‘Could have cost us more’ – Arteta downbeat about defender’s display

Mikel Arteta has nonchalantly played off Nuno Tavares disappointing display for Arsenal against Liverpool, insisting that mistakes happen.

The Gunners were 4-0 losers at the weekend, giving up our chance to move into the top four of the Premier League table, and a number of players’ performances have come under the spotlight.

While Aaron Ramsdale is one of very few who has come out of the game in a good light, youngster Tavares was not so fortunate, although in hindsight his selection could possibly have been questioned, but the manager hasn’t slayed the youngster despite admitting he was not at his best.

“Mistakes are part of football for kids and grownups! You don’t want to make mistakes, you play a different sport, Arteta stated.

“Unfortunately he cost us a goal and he could have cost us more. But we move on.”

Tavares kept his place in the team after a number of impressive displays prior to the international break, and in hindsight the decision may not have proved to be correct. Things are always easy in hindsight though. With Tierney in the side there is no guarantee that anything would have happened differently, but dropping Nuno after he had showed impressive form may have sent the wrong message to some of the other players.

Aaron Ramsdale took his chance when it came, and rightly kept his place in the team, and the squad should believe that they will have a chance to impress, and if they do just that, they should be rewarded s such.

Tavares will likely drop to the bench for the next match, but he shouldn’t be downbeat about his recent efforts, and will hopefully learn from the experience of playing the match.


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  1. Can’t really see what more (or less) MA could have said to be honest – it was all true.

    We ALL need to move on now and focus on the Newcastle game…. the rumours up there, are that The Arsenal are in negotiations to take Willock back!!!!!
    If you don’t believe me, Google it 😂😂😂😂

  2. That wouldn’t surprise me ken1945, I don’t think Arteta wanted to sell him but I reckon both Joe and Newcastle got a bit carried away with his on loan goal scoring, which was to be fair sensational, as long as we make a small profit on his return I’d be OK with that myself, I’d also try to get Calum Wilson as part of the deal!, send a couple of our surplus players in exchange

    Meanwhile, all things being equal fitness wise I wouldn’t drop anybody from Saturday, see how they all go against Newcastle and take it from there

  3. what a sewer job by a novice manager towards a young player with considerable promise, who clearly had a brain fart of a match…you know who cost us the most goals, our manager-in-training and his amateur hour tactics

  4. This is typical of Arteta, if you knew he was a problem why didn’t you sub him for Tierney, and Odegaard should have played instead of ESR. His bust up with the big mouth bully Klopp was pathetic, you fired up the Anfield crowd, just when we were conatining him. He doesn’t learn and he never will.Lucky against Palace and Brighton. Watford coupd have gone either way, not convinced by him, and no plan b

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