with huge guy’s seem not to know what’s good cos the grass always seem greener elswhere,Tragic.

      1. Did you know that before joining Betis,he was offered to us for 20M but someone at the club wouldn’t sanction the deal and it was not Emery.

  15. “Could Bellerin rival Tomiyasu next season”!
    Then cue hysterical laughter at this deliciously absurd fantasy!

    There are those who love fantasy and they will love this crazy article. The mere thought that it might even have a tiny one percent chance of happeing brings on dread and gloom. The unpleasant thought that next season we even may have the appallingly hopeless Bellerin in our squad- we won’t of course but bear with me -cis enough to bring on a fit of the vapours, for some


    How very much I crave that Xhaka could also go, a great number of Gooners will easily understand and identify with.


  16. Anyone know why he missed the last match?

    Personally if Tomi isn’t playing right back then I would move Ben White across and play Saliba. Likewise if Tierney was injured I would move Tomi across, play White at right back then bring in Saliba

    First choice / Second Choice
    Tomiyasu / White
    White / Saliba
    Gabriel / Saliba
    Tierney / Tomiyasu

    Only if there was a 2nd injury across the back 4 would I be bringing in another player. That might change if we sign Hickey and he would be my 5/6th choice defender. Only if we suffered a 3rd injury in our first choice back 4 would I be looking at our 7th choice defender, for me
    that could be Maitland-Niles Bellerin, Ballard or Holding. Tavares has to be converted to a winger or sent on loan. The other defender we should consider is Harry Clarke, for me a better right back than Cedric, Bellerin, maitland-niles, Swanson, osei-tutu, alebiouso and norton-cuffy. Plus he can play centre back left back and across the midfield a true replacement for maitland-niles in the squad

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