Could Jack Wilshere AND Santi Cazorla be ‘like a new signing’ this season?

Wilshere -JustArsenal-TrainingArsene Wenger has been busy in the transfer market trying to make Arsenal back into a title-chasing side, but we could have two possible big boosts to the Arsenal squad as we go into the new season. Our little English terrier Jack Wilshere seems to have recovered very quickly from his hairline fracture sustained at the end of last season, and has rejoined the squad in training ahead of the Emirates Cup.

There are not many fans that have faith in Jack returning to his old self and making inroads into our very talented midfield any more, but with the Englishman’s tenacity and fighting spirit you never know if he could force himself back into the reckoning, and there is no doubt he has always been one of Wenger’s favourites. As you can see from the pic he is back to looking fit and strong once again. Could he be the surprise of Arsenal’s coming campaign?

Santi Cazorla has also been missing for the last couple of seasons, and we had a scare story not long ago that said our little Spanish magician would miss at least 90% of this year, but the 32 year-old seems determined to get himself back to full fitness and is desperate to play for Arsenal again. He keeps putting up pics of himself diligently working out in the gym with positive messages about his progress. This is his latest offering on Instagram….


The latest forecasts are that the Spaniard will be back in full training by October, and his return could be a massive boost, especially as he can build up his match fitness in the Europa League games. He could definitely be another ‘like a new signing’ in Arsene Wenger’s eyes, and hopefully he can help us to lots of trophies before the end of the season….



  1. Arturo says:

    We have to let go one, and that one Im afraid is wilshere

    1. Break-on-through says:

      Wilshere even if fit has not panned out. He’s good at shielding the ball and intricate little one two three’s. But people who say he can play as no10, don’t know what they’ve been watching. He’s scrappy, but not powerful. He was a small dude in a team that needed beefing up. Even now we are teetering on a small or tall log, Arsene has tried targeting players with this in mind but with Lacazette, then Lemar and Seri rumours, you’d have to ask was he thinking about it or was it a coincidence that Xhaka Kolasinac Holding are taller and meaner.

    2. Atid says:

      But we could make that decision in January, both are in their last year, wilshire is fit now Santi is not. So why not delist Santi from EPL and Europa league, he is unlikely to play much before the January window and could get games in the carabao cup, EFL trophy (if we are entering) and u23 league. Then in January make a new decision on who does what. They might both be injured by then or both could be ready and someone else could leave? However, if someone was to bid large for either or both I think it should be considered.

  2. Zimbo says:

    Why can’t we get new signings not like new signings?

    1. Zimbo says:

      Maybe l should rephrase. We do not need players to be like new signings, we do need new signings.

      1. Waal2waal says:

        I agree – the word “like” as in “Like a new player” devalues the real expectations of fans.

        1. Break-on-through says:

          How about we need our players to give it everything they’ve got. That’s the problem, they don’t put everything into it. We wait til a team gets physical and puts it up to us before we try to respond in kind. To be the champion, you need to be the guy that’s first in, that’s the way you put fear into teams. Teams are able to lull us into a sense of calm or comfort, then when they decide to get stuck into us, we’re at six’s and sevens. I noticed Koeman is very good at doing this, he made a game plan of it. Because he knows Arsenal would rather play a passing contest.
          We do need more recruits, ideally three more.

          1. Abel says:

            Is it me or is everyone jumping on the bandwagon that we need three players to compete.
            At the end of the season, we needed three players. Even Wenger said as much. Now after signing two players, most still say we need three players!

          2. ZA_Gunner says:

            Nah, we need like 10

  3. Efe iteire says:

    Wllshere was not even a regular in a mid table team. So sell him

  4. Arsenal_Girl says:

    Wilshere will probably leave. He is Arsenal thru and thru but he is so injury prone that we are wasting money and perhaps Jack will have better luck with another team.

    I think Cazorla is the one we missed the most. We would have finished top 4 last season if he had played. He owns his position. An awesome and underrated talent.

    I hope that he can come back as soon as possible. Miss him a lot.

    In the meantime, Wenger should try to sign a replacement CM for Cazorla like Goretzka, Seri, Carvalho, Nainggolan, Keita or Veratti (OK lol that one is impossible)

    1. McLovin says:

      Nainggolan has also ruled out any move away from Roma..

    2. ZA_Gunner says:

      Personally I love Cazorla more than any other player in the team. He is the cog in this team. The way he can just drift into spaces as well as transition from defence into attack is immensely missed. He also isn’t afraid to challenge a player one-on-one and also doesn’t lose the ball as often as he keeps the ball close to his feet and has a low centre of gravity. He is a very balanced central midfielder. Sadly I don’t think we will ever see the same Cazorla even when he comes back from his injuries so we really should have had a replacement for him already. But he will always resonate for being a top top player.

  5. John says:

    Keep them both . We missed cazola and Jack last season . And they give their all when playing not like some of the pre madonnas
    I think it will be a good year for Jack and it will be great news to see santi back . Come on you reds

  6. belemo says:

    The major worry is that there’s no assurance in both cases that we’ll have them for most of the season.

  7. Janssen says:

    We can’t count on these two players. Their injury records are such that you can’t build a team around them. Also, Wilshire had an ok season last year out on loan but we need to sign a player who did better than OK at Bournemouth.

    If Santi can return at any time next season to the level he was at, that would be a big bonus but plan for life without him.

  8. Raj says:

    Even if they are coming back we need a CM , Santi is already 32 and he can’t keep on playing for many years , we need someone younger who can be made next Santi , someone like golovin or Goretzka

  9. Me says:

    Arsenal have been busy in the transfer market?
    Sorry I must have blinked and missed that one..
    As for Wilshere – spectacularly inconsistent and injury prone.
    Cazorla is 33 this year and with the injuries he has suffered you have to say his career is over.
    Deadwood the both of them and taking up resources.
    Move them on..

  10. Aussie Jack says:

    Wilshere and Cazorla have the spirt that Arsenal needs. Give them another season to prove themselves ,they`ve earn that at least.

  11. Who said Arsene can't do grime? says:

    It would be like a new signing for the medical dept

  12. Jonm says:

    If they coul stay fit for a complete season it would be like new signings. Unfortunately I cannot see it happening.

    Wiltshere’s injuries are a great loss to us, look what he was like as an eighteen year old, terrorised Barcelona, we thought we had a world class player, future arsenal and england captain.

  13. Arsenal_Girl says:

    Love Santi and Jack’s spirit and determination. They’ve got a winning attitude. Hopefully, that will rub off on any players who were not as hard working last season.

    Playing top quality players is one thing but these players need to play very hard for 90+mins every week

  14. Waal2waal says:

    I remember seein jack at the champions league final against barca – was it when lehman was sent off…we had played appalling but his performance restored us some pride he had marked his name for himself as a potential future england and arsenal captain. Its baffling how wilshires prospects spiral down to what im seeing and reading recently. Id not even heard of that turkish team hes associated with of late – it seems we’ve all missed out far as jack’s potential, he is arsenal to the core and im saddened by the way things eventually turned out with him.

    1. Buddie says:

      Which Jack did you see in Champions league final against Barca? The Jack Daniels for party after barca won I guess.

      1. waal2waal says:

        If you wasn’t tryin your best to be a knobhead “Buddie” which round my part of NW London [buddie] means your dick… You’d know that Jack Wilshire was in the champion league final against barcelona and at that time he was round 18yrs old and ran their much acclaimed mid-field ragged and it was a catalyst for him as from then on he was counted among the most promising mid-fielders arsenal and england had ever produced. Go do some research.

        1. waal2waal says:

          It could well have been a semi-final the point made is Jack Wilshire is a huge loss.

          1. Ack77 says:

            what buddy is sarcastically telling you is check your facts, it was a round of 16 match we won 2-1 with that v.persie and arshavin goals; good times when even if we were shit we atleast played champagne football.

          2. Waal2waal says:

            @Ack77 – i really dont mean to offend buddie but i ws more trying to recall how the boy had shone when he came in the picture. I can see he wasnt among those in the final. It was a quarter final. Just wasnt in mood for sarcasm. Anyway nice one Ack77

        2. Buddie says:

          @waal2waal Smiles! I don’t feel insulted at all, show more maturity next time…. At the end of it all our goal is almost the same; Hoping Arsenal FC could be great again. No sentiment not hate

          1. waal2waal says:

            @Buddie, Thanks for response, I guess we’ve more in common than not – No offence intended, and sure, yes i’ll work on it.

  15. Jude faeren says:

    I think jack needs more time as well as santi

  16. Ronny says:

    Spot on I totally agree with you.
    On Jack I know we are still having to cover his wages if he’s stays until January but I believe he may be valuable has a bit of that fighting spirit which certainly we could do with and if he gets any sort of game time and performs well his value can only go up from the 7.5m bid we recently received.
    Apart from the wages I think it’s a no brainer.

  17. Ronny says:

    Spot on I totally agree with you..
    On Jack I know we are still having to cover his wages if he’s stays until January but I believe he may be valuable has a bit of that fighting spirit which certainly we could do with and if he gets any sort of game time and performs well his value can only go up from the 7.5m bid we recently received.
    Apart from the wages I think it’s a no brainer.

  18. amb98 says:

    Let Wilshere go, he wasn’t good enough at Bournemouth. 0 goals and 2 assists in 22 starts (mainly playing as a number 10) is not good enough. Plus, Bournemouth played their best football and were most successful when Jack wasn’t playing, once they switched to a 4-4-2. Add his injury troubles to this as well. It’s a shame as he promised so much.
    Regarding Santi, I feel he is our most important player, he dictates the tempo and starts the play. I feel we should keep him but need to build the team assuming he will not be able to play regularly. His situation is becoming increasingly similar to Rosicky’s. Hopefully AW signs a central midfielder but I wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t.

    1. Jan says:

      Mate…its not about to ” let him go ” we need to make him go!
      He doesn’t want to leave…hes getting paid for doing s##t.
      Would you quit job like that?
      I thought so.

      1. Jan says:

        And what is more important nobody want to buy him…specially overpriced by Wenger.
        Same is with Theo Jenkinson Ox Minreal Gabriel DebuchyJenkinson….from now on with Elneny Chambers Perez….we will never get ridoff the deadwood and bellow avarege players we collected in years.
        We will have to pay them to leave or another club to take them.

  19. Jan says:

    “Arsen Wenger has been busy in transfer market..”
    You made me laugh!

  20. Bekele says:

    Is this article from arsene… what a shame

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