Could Fabio Vieira be Arsenal’s new Santi Cazorla?

What a playmaker Santi Cazorla was in his fine Arsenal days. His ambidextrous dribbling and impressive shooting ability made him a danger to opposing defenders. It’s about seven years since Santi Cazorla last played for the Gunners, and even so, some who watched the Spaniard play were left amazed. It was disappointing that for the last two years of his period at Arsenal, he didn’t play because of his never-ending injury problems.

Since then, Gooners have been waiting to see if Fabio Vieira could be growing into the Cazorla role. Why say so? Vieira is emerging as a vital playmaker for the Gunners; he’s been influencing Arsenal’s attack like Cazorla could. In Arsenal’s last two games, the Portuguese contributed three goals.

For weeks, many have urged Arteta to give the Portuguese a shot in Arsenal’s starting lineup, and who knows, he could be a constant creator of chances in Arteta’s team. With Havertz not adding much to Arsenal’s attacking play and Vieira being promoted into the starting 11, Martin Odegaard will be relieved of most creative responsibility.

Cazorla used to, at times, drop to play in a central midfield role alongside a defensive midfielder to help balance the midfield. At times, Vieira might imitate that drop and play alongside Rice.

For Vieira to fully thrive in the Premier League, he’ll need to show that he can handle the physical rigours of the league. While there have been worries about his midfield strength, his performance against Oxford United in the FA Cup in January, when the Gunners won 3-0, demonstrated that he could withstand tackles.

Vieira’s ball control and adaptability, reminiscent of Cazorla, make him a strong possibility for a bright future in Arteta’s midfield. Nonetheless, at 23, he still has room for improvement.

Although Emile Smith Rowe is also a viable candidate for a midfield role, Vieira’s recent performances create a persuasive case for him to earn the spot alongside Declan Rice and Martin Odegaard.

Could Arsenal have another Cazorla in the making?

Sam P

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  1. He is not anything close to SCazorla but I agree he has big potentials. Cazorla is adepth at both legs (ambidextrous) and highly technical. He has a good center of gravity level compared to Viera who is very light weight. Player like SCazorla are not many in their prime. But all said Viera has a big potential and future ahead of him if we’ll hanessed. The guy also need to hit the gym for his own good in Epl

  2. If I remember rightly we signed Santi Cazorla when he was 28 years old. Viera has a lot of potential but hasn’t really started matches…..just a couple of good cameo appearances…… and he hasn’t physically grown out enough yet to give him Santi’s very good balance and centre of gravity. I think he has a bit of a way to go to have Santi’s dribbling skills although he does have a great shot and good long passing. I hope he can become in Santi’s league, but I doubt he’ll ever have Santi’s level of close skills which were unique.

  3. No – Cazorla was far better at ball retention and his close control was on a different level. He was brilliant at keeping the ball in tight spaces, and his passing was excellent with both feet.
    Vieira deserves a chance from the start, but don’t be surprised if he disappoints – he’s been brilliant as an impact sub coming on at the end when teams are chasing a goal and the game has opened up but controlling the game requires a different mindset. I’ve always said I thought vieira’s biggest strength will be his final ball, he *may* even be better than Santi was in that particular area, but we may find he struggles to impose himself on games from the start and he may not be so great at controlling games from deeper positions, when he’d need to show toughness and his decision making needs to be spot on every time.

  4. I think most people had written him off last season for lacking physical strength, and now he’s doing really well, so who knows?

    1. It’s an opinion Dan, nothing to do with arrogance.
      My opinion is that Viera is nowhere near Cazorla…. mind you, there weren’t / aren’t many who could be!!

      1. It’s arrogance to keep acting like what we have is better then it is
        He hasn’t started a game this season but now is being compared to Cazorla

  5. Santi was adept at recycling the ball, turning defence into attack at the drop of a hat. Viera, so far has shown he’s decent going forward and has an eye for the pass. But he’s nowhere near Santi…Jus sayin

  6. Credit be given where it deserves…we are not saying that he is now having all the carzola style of play. But we are saying that he is developing to a carzola-like player.

  7. I would not start Vieira as he still looks a bit light weight, just keep giving him the sub appearances and use him against tiring defences to build up his confidence and experience.

  8. I must have missed something
    When were Arsenal fans urging Arteta to start Vieira?
    I’m delighted that he is beginning to adapt but a comparison to Santi?

  9. One pdd outlier and his opinion in his article and, on the other hand , more or less the whole Gooner fanbase who think he is plainly unwell, in his “thinking”.

  10. No dice, they are sign Veiria is coming to life but comparing him to Santi Carzola is pushing the envelope.

    Maybe the writer didn’t quite remember the little midfielder, not many players can carries water for the Spaniard.

  11. SamP being as prolific as ever. Who knows he might have us cynics eating our words, but I don’t see why he deserves favoritism ahead of ESR. Oh yeh, that’s right someone saw something in him and forked out a lot of money.

  12. I would be happy if he would just be Fabio Viera, but a more mature and prolific version of him. He is young so I have no doubt he will do great.

    Having Viera, Trossard, ESR, when we already have Odegaard, Jesus, Saka and Martinelli is one of the strength we have as a squad currently. So many nuances to tap into for the manager every game.

  13. So a couple of weeks ago most on her were calling for him to be loaned out or even sold, now he’s being compared to Cazorla! A couple of decent cameos means nothing (though I do believe there is potential there) but Sam P what on earth were you thinking when wrote that?

  14. I don’t know who those fans are but I’m not one of them.Santi was on a different levels, altogether.also,comparing both players after Vieira ‘s 2 performances as a sub, shows a complete disrespect for the player Santi was.😡

  15. Won’t even read the article because of the insane title..
    And no, I don’t think there is a player around close to Cazorla’s ability in the PL, let alone Arsenal.

  16. F Vieira has an eye for a pass and may also have a decent shot in him but I don’t think he can play CM and I’m still unsure of Rowe and Trossard’s capability in playing a CM role. Because of Odegaard, I think we need some physical presence in the other CM role and ball-winning capabilities. I think in a midfield three there would be certain weaknesses if fielding two out-and-out playmakers/goalscorers

  17. Santi Cazorla. Very technical. Good close control. Always smiling. Set piece specialist. Good dribbling skills. Quality player.

    Viera is quality as well. He needs time. I think he has the potential. Arteta has faith in him.

    Arteta should rotate his squad more this season. Saka should be rested more to avoid a long term injury.

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