Could Danny play once more for Arsenal before the end of the season?

Poor old Danny Welbeck has not got a contract with Arsenal for next season, and he must be absolutely devastated right now after breaking his ankle last week and will be desperate to be back to his normal self before next summer. The club have announced that he has had a second operation which only emphasises the seriousness of the situation.

They reported…..

Further to sustaining an injury last Thursday against Sporting CP, Danny has undergone a second planned operation on his right ankle.

Both procedures went well, without complications. Danny will now recuperate and start his rehabilitation. It’s too early to say how long this will take.

Everyone at the club will now be providing Danny with the best possible treatment and support in order to make him fit again as soon as possible.

They say it’s too early to guess at how long he will be out, but a quick search of Google will tell you that the minimum time before you can start running is three to four months after surgery, and that is just the start of getting your fitness back, assuming that there are no other complications.

So it is possible that Danny could start gentle basic training probably in March if all goes well, and then maybe join the team in training in April with a view to getting his strength and power back.

So I would say yes it is possible he could play again this season, but if he does it will be very close to the end of the campaign. Will he be able to do enough to persuade Arsenal to give him a contract extension? That is another question altogether.

Sam P


  1. Sean says:

    Just give him a year extension, least he deserves to try to get back as he was looking sharp and the club should not just leave him with no contract if this injury doesn’t heal up as quickly as planned. Released by club & injured is pretty bad looking on Arsenal’s part, plus not really fair on the man.

    1. gotanidea says:

      If I’m not mistaken, Cazorla, Diaby and Rosicky were released when they were still injured?

      1. Les Martin says:

        In Diaby’s case he was just about injured for years its not like Arsenal deserted him

    2. ThirdManJW says:


      I am all for compassion, but shouldn’t there be a cut off point? Isn’t time Arsenal learnt from their mistakes? Were we not over generous with the likes of Diaby, Rosicky, Wilshere, Cazorla, etc? For years Arsenal have been dishing out contract extensions to players with chronic injuries, even when they knew that certain players may never even play for us again! And with certain players like Wilshere, and Diaby, we’re not even talking about WC talent!

      I like Welbeck, but he’s now on his third huge injury, he’s been a bench player at best, and I just cannot see any justification for a new contract. He’s not exactly a legend that we should giving special treatment too. As I have said before, we don’t have a rich owner who’s willing to subsidise the club, so surely the management have to start being responsible with the finances.

      1. jon fox says:

        YET MORE WONDERFUL REALISM! I see almost zero likelihood of Welbeck ever being offered a new contract under this REALISTIC regime. Under Wenger in this same situation it would virtually certainly be offered. WENGER WAS NEVER CLOSE TO REALISM IN HIS LAST DECADE.

        1. ken1945 says:

          So pleased you see this regime as being realistic Jon.
          That’s why they offered Iwobi, Bellerin, Xhaka, Holding, Elneny and Ramsey new contracts.
          I was SO PROUD when I read what THE CLUB did for Santi Cazola whilst Arsene was manager.
          The gesture also ensured that the player would always be an ambassador for the club and it’s values.
          I really hope the club, under Emery, continue to follow the traditions that make our club so great.
          Hope you got the message that it was the club who spent the money, sanctioned of course by the owner.
          Now there’s a real bit of realism to ponder over!!!

          1. Good day @Ken1945
            After you reprimanded me for listing Mkhi’s and Ozil’s obscene salaries, I stumbled upon your own figures on Leno’s and Xhaka’s transfer fees in the “16 game unbeaten run is only papering over the cracks” thread. Care to explain why you feel your figures are reliable enough to be used in a debate yet the transfer details were never listed on the official Arsenal website? Pot calling the kettle black? ?

          2. jon fox says:

            QD, Well noticed point. I have noticed that Ken is apt to question others figures at times but his own are not always provable either.

          3. Admin says:

            Come on, he did say they weren’t definitely accurate in the comment. Does everyone get extra annoyed during international breaks or what???

          4. jon fox says:

            I am not everyone. If you want to criticise me , then fine. But I do not, nor do I want to, speak for everyone. So which do you argue with; me or everyone? Your answer was addressed only to me, so I would love to know which you mean.

          5. Admin says:

            It was not you that brought it up but were replying to the OP. I checked Ken’s comment after the original and found him to be mistaken.
            Just saying…..

          6. jon fox says:

            Interesting you should say that about Ken’s post, Mr Admin , as he and I have some real ding dongs on here about the last Wenger years but both hugely respect each other. Indeed I am always rather disappointed when any topic does not include his sage wisdom. Bright guys like him is what keeps me on here actually. So now you can “blame” him. lol

          7. jon fox says:

            Ken With the standard of squad left behind AND the certainty of lack of funds Kroenke will allow going forward, it would be commercial suicide not to offer a number of the fast running down player contracts a new deal. The devil in each one is , as always, in the detail and it it is praiseworthy that the Ramsey contract was sensible withdrawn, ONCE Emery had his feet properly in the door and could properly assess him in daily training. If we had Man Citys owner , I am fairly certain we would have had a virtually whole new squad by next year. This is precisely why I say so often that Kroenkes ownership is our real long term and short term problem. This realistic regime cannot possibly alter this, though clearly they would love to be able and so have to make proper plans within his tight budget. I would once again call THIS POST realism. Your opening sentence heavily implies that YOU do NOT find this new regime realistic. Am I right in thinking this?

    3. Shortboygooner says:

      The man was on his way out anyway. Sorry he should just be let go. This is the main reason why, because he is as injury prone as Jack wheelchair. We should try for zaha as we need some true wingers who can do damage. I also feel we should go for isco as a replacement for Ramsey. Watching city they have creativity oozing through their squad and have players that can pass through any team. Something arsenal once had but no longer do. The only creative player is ozil and arguable xaka if ozil is missing we are missing. Welbeck Ramsey and miki out. Zaha isco Reece Nelson in

    4. J says:

      He’s always on the sick bench mate sorry time to say See yah

  2. l says:

    Quite unlucky for Welbeck. He is one the players whose resumption with the squad at the beginning of the season were delayed as result of their involvement in the world cup. Despite the delay he has contributed a reasonable amount of goals by scoring in all the competitions he has participated in. I was hoping he could gradually establish his presence in the first team. Such a humble player.

    This situation presents an opportunity to another player. Young Nkettia. The lad has to be unleashed for us to see his potentials. I was hoping he would be used at the later end of the match against Wolves. I could imagine the complementing effects of his runs with that of Lacazette in the other 18 yards box. I hope Emery will start him in the remaining 2 fixtures in the Europa group stage.

  3. Innit says:

    Unlikely this season. We should not rush him.
    But he will most probably recover. Most players do

    Give him another contract and sell him next summer if needed. Unless he doesn’t want to stay.
    We need him for cup matches and we don’t have a better LW specialty player
    He is very useful and an England international

    Not to mention I like him personally. That’s not a reason to keep him. I’m just saying that’s all.

    But we need to get top specialty Whingers
    Since Alexis, Walcott and OX left we are lacking in the Wingers department

    1. jon fox says:

      Innit, I guess we all like DW and think him humble. He is a useful player, though not a great one by a long chalk. What you have suggested makes financial sense on the surface but I just don’t see this new PRO-ACTIVE regime – and thank God they are, unlike Wenger – waiting that long before making a decision. Unlike him they are clearly long term planners and also shorter term ones. They clearly can’t award any new contract until he proves his fitness and that is many months away. So I just don’t see it happening. Not against it personally, though I am wavering either way, but don’t see it happening. Do you?

  4. benex says:

    I don’t think giving Wellbeck a new contract is a good idea, an injury prone player who can guarantee six months playing without getting injured, is time for Arsenal to be ruthless in decision making, Welbeck is not a Henry or Denis Bergkamp , he is just an over rated English man
    Not worthy of new contract.
    He just wants to rob Arsenal of contracts, along the way he got injured, That should be his end at the Club

  5. ken1945 says:

    benex, what do you mean by saying that he wants to rob Arsenal of contracts?
    They haven’t offered him one yet!!!
    I assume you believe he got this terrible career threatening injury on purpose and in order to get the offer of a new contract?
    Don’t worry, the club do have insurance policies on the players, so he’s not robbing anyone.

    1. jon fox says:

      Ken, I thought it was just clumsy phrasing rather than being as insensitive as it sounds. I don’t know benex’s age but younger people are generally not as precise in their explanatons as most of us oldies. I saw nothing , other than that “rob Arsenal of contracts” phrase, which does sound hideous I agree, with which to take indignant exception personally. I thought he was putting the clubs future interest before the players, as he sees it, and I cannot argue with that principle at all. My view is that I have leaned towards, prior to the injury, to selling DW rather than giving a new contract. More importantly I think that- his being either let go OR sold if he recovers in time – is what will happen, as this new regime are not ones to let future planning drift. And I am pleased they work this way.

  6. TBLAZE says:

    Welbeck is not that great scorer we wished to see, but he is always determined and hard working than most of our over paid players, he is stronger than Aubamayeng and he suit some matches than the Gabonese e.g Arsenal vs Sporting @emirates, sad he didn’t finish the match. Some of us claim to be technical yet they don’t see some of the contributions of this player. That’s why I still respect Deschamp despite Giroud lack of goals in the national team he still sees him as a bonafide member of his team ahead of others. Not so many teams will accept sergio busquet, because they will say he is low, but without that guy, iniesta n xavi won’t be known. Let’s shun personal hatred for players. Let’s support them even if we got them cheap. Thanks

    1. Fred N says:

      TBLAZE you have spoken my mind fans are hard on Wellbeck yet he is the best 3rd choice striker one can ever ask for,a team player who is versatile enough to be of use through out the many competitions we are in as long as we don’t pay silly contract I am of the opinion his contract be extended by 2 years giving us also position to sell when fully healed and performing the way I know he can.

  7. kristoman says:

    Alexis Sanchez 500000 pounds a week
    mesut ozil 350000 pounds a week
    hazard 200000 pounds a week
    all these money I quoted are not in their respective sites but. an arsenal fan (ken 1985) will tell you ozil figures are wrong because they never quoted on arsenal official site but Alexis is correct because it is quoted where exactly?.

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