Could Danny Welbeck EVER become Arsenal’s first-choice striker?

Arsenal fans hardly ever see Danny Welbeck on the pitch any more, except when Lacazette is injured and Aubameyang is disqualified from playing in the Europa, and when we do see him he has been very disappointing.

But the ex-Man United striker, who has scored 13 goals in 71 EPL games for Arsenal spanning 4 years at the club, seems to think that he is providing competition for our two record signings. “It’s competition and I embrace it. Ever since I was a young kid, I’ve been playing for an academy with scouts all over the world that are looking for top players to come in,” Welbeck said.

“You have competition throughout your whole life and it only makes you better.

“That competitive edge gives you extra motivation.”

“Obviously the injuries have derailed me in the past, but it’s gone now and there’s nothing I can do about it,”

“My mindset’s just focused on looking forward, bettering myself, getting on the pitch, on the training pitch, doing what I can do to improve myself.

“When I get on that pitch, I want to make an impact. That’s all I can say.”

Maybe, Danny, maybe. But to be honest, other than unimportant Cup games, your only hope is to come on as an extra winger when we are chasing a game. If you ever really want to get first-team football you should start looking for another club with less talented strikers to compete with, just like Walcott did….

Darren N


  1. Arsene Out says:


    1. Shortboygooner says:

      He is not good enough
      Walcott was better. In the summer sell him and let eddie neikieta have a chance to be 3rd striker. Let reise nelson step up also. A bit of a risk but I think the youngsters have alot of quality. Get rid of wilshire and bring in decoure from watford. And pressure millan for their keeper or try for oblak.

  2. wenger says:

    No. But when he is performing, the lad has so much class. But he is far too inconsistent

  3. Xi_gunner says:

    Danny Welbeck puts in 200% in every game even though he’s still not found form since the injury.

    Rubbish article… you go find another club and pick on their players and don’t you dare celebrate when Danny comes good… utter RUBISH.

  4. arie82 says:

    For a striker, he prefer choice to pass rather than to shoot, what an odd.
    I still remenber when he still at manutd at young age, hes so arogan and seem never want pass the ball to anyone
    His killer insting as striker seem has loss…

  5. Innit says:

    HaHaHa ROTFL LMFAO ????

    Seriously, yes if Lacazette and Aubameyang both got seriously injured or long ban from playing BUT it could be short lived because in such a case we would sign another striker.

    Now, if you mean could he challenge Lacazette and AUbameyang. Absolutely NOT.

    Welbeck is fast. That’s about really. His finishing is not good. You need decent finishing to be a top striker. Also Welbeck has shown little progress.

    I think he is a better LW than striker to be honest.

    1. Innit says:

      He also works hard.
      He reminds me a bit of Dirk Kuyt
      Kuyt hardly scored but worked his butt off every match. Always running

  6. Ozziegunner@Newcastle upon Hunter says:

    On current and past form NO! If “bettering myself” means practicing shooting at goal, beating the goal keeper and hitting the back of the net, then Welbeck has plenty of work to do. Also as stated above, he needs to improve his vision to pass to a team mate in a better position. He wastes too many chances.

  7. Phil says:

    Wellbeck will NEVER be a top striker.Yeah he runs around and put in the effort but seriously?A top level striker?
    We have two TOP strikers in Auba and Laca and the potential (we are told) in Eddie N.What we need is a World Class wide man and have done for years.
    Get Wellbecks wages off the payroll and sell him to Everton.

  8. Omar Khadine says:

    Welbeck should be used as a “Left Back” . He is ideal in that position for his defensive prowess and capacity to use his pace up and down the left wing giving width and to service Auba and Lacazette in the box.

  9. Rkw says:

    No … Next daft question please

  10. Sue says:

    Bambi on ice as our first choice striker??!! Don’t make me laugh!!
    He does work hard, I’ll give him that. But when he has a chance to score it all goes pear shaped!! Quite frustrating to watch!

  11. Break-on-through says:

    Welbeck is not an Arsenal player, this move never made a lick of sense. We’re supposed to be about speed, ball control and choking, he has two out of three but in this case it is bad. Only reason I see him there is so we have a forward that can defend from the front, that is not a good reason to keep a striker on 100k a week. Sell him and bring in a young south American kid.

    1. stubill says:

      I’m not keen on South Americans, they either can’t get a work permit, so are loaned out, don’t fulfil their potential, and if they do, they want a move to Barca or Real.

  12. jon fox says:

    I’ll ask the writer this, no less absurd, question: Could I become the next regular Arsenal striker?

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