Could Jorginho be the one to replace Granit Xhaka for Arsenal next season?

Although they did well in the Premier League last season, Arsenal failed to dazzle in the cup competitions, namely the FA Cup, the Carabao Cup, and the Europa League.

This struggle to collect silverware should change next season, as the belief is that Arteta and the boys are going for it all. The Gunners want to use their new quality in depth to compete on all fronts, meaning Arteta needs to come up with a perfect formula to manage the game time of his players and that each player should step up once given a chance.

One player who should step up next season is Jorginho. Although Arteta already has Partey and Declan Rice at the defensive base of their midfield, Jorginho is one special midfielder who offers something the two don’t. The Italian may not be physical, but he is a master at dictating the game’s tempo. He also has the vision and the requisite experience to read the game.

For a team to excel, it ought to have leaders. Upon the exit of Granit Xhaka, the Arsenal No. 20 will be the one young Arsenal players will look to for guidance on and off the pitch, and could be moved further up the pitch like Arteta did with Xhaka.

Kai Havertz’s failure to sparkle has many worried, but should they be? Jorginho and Havertz are close, and if Arteta can tap into that connection at times and play Jorginho, Havertz, and Rice together, that set-up could flourish, and it could be how Havertz adapts to how Arteta wants him to

Undoubtedly, if Jorginho stays fit and in form, he could help Arsenal challenge for trophies next season.

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  1. I have never seen Jorginho play AM and I think he’s too slow for that, but Partey played the role once as a substitute for Arsenal

    1. I think Harvetz can excel in a 3224 formation. Im not sure if Jorgino will be suited for that system. On another end it seems ESR and Trossard excels when Tierney is playing left back.

      1. 3-2-2-4? Usually, there are only ten outfield players, unless you plan to assign Ramsdale in midfield

        Havertz’s aerial ability, skills and high-pressing effort could make him very useful for our current tactics

  2. It’s best to try Jorginho further up the pitch but not as a starter, he’s a great passer of the ball but doesn’t offer much defensively or when we are out of position.

    Havertz could play their at times but he needs to develop team chemistry, Xhaka was a master of superior positioning so though he was slow he was extremely effective as he was ahead of his opponents with his body or constantly been in the right spot at the right time.

    One very important thing that goes unnoticed while Xhaka was at Arsenal, is that he constantly manage the final third on the pitch on behalf of the gaffer.
    He had that remarkable understanding of the game similar to Ilkay Gundogan at Man City

  3. Please no, we’ll be completely swamped in the midfield. He’s so slow znd has the turning circle of the Titanic, could never be in a B2B or CM role in the EPL

  4. Sooner or later, Arteta will realize that the defensive liabilities of playing Havertz in Xhaka’s slot will cost Arsenal many precious points! He will have no choice but to pair Partey or Jorginho with Rice and Odegaard to shore up the middle of the park, particularly against elite teams.
    Havertz will eventually be pushed to play left winger to compete with Martinelli and Trossard when playing 4-3-3.
    In a 4-4-2 or 4-2-2-2 system, Havertz can tag team with Odegaard as AM. However, that limits us to using Saka-Jesus/Nketiah, Trossard-Martinelli/Nelson up front; an intriguing formation Arteta should definitely explore.

  5. Nobody replaces anybody,Xhaka was that good for arsenal.His positional sense,vision and passing range were just phenominal. Arteta needs to figure out a different way Jorginho is @ best as a deep playmaker so I guess our best option for 8 is Declan. Let’s see how it goes

    1. I agree with everything you said except I’m much more positive about rice at 8 – I think he’s better than xhaka in that role. He has the defensive instincts, but he’s more athletic and can actually tackle – not as good a passer, I suspect, but can carry the ball better than xhaka could.
      Spot on re jorginho – he’s actually decent defensively, but his smaller stature means he can sometimes be bullied or negated. He knows the defensive part of the role, though. Playing him (or partey obv) in the DM role, behind rice, could be fantastic imo.

  6. Talk of Havertz “failing to sparkle” is somewhat premature in my opinion. He’s played one and a half games for us and needs to be given a chance to show what he can do. Let’s not write him off too early eh? But then again our fans, especially on here, are a fickle lot and also want instant results.

    1. He failed to spark at Chelsea, and they had quality players throughout the squad.
      At £65 million he is not going to be given the luxury of time, especially when there were so many better opportunities out there for us to bring in.
      For me the guy is a dud – a hugely expensive, highly paid dud.
      I just cannot see the reasoning behind signing him – I would love to be proven wrong but I just don’t see it.

      1. We’ll see – he was shoehorned into the striker role for a long time at Chelsea, maybe it would have been different if he’d been played in midfield more often. Not saying I think he’s a great signing, but will wait to see how it works out. One thing’s for sure – he’s got the talent – it’s his determination and ability to play a role in our system that needs we need to see

    2. Agreed he needs time. I think the issue is that no-one knows where he’s supposed to fit into our team, more than people think he’s bad.

      I bet if he matches the flop Pepe’s stats from 20/21 people will hail him as a great signing….which would be ironic considering Pepe played in a worse team.

      1. He could have worse stats (goals/assists) and still be a better player. I’d take hleb in this team any day, and his stats were poor.

  7. Absolutely not ,he shouldn’t have been signed in the first place ,maybe a 6 month loan ,but given him a contract for 2-3 years was ridiculous.

  8. I was going to write about my worries for the upcoming season, but I do not think it will make any difference.

    I noticed that when we tried to pack the midfield (Full backs moving forward) Utd played the ball over the top into the spaces. The whole EPL know this tactic, but I think Arteta will stick with it

    I think another one of Arteta’s biggest strategies will be his downfall.

    I believe he is going to try and justify the purchase of Havertz by continually playing him in midfield.

    This single purchase I fear will be Arteta’s undoing!!!!

    We really needed to spend that money, plus a little extra, on Caicedo instead.

    There is a reason why Jorginho and Havertz are no longer playing for Chelsea. They are toooooooo slow for the EPL.

    We cannot afford to play Odegaard in the same team as either of these two, and Odegaard must play!!

    Our DM’s currently consist of Partey and Rice. Despite what all of the pundits say, it was not the injury to Saliba that lost us the title, but the absence of Party!

    We desperately need not one, but two, strong DMs on the bench.
    Utd brought McTominay and Fred off their bench, both of whom tackle hard. Who do we have on our bench?

    Utd manhandled Arsenal in the recent friendly. We are too soft at the moment I suggest that every other manager in the EPL will use the same tactics against us.

    This is why I believe we will be lucky to finish in the top four this season. I hate saying this, but with our current squad, I believe this prediction to be true.

  9. I’ve struggled to find a reason Jorginho was signed. He scores one goal and his fans go into overdrive with his importance to the team. Some even see Partey leaving and him staying. There’s a subconscious love for Chelsea players and it’s killing Arsenal. Nketiah, Willian, David Luiz, now Havertz and Gorginho. These players are sucking life out of Arsenal players. Whoever plays with them works twice as much just to make them functional.

  10. Jorginho JUST DOES NOT HAVE THE ENERGY, LEGS NOR ANY OF THE PHYSICAL attributes to wear Xhaka’s boots.

  11. Let the season at least get underway before groaning on who is doomed to fail in our shirt, Gaddamnit !!! got to start taking note of these chronic whingers’ monikers ahead of their imminent humble pie.

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