Could Jack Wilshere really be playing at Huddersfield next season?

He was still impressive on hisreturn, but the yearly Wilshere injury became a bit of a cliche and he was finally given a year away at Bournemouth where he very nearly survived the whole season before he was crocked again in April and returned to Arsenal for treatment. The now 25 year-old is one of the many players at Arsenal that are entering the last year of his contract this summer and it is now decision time on his future.

There have been no comments regarding a new contract for Jack (or many other players either!) and the day after his wedding to Andriani Michael it has been revealed by the Huddersfield Examiner that a glut of money has been placed on Wilshere joining Huddersfield Town next season and they are now 3/1 joint favourites with West Ham.

With the plethora of talented midfelders at Arsenal Jack would still find it very hard to get playing time under Wenger and it may be time for Jack and the Gunners to part ways. Wilshere said last summer that the important thing for him is to be playing games, and he would surely be guaranteed gametime with the newly-promoted side. I surmise their could be a possibility of Jack signing an extension with Arsenal and then going to the Town on loan for next year? But can anyone really see this happening?



  1. The guy when he was younger was a little bitch. Not sure about his character now but his injuries seem to be a bit of karma (Yes I came across him in the past). Albeit he’s a gooner so I wish him well. He is injury prone like Andy Caroll, a bit overated both very talented on the ball. Jack never looked after his body when he was younger off the pitch, which is part of being a professional sportman.

    Anyways goodluck to him unless he steps up he aint cutting the mustard

  2. I have no sympathy for Jack Wheelchair ?? it turns out that his arrogant superstar ego was the only thing that took off to dizzy new heights! ?? he certainly reaped what he sowed.
    I just hope he isn’t at Arsenal next season or the season after that, just sell him ffs! ?

  3. “plethora of talented midfielders”?
    Not sure about this

    We still need our new Cazorla and a Top defensive midfielder. Xhaka has potential
    Coquelin and Eleney are not the Defensive Midfielders we need. Ramsey was poor this season. Ox could develop into good CM

    Personally I would try to get Gueye, Matic or Carvahlo and perhaps Lemina.
    Seri has snubbed us and signed a contract
    Isco is no go. He loves real and real loves him

  4. ?? In your Face, copy & paste:

    Arsenal unveil their new home kit for the 2017/18 campaign on Wednesday morning – and fans are hoping for a big surprise.

    So far this summer the Gunners have been linked with moves for some stellar names in the transfer market, including Kylian Mbappe, Alexandre Lacazette and Thomas Lemar.

    But so far only Sead Kolasinac has arrived on a free transfer from Schalke – and sections of the club’s support are getting restless.

    They believe more is needed after last season’s disappointment, particularly if the club really do want to compete for the Premier League title.

    And so they are hoping for a major surprise when the new kits are unveiled on Wednesday morning, with many taking to social media to joke about the possibility of a new signing being revealed.

    ?? It’s probably just going to be ?? ‘ like a new signing’ ?? Ozil wearing Jack Wheelchairs old number10 shirt ?

    1. Heard from the Mirror we have place a 26M bid on 30 year old Arda Turan from Barcelona. Not sure I want it to happen if its true.

      1. man f*** that .30 with a bad attitude and on a decline
        plus he bad mouthed us

        proper bell he is. glad hes rotting on a bench

    1. Hahaha ?? Your comment along with your profile picture, is absolutely priceless ??

  5. Say what you like admin.Even Diaby upon doing nothing for several seasons was able to secure a move to Marseille which to me is a top team.Was it not last season that before he went to Bournemouth teams like Juventus and AS Roma were interested in him?He just needs a league which is not physical for the mean time.I mean any time he gets a run of games he begins to hit top forn and just when things are looking up things go down again.This injury thing is a menace in our club.Look at the number of games Gnabry has played.But I will urge him to leave Arsenal because all he needs to do is to remain injury free.It’s not rocket science.If Wilshere remains injury free for just one season he’ll be great.It’s just like the Van Persie case.A lot of people were frustrated with him and cllled him man of glass but I knew he just needed to be injury free for one season.To me he’s a better player than Ramsey though Ramsey is on form.He also has the ability to surpass Cazorla and be Arsenal’s number one.He’s also Arsenall thrugh and through.Arsenal has to solve his injury problems because he’s shown that when he gets a run of games he can do it.

    1. Not sure what you mean when you say “he has shown when he gets a run of games he can do it”. He made 29 appearances for Bournemouth featuring in 13 loses and 10 goals. He had zero goals and only 2 assists. In my book that places you squarely on the “bang on average” category. The Bournemouth coach was rubbing his hands with glee when Wilshere got injured knowing he now had an excuse to return back a very expensive midfielder he did not want. All the best to Wilshere but he is just not good enough for champions.

      1. I was also puzzled at that comment, lol. He lasted for most of the season this time around, and had zero goals. That’s embarrassing. It’s not like he even played a Mikel or Coquelin role. I watched some of the Bournemouth games and he was average. Some good passes here and there that proves he was an Arsenal youth product, but he’s nothing special anymore and hasn’t been for a while.

  6. Remember 2011, Arsenal beat Barcelona 2-1 at the emirates, Jack seen as future captain of Arsenal and England. He was a firm fan favourite, now hardly given a seconds thought, all very sad. He managed almost a complete season at Bournmouth but did not set the world alight. Perhaps, when he is fit to play the fear of injury impedes his performance. Sadly he is one of the arsenal “young british core” who has not lived up to their promise, along with Ramsay, Gibbs, Ox and Jenkinson.

    All very sad but having said that, jack has earned a fortune playing football and if he has made reasonable provision for the future will have a lifestyle for the rest of his life which is way beyond what most of us fans achieve.

  7. Plethora of mf players?
    Depends what standards your aiming at.
    Man city had Silva and debruyne and still went abd bought bernado Silva, two Silvas = fierce!

  8. Where are the big signings already? It’s almost the end of June and all we hear is about Barkley and Wilshire? Sign Lacazette or Mbappe already. Heck I’d even take Turan. Come on Wenger! Get off you arse.

  9. should’ve sold him when City was will to pay 30mill. All he does it rot on the bench anyway. But gooners still love him even though he barley kicks a ball. Maybe he will go on loan, but no chance Wenger get’s rid of one of his favorites.

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