Could Elneny become Arteta’s Jordan Henderson?

Will Elneny become our Jordan Henderson? by ThirdManJW

I have never once imagined this, but could Elneny become a key player for us? For me, he’s just put in a MOTM performance against United, and formed a brilliant partnership with Partey in the game. I was tempted to give it to Partey, who was also excellent, but he did lose it a few times when dribbling… if I am being hyper critical.

Like many Arsenal fans, I was happy to keep Elneny as a squad player, but if he had left, it wouldn’t have bothered me. He’s been out on loan, was a cheap signing, and had never really done much in an Arsenal shirt. I do feel he has been unlucky though during his Arsenal career.

Elneny has always been consistent, no major mistakes, but nothing spectacular either. Which was unfortunate for him, because he joined us towards the end of Wenger’s reign, deep in regression, at a time when we badly needed someone spectacular. He became known as Mr. Sideways, given that was the direction of most of his passes, and then like many Arsenal players at the time, he soon felt the wrath of the fans. Which led to less game time, before a loan move to Besiktas. It was hard to imagine he had a future with us.

I see a lot of similarities with Henderson’s time at Liverpool, and Elneny’s at Arsenal. His signing didn’t seem to impress their fans as well. Like Elneny, Henderson was a consistently hard worker, never their worst player, but never their best either. Also, like Elneny, it looked as if his time was up when he was told to find a new club. But Henderson decided to stay, and fight for his place, and now look at him! He has become a key player, and club captain. You notice when he’s not in their midfield. Many still don’t rate his overall abilities, but in regard to how Liverpool play under Klopp, Henderson is so important. Elneny seems to be on a similar path to success at Arsenal now.

From what I can tell, Elneny suits how Arteta wants to play. Hard working, defensive responsibility, mobility, with attacking intuition when needed. I would argue that he’s been our best player this season so far. His consistent performances are right up there with Gabriel, and Saka, in my opinion. And rightly so, he’s now getting more game time. Arteta isn’t afraid to drop under performers, as he has clearly noticed Elneny’s performances. Xhaka is slightly underperforming, and Ceballos is not doing a lot, and so Elneny is now reaping the rewards. I can’t think of a poor performance from him this season. Given his mobility, and Partey’s, which is key, I hope to see these two starting together regularly.

Elneny is also making a lot more forward passes as well, I imagine something Arteta has worked on, which is making him more of a complete player. If Arteta continues to put his trust in him, I think Elneny will become a key player. Despite improving under Arteta, Xhaka has zero mobility, which one cannot change, and Ceballos is only a loan player, who is very inconsistent. So Elneny has a fantastic opportunity to cement a place in the starting XI. For this season, at the very least.

Is Elneny becoming a key player for us? Could a partnership with Partey be the future?


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  1. I would like to see elnanay and partey combination again. It worked very well yesterday.

    Great game from a player I admit I thought was done.

    Whilst I think he is most definatley an option against bigger teams where we need more defence I would still like to see a more creative CM next to partey against the less difficult teams

    1. Elneny was very creative yesterday alongside Partey. If you watched their movements well, when Partey attacked, elneny dropped back to cover and vice versa, they understood themselves very well and both of them were everywhere on the pitch. They were 2 powerful work houses in that midfield. In 92nd minute, elneny was still pressing hard

      1. That was the highlight of the match for me Kstix. When everyone else was defending deeper and deeper, Elneny harried and pressed Man U further and further up field. His fitness level must be off the charts.

        One swallow a spring doesn’t make nut a few more performances like that and there will be a number of us who owe him a big apology.

          1. Kstix, agree with you and everyone else who is praising Elneny’s performances this season.
            MA must take enormous credit for this and playing alongside Partey must also be a dream come true.
            The negativity around Elneny began under UE in my opinion, as did the way he played then. There was so much indecision about our play and let’s also not forget that Gabriel and his defence has to have such an influence on the midfield’s confidence.

            TMJW, a really good article that I enjoyed, especially for its positivity.

            1. Spot on Ken, I must admit prior to pre season when he came back from his loan spell, I didn’t give a rat’s ass about whether we sold him or not but since pre season, I’ve been impressed by him.

      2. 👍…that closing down he di from back to put Lendlof under pressure to cause a mistake was awsom. I highlighted that in one of my early comments after the match as well. For me it was as good as scoring a goal. You are spot on with the combo play we saw yesterday by both Midfielders.

    2. Have to agree we need a creative mid fielder to thread passes through when teams come to Arsenal and play 10 behind the ball. I also have to say that Elnanay looks rejuvenated since his return, a var, var better player and a good addition.

    3. I think it is like having a new player he has come back to Arsenal a completely different player to when he left Well done ELENY keep up the good work

  2. Elneny Along with Partey and Gabriel was on top form yesterday.
    I’ve noticed Elneny is used in the triangles that Arteta uses playing out from the back and it was quite effective yesterday allowing the team to bypass who ever was marking him .
    Personally I don’t think in the long run he is good enough and would love to see a santi type player playing along side Partey but that is not taking anything away form him as he never lets us down and as been on top form the last few games he’s played .
    I don’t think he gets the recognition he deserves because Firstly he only cost 2 mill(or somewhere around that and secondly he was an Arsene signing which some fans can’t stand giving him credit for when it’s due.
    Seeing we was told he would never where an Arsenal shirt again from some self proclaimed worldly experts he’s not doing to bad .

    1. Arteta has got his first eleven the way they performed yesterday the team picks itself Elneny looks like a new player. Well done Arteta WELL done Arsenal

    2. Enough of this santi obsession please. Yes he was a fine player and one of our bests and a beast, there’s less and less technicality in the game of football these days. Yes man City had a David silva also in the same mould but Liverpool won the league by 18 points without any santi type of player in the midfield, they all understood the basics of their games and executed their game plans to near perfection. Arsenal was pretty close to that perfection yesterday bar a few improvements needed from our front 3. We already now have a balanced midfield with Partey and elneny imo.

        1. Personally I do not mind him as well but with what we have now, we can do exploits. We just need our front 3 to start ticking again and for lady luck of injuries to be on our side. We can’t afford to lose the few good players we have to injury. Could be the difference between finishing top 4 or not.

      1. The mistake against Leicester was a change of formation, tactics and strategy…
        For now, this is what Arsenal is used to: 3-4-3.

    3. I agree Dan, we do need a Santi in there and I am hoping Saka along with a new creative player on right instead of Bellerin should do the trick. I do not agree with Kstix on Liverpool example. Liverpool play a complete different style to us, they have very strong and technically gifted front three like Barcelona had with Messi Neymar and Suarez. As I see attacking teams dominate either with strong technically gifted front three or either with a strong technically gifted midfield with Madrid (Modric, kross n casemro) and Barcelona of (Xavi,inesta and Buesqets) as an example. I can do so many other examples which include our previous teams at Arsenal as well.

  3. The players were brave yesterday. They played like Warriors.Our players must believe they are capable of beating any team.

    We played more direct and by doing so chances will definitely be created.there were few back passes and sideways passes.Eleny was superb yesterday he was everywhere.

    I love how Holding bullied Rasford.

    If we continue with this we will Partey every week.

    1. Aaah yes that great how holding bullied Rushford. We both know Rushford is quality and can outpace holding. But from the start holding made sure in his tackles he left something on rashford and threw him off his game. Reminded me of the good old arsenal days with more hard men

  4. Elneny was excellent yesterday. It was not only his defensive duties which he performed admirably but I was impressed by his forward passing and composure on the ball, again I believe a Arteta effect. MA should be given full credit along with Elneny for having improved him, he is as good as a new signing. Hope MA gives him a well deserved rest on Thursday to be fit and roaring for the Villa game on Sunday. He had a magnificent burst of energy in the 92nd minute which is such a sight to see and shows his commitment and energy. Along with Gabriel and Partey he was the shining light and one must also not forget the role of Holding, he along with Gabriel was a commanding presence in the Arsenal defence.

  5. There is something that has gone unnoticed. Elneny’s partnership with Bellerin and Pepe. Take a look at the goals that Arsenal scored against Sheffield (Saka) and Rapid Viena (Auba). They are almost carbon copies. In each case Pepe runs with the ball, passes it to Eleneny while Bellerin runs behind the defensive with Elneny releasing a perfectly timed and weighted pass. Bellerin then lays it on for a simple finish.

  6. Elneny doesn’t have Henderson’s physical presence or fouling technic, but you put your finger on it with ‘mobility’ as he just keeps going for the whole match in the way that Ramsey does. His passing has improved along with positioning & movement off the ball. One area of criticism (if I’m allowed) is his shooting from distance which is poor, although he did score a great goal pre season so I have my hopes that he may yet become the complete midfielder and a Petit to Partey’s Vieira.

  7. Excuse me don’t be insulting. Elneny can defend, pass, play, dribble, control a ball, technically very good, intelligent all the things Henderson isn’t

    1. Xhaka isn’t lazy at all, but he’s slow and unable to turn quickly enough to make recoveries without fouling the player who just swept passed him.
      And yes, I’d prefer Elneny on his current form.

  8. Elneny is simply the cog of that team, he is the only midfielder who can decongest a high press and actually effectively press, a carzola player can, play but, can he actually decongest a high press with his stamina? key factor you aren’t considering is work rate, ground covered, he’s the only unique midfielder who can actually play with any combination of midfielders and any formation, when he’s there the ball moves foward from his give and goes, e.g against liverpool epl game, he did well with xhaka but xhaka is immobile, therefore was replaced with ceballos, he is the balance that made ceballos move forward and create chances for lacazette in that game, he allowed partey to move forward wuth the ball in the wien game, same to ceballos in the sheffield one, something both xhaka and ceballos couldn’t do in the leicester game, that’s the DIFFERENCE he has the necessary technique and game play for current football that actually is effective in all formations and tactics, notice ALL gamea this season he hasn’t started we’ve actually struggled, FACT his partnership with partey, that is if MA will allow will be one of the strongest in the league, he actually covers more groun d than Kante, we arsenal fans never really annalise that midfield, and role executed, because clearly he’s the COG of that team

    1. Thanks for noticing the Liverpool game. When Ceballos came on and Xhaka went off we became so much more toothfull.

  9. Elneny and Partey is almost similar to Gilberto and Viera.

    Xhaka can never run and mark like how Elneny did to Shaw at the 91st minute.

    Arteta should stick to that central midfield base, please! 🙏

  10. I don’t know why Elneny’s performance doesn’t surprise me.. Maybe coa i’ve always rated him after his stunner for us against barca in the Ucl.. He just always needed to be used the right way and in the right system and shown belief from his coach.
    He always seemed to be a scape goat in the Wenger era cos he wasn’t so spectacular. But the guy never gave anything short of 100%.
    He and Partey bossed the midfield against Rapid Vienna, but I always wanted to see them together again, and Arteta went back to Xhaka against Leicester.
    Thank Goodness he played yesterday in place of Xhaka.
    I laughed when he was on some fans’ outgoing list during the transfer window, cos I knew Arteta needed him. And he’s starting to repay that trust and belief the coach has in him.
    People like Elneny are very important in a midfield setup cos he keeps things ticking, he doesn’t overdo things, and releases the ball on time unlike Xhaka who thinks slowly when on the pitch.

    Elneny still has a lot of good to offer.
    More shall it continue.
    COYG.. Bring on Villa

  11. What I’m more excited about is that Arteta recognised that with how kept singing elneny’s praise after the game and I hope he doesn’t change that midfield pair of Partey and Elneny moving forward. Little wonder the first epl match xhaka drops to the bench, our midfield becomes more fluid and back passes reduce drastically. Those two bossed the midfield at Old Trafford so much that Arsenal felt like the home team. So there you go senor Arteta, you’ve fixed both our defence and midfield, what’s left is for our front 3 to start finding their scoring boots once again. And yes I prefer the front 3 of Auba, Laca and Willian. Pepe can keep using the cup games to build his confidence. Let’s see how folarin balogun does as a sub for Laca in one of these games or let’s see him start a cup match instead of nketiah, from his exploits with the youth team, he might be an untapped gem on our hands. Also I hope when martinelli returns, Arteta gives him a chance in the first team. One thing I must give to Arteta though is how ruthless he is, he’s not afraid to drop anyone. Was skeptical about mustafi starting that game as well but I’m sure Arteta recognised mustafi’s error in the last game and was as glad as I am when holding became available again.

    I never thought I’d see an epl match with xhaka on the bench but voila the miracle has happened at last and we’re reaping the rewards. More of this please Senor Arteta.

  12. Mo was excellent, He was at his best , very much composed but the problem is MA keeps changing. so it is somewhat impossible to be consistent, if at all is given first priority with Partey, Arsenal Will be partying in every much.

  13. Elneny has been brilliant for us this season so far. I will always appreciate & acknowledge improvement, and that is what Elneny has achieved. He rarely loses the ball, he doesn’t complicate passes, very mobile, no rush tackles therefore avoids putting his game under pressure of being booked. He allows his fellow midfielders to express themselves. He’s the perfect partner for Partey. I will always pick consistency & hardwork over price tag alone. Keep up Elneny, you deserve the recognition & praise.

  14. Since his return to the club after Besiktas loan spell, Elneny has looked a different player ,from the first match he played. Subsequently, his skills and work rate has improved, which is the result of good performances .Hope that he consistently maintains the quality he produced against Manchester United throughout the season. Elneny partnership with Partey in the midfield is formidable and must continue. Buying Szoboszlai and Aouar in the January transfer window would complete the midfield and strengthen Arsenal to challenge for premier league title.

  15. Well TMJW, as one of Elnenys regular critics thus far, mainly for his crab sideways and backwards passing, I DO acknowledge that two assets he dores have are mobility and workrate. I very much agree about XHAKA’s total lack of mobility and pace, both of which are major handicaps, which make it impossible for him to ever be in a title challenging team as a regular.

    Speaking as someone who has always said that when facts change , a wise person will change their opinion( how many times have I told the “living in the past” Ozil fan club of this!!), I DO see that Elneny is now playing way better than I could ever envisage.

    As such, I am prepared to now encourage him and support him as a regular in our team , BECAUSE, he is playing far, far better than ever before.

    As to the Henderson comparison, I don’t really buy that, mostly because Henderson was ALWAYS a decent player though he has become far more effective under Klopp.

    But that is irrelevant to Elnenys situation and the lack of the static Xhaka meant that our flowing and pacy passing at Anfield was by far out best midfield performance this season. Any one could easily see that!!

    Elneny was a key part of that and as a realist I will be frank that he now deserves his place in the team But Xhaka? NO WAY!

    1. As such, I am prepared to now encourage him and support him as a regular in our team , BECAUSE, he is playing far, far better than ever before

      You should support any player that dons the shirt, regardless of each persons personal feelings towards a player

      1. VAL, either you have completely misunderstood my comment or perhaps you have chosen to misrepresent my comment . I will leave you and others to decide which it is. But what I said about supporting him because he is playing better, DOES NOT MEAN, that I have any personal bad feelings towards him. I do not know him except as a player and I have no dislike for any players, save OZIL alone, whom consider a cheat and that is the only reason I dislike him.

        Surprising as it may seem to you, I actually support our club and always ABOVE the needs of any player. That is what all true and staunch suporters do and that includes automatically supporting each player WHILE they are wearing the shirt in games AND trying their level best of whatever their personal ability is.

        I also recognise that players, as with all mankind, have very diverse and differing characters and personalities and AS I DO NOT KNOW THEM PERSONALLY, I can only judge them as players.

        Perhaps you know them as people and can thus judge them as such, though that seems very unlikely.
        The sole exception is OZIL, who has chosen not to try his best for several seasons now and that is why I deem him a cheat.

        I also realise from your previous regularly critical posts, that you are out to attack me at every opportunity and can assure you that, I WILL RESPOND IN KIND IF YOU DO SO AGAIN. UP TO YOU WHETHER YOU WISH TO WAGE VERBAL WAR WITH ME OR NOT! I do not advise it!

        1. Jon you are a joke!

          you are critical, abusive and ridicule anyone who dares defy the mighty old Jon Fox!

          I am not out to be critical of you, there is no need for me to slump to your levels.

          You dislike Ozil for being a cheat, how is he a cheat? like you said, you do not know these people and yet you judge them like you do know them.

          You say you will now support him because he’s playing better, so what you say is if he doesnt do it for you you wont support him or any other player who dons the Red and White of Arsenal.

          Anyone who dons the shirt, regardless of how they play should always be given support by every fan 100% of the time.

          Yes we can all moan about them if they drop performance levels or have a poor game from time to time, which is right, we all have a right to vent, but they all deserve our support.

          Surprising as it may seem to you, I actually support our club and always ABOVE the needs of any player. That is what all true and staunch suporters do and that includes automatically supporting each player WHILE they are wearing the shirt in games AND trying their level best of whatever their personal ability is.

          ^ but only when it suits you right – that means Ozil, Mustafi and whoever else

          1. Val, Your first two sentences are just abusive lies ! And you have the gall to say I am critical. When I criticise, I follow with my own opinions and explain why I disagree but I notice your criticisms are just destructive and childish. If you have something of actual substance to accuse me of doing, then say it and we can discuss it.

            But I do not debate with “juveniles”, even older ones as you are, so either grow up quick and debate as mature fans or just go away!

            DESPITE MY FIRST POST, WHICH YOU CLEARLY HAVE NOT TAKEN ON BOARD, you still persist in totally ignoring the explicit reason I made about WHY I consider Ozil a cheat. LAZINESS ACROSS SEVERAL SEASONS! You have the gift of reading so please, USE IT!

            Why not do your homework before taking my comments to task? Actually reading and digesting my precise and carefully chosen words would at least be a start!

            1. Sounds to me like you’re the juvenile and cant take other peoples opinions over your own.

              Last night you ripped into a guy on another post, who was just expressing his joy at the win over UTD.

              there was no malice in what he said, he said it in good humour, which you clearly have none.

              You say my words are lies, but then have you read your last post? you insult my maturity, call me a liar, call me destructive. truth hurts it seems lmao!

              I am sure there are ALOT of people on here that have been insulted by you on a constant basis, you say you have intellect but your actions say otherwise.

              I wont be going anywhere you silly old fool!

                1. Careful Dan and Val you will soon be under the labels of “unfortunate animals of lower intellect” or “dullards” amongst other things.

                  The simple fact that when any player pulls on our famous red and white shirt, every real Gooner should support that player, a basic fact surely?

                  1. Ken my friend, of that I have no doubt and i couldnt really give a monkeys what he now says about me.

                    If it does end up like that then I am 100% right in what I have been saying about him. There is no need to insult people in the manner he does, anyone of ”superior intellect” doesnt need to tell people on everything they write

                  2. Not a comment calculated to aid our friendship, I suggest KEN. As we discussed on the phone , you know exactly why I call some people out and will continue to do, when they need it. If you have something to say directly to me, I ASK YOU TO SAY IT DIRECTLY TO MY POSTS , rather than going behind my back when joining the “mob” comprising Val and dan kit, who always wish me harm. I certainly never had you down as a coward!

                  1. Val, I notice that you chose to duck my question” why not do your homework etc..?” You chose to ignore the answer I gave, (“LAZINESS,across several seasons”) and carried on as if I HAD NOT GIVEN IT. IT WAS THERE BUT I cannot help it if you choose to ignore it!

                  2. Jon, for starters there is NO POINT IN DEBATING OZIL WITH YOU!
                    I didn’t duck anything, I didnt ignore the silly answer you gave either.

                    You have made it quite clear how much you hate him and to that your view on him will not change so why would i waste my time on you!

                1. Wish you harm !
                  No I’m pointing out that you have no people skills ,you belittle every one on here if they don’t agree with you and now you act the victim 🤔
                  I fall out with a few fans on here because of differences regarding football matters but you take it to a whole different level .
                  Like I said MANNERS MAKETH MAN ,learn some and I would respect you more .

  16. I’ve always said Elneny was a very good player, he isn’t spectacular in any way shape or form, he just gets on with what hes good at and what the team needs him to do.

    He has always been this good, the trouble is that the team around him hasn’t been.
    There has been no structure in which he could thrive nor the the players to support him.

    I remember G. Silva in his prime and at the time he was the most underrated player we had, Henry, Vieira, Campbell and Bergkamp always stole the show and got the plaudits.

    MA knows how to use Elneny and to me this is the biggest improvement needed at the club along with adding structure that is slowly showing great prospect in playing players to their strengths.

    Bellerin has improved so much aswel, he looks like he did 3-4 years ago before the injury so hats off to him aswel

  17. After his performance at old Trafford I would say yes, for sure he has become important player for us. I just loved the combination of him and Partey against Man United. One thing I have noticed in this match and I was critical of him was his passing ability specially going forward but he has learnt quickly. Like defence and attcak some teams thrive on partnership n balance. I think we have found that balance in midfield with him and party. They might not be world beater on their own but put them together n you have one of the best combo. With Saka coming of age n will get better with time, we just need Aouar type player to play on right side of this 4 man midfield of a kind. This will be the best setup for me creativity, strength and defence all there. Bellerin I don’t rate still, he is not good at defendung better at attacking but then you need a ball playing midfielder like Saka is. I would have liked Cebollos to play that role but issue of playing Cebollos is that then we have three Midfield players who don’t make runs into box like Bellerin does which provides another dimension. If it was upto me I would love to repliacate Saka in lab n put another Saka on right. He is comfortable on the ball, can play those one two to keep move going and he does make those runs as well.

    1. DS from Red Bull Salzburg is that
      final piece of rhe Arsenal midfield
      going forward. The young Austrian
      ticks all the boxes as a player, loves
      the Prenier League and more than
      likely will be available for a reasonable
      fee in January(especially if AFC
      are available to sell of Kola/Socratis/
      Mustafi and possibly Chambers)
      Personslly I prefer the RBS star over


      Partey…El Neny

      Saka/Laca/Auba interchanging with
      DS pulling the offensive strings.



  18. Wow, Elneny played like a midfield general yesterday. I wish he could work on his forward passes.

    1. Elneny’s forward passes are a much improved area of his game. In recent matches he’s made at least three key passes which have contributed to goals or goal scoring chances. He could though improve his shooting.

  19. When are we selling Mustafi on sale?. I get worried when he takes to the field. Arteta must play Saliba instead of Mustafi.

  20. I wont go overboard just yet, i think Elnenny is generally not good enough but if he performs like he did yesterday on a regular basis, then the guy can be Parteys partner for me. The way they played together yesterday is something we haven’t seen for many a year. If Elnennys performance was not a one off and he keeps that level happy days and good bye to xhaka at last.

    1. Im not piling on Xhaka but his role
      should be strictly Cup/Europa
      appearances goung forward if
      Partey/El Neny continue to be fit
      and in form. If that doesn’t
      resonate with the Swiss
      international than a return to
      Germany with Mustafi and possibly
      Kola might be on the cards in Jan.

      If binning all three results in AFC
      acquiring either Aouar or DS in
      the winter window Im sure most
      Gunners worldwide wouldnt lose
      2 much sleep.

    2. Reggie I agree wholeheartedly and if we can say”Adios and farewell” to Xhaka the statue, then so much the healthier for our team and club.

      I realise YOU know this very well, but it is surprising how many fans seem not to notice nor even care that statuesque players like XHAKA AND MERTESACKER(from our recent past) are always massive handicaps in the fast moving, mobile Prem. PACE AND MOBILITY ARE VITAL!

      1. The 3-4-3 system dictates a need for two central midfielders with high energy to cover the ground ,awareness , and good defensive capability..Partey and Elneny showed these skills in abundance yesterday and were instrumental in our win.To those who advocate the need for a creative midfielder, the likes of Aouar and the highly talented Hungarian, Szoboszlai, would have to be accommodated as one of the front three or in the hole behind two strikers.To my knowledge there is not a top team in Europe who plays with two central strikers and I would not encourage Arteta to contemplate doing so.In essence, if we continue with the 3-4-3 system which is working with the players at our disposal, any creative midfielder would be used as a wide front player, roles which suit both Aouar and Szoboszlai who I personally favour of the two.

  21. id like to see the combination again. But not going to jump to any conclusions about the quality of the players. And that goes for Gabriel too. We’ve got to see consistency throughout an entire season because that is what Arsenal have lacked in their players for some time now. We need good starts, midseason performances, and finishes. Hope the players and managers are prepared to make this happen. At the moment tho, it feels very good to get a win at OT finally, and humiliate United! Well done to the players!

  22. To be honest i will pick xhaka over elneny….both of them do have their pros and cons but i think xhaka will offer more to the team than elneny.
    Just my opinion

    Elneny put in a superb performance yesterday,has incredible stamina and positioning…and if MA is happy to play him regularly i will definitely back him

    And i definitely think we need a creative midfielder or we coukd be in trouble as season progresses.So ceballos,pepe or even ESR we need someone to create.
    And finally,
    The structure really helps each and every player,so its all because of increfible coaching.

    1. Xhaka offer more in what sense? I defend Xhaka a lot but Partey ranges of passes and industry combined with Elneny mobility and engine make Xhaka dispensable in that team

  23. Many here had actually underrated Elneny from the outset. He is not that fancy type of midfielder,but he is got great energy,mobility,and some vision in him. He has shown a number of times that he can actually give breathtaking through balls,but it has always been overlooked simply because of the popular believe that he is a crap player.

    Types of mid fielders,Arsenal’s set up,and abysmal defence within these few years of Arsenal utter decline has been the reason his qualities has gone unnoticed. Thank God that Partey has come to fix that long gap in the middle of the pack ( not all,but at least 80% of it) and everybody can now see Enleney is a better option to Xhaka whose major undoing is his pace and though pattern.

    Thumps up to you Jon fox for owning up to your past criticisms of Enlney . It take’s discipline to do that. I have actually been expecting that from you.

  24. I have to admit that I shocked with Elneny, since he came back I had my doubts! And every time he played he did well or he is getting better, but now with Partey beside him I feel like he is more comfortable to create some plays from back and defend.

    I’m so happy for him, he is a hard worker and the kind of fighter we need with Partey and Gabriel to take this team to the higher places.

    MA should give him more chances.

    Correct me, did we lose when Elneny plays this season? Coz I think we didn’t

  25. Watching Elneny on the tv makes me so wish I was there. That’s the kind of performance I want to get behind and scream my lungs out in support of as he busts a gut for the Arsenal.
    Thank you Elneny!

      1. Cant wait to be back at Old Trafford, Anfield, and assorted ex athletic stadiums. We can beat anyone if our team commits like Elneny did in the 92nd minute!
        Still buzzing.

  26. Great performance on sunday… Please no Xhaka… He slows our game too much n isn’t mobile. Elneny looked sharp as he has from pre season. Partey is a gem!!! Woow!!

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