Could Kai Havertz be the next superstar that improves after leaving Chelsea – like Salah and De Bruyne

For the last five years, only two clubs have won the Premier League: Manchester City and Liverpool (who won it once in 2020). Looking at these two clubs, if you were to name one standout player in each who’s delivered season in and season out, at Manchester City, you’d mention Kevin De Bruyne, and at Liverpool, you’d mention Mohammed Salah.

These two players have stood out in the last few seasons. Managers might look at them and claim; ‘I want my own Salah and my own De Bruyne.’ Well, newsflash, Gooners, as per Florent Malouda, Arteta now has his own Salah and De Bruyne in Kai Havertz. Many players have left Chelsea only to be better elsewhere, and from that perspective, Malouda says that just like the two, Havertz is now going to “explode” to brilliance.

“Chelsea can always attract the best talent in the world at an early age, and sometimes we fail to give these players a proper development plan,” the former Blue said on Genting Casino (as quoted by Football365).

“Havertz is not in his prime yet. He won the Champions League and is a big player in the German national team, so you can’t question his quality, but there has been a frustration with his performances at Chelsea.

“The bigger picture is that he is not the only player to have suffered or performed inconsistently at Chelsea, and his form mirrors that of the club.

“Whenever a player leaves, you always wish them well, but his departure underlines why Chelsea need to fix the problems they have when it comes to developing players.

“We’ve seen some brilliant players that were there go to other clubs and shine, the prime examples being Kevin De Bruyne and Mo Salah.

“De Bruyne has just won the treble. I wish he was at Chelsea to win the treble, but if you asked him if he wanted to go back, he would say no. That is something that needs to be resolved.

Hopefully, Havertz will be the next player that leaves Chelsea and conquers the world – in an Arsenal shirt.

Darren N

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  1. In my opinion, City have dominated EPL because they have the best starting 11 and an extremely strong bench. Leading to a consistent good results across 38 games

    Tottenham have Kane, who in my opinion contribute more to Spurs than KDB contributed to City, why haven’t they won anything?

    In theory, Kai Havert could become a better player at Arsenal but could also become a worse player. I hope the latter is not the case

    We would be ready to dominate EPL if our bench players are good enough to come 3rd or 4th. Anything apart from that, we would need all other teams to drop form significantly like Leicester enjoyed in 2016 and we almost enjoyed last season save City immense form.

    Presently, our second eleven will even struggle to finish above 15th

    1. My only issue with this theory is compare how many games De Beyne and Salah played compared to Havertz for Chelsea

      1. De Bruyne and Salah did learn a lot after their stints at Chelsea, but Havertz has also been playing well for Germany despite being inconsistent at Chelsea

  2. I have stated it on many different threads now, but I expect Havertz to follow a similar path to RvP and one day be the best striker in the Premier League. He is taller and more creative than RvP was and gets into some incredible scoring positions and often.

    If his finishing can be improved we could watch him become a 25-30 goal scoring machine, but I wouldn’t expect to see that before he reaches his late 20s/early 30s. Give him 5 solid years to feel loved and settled and an intricate part of a competitive team and he will blossom.

  3. There is no doubt Havertz is a good signing maybe the one paramount to take us to the next level.

    His massive salary and the subsequent hijacking attempt from Real Madrid says it all.

    Don’t know about anyone else, but it just feels like there is just this one signing left to complete the jig saw puzzle.

    1. I agree, Gunsmoke. The business done this far is as good, if not better, than any transfer window that I can remember as a Gooner. And there have been a lot of them. Never before have I been as excited for the next season to begin.

      Havertz, Rice, Timber. 3 brilliant signings of players that haven’t even peaked yet. I believe a player such as Vlahovic is the signing to which you refer. That focal point of attack. Havertz may be that one day, but not for many years in my opinion.

    2. Has Kai ever been a striker in the first place? I do not think he has ever been or even is. Even at Leverkusen, I do not think he was (Though not a fan of Bundesliga). Even at Chelsea sources said he was played out of position. And at Arsenal I don’t think he would play there-arteta hinted this.

      1. J4C
        In Havertz own words ‘ I am a midfielder that likes to get into the box”

        He has never been a striker except in the fail experiment at the bridge.

        And since the unit was malfunctioning at the bridge we can’t say he was .

        So the answer to your question is a fat no.

  4. An article that reeks of hope and hope is an attractive quality.

    But merely quoting two former Chelsea rejects who both became superstars, has NO bearing whatsover on HAVERTZ and his chances of becoming one.
    In fact comparisons with any other person on the planet are always futile, for the simple reason that NO OTHE HUMAN ANYWHERE, footballer or not,is the same person as the one we are talikng about.

    What ANY other person may or may not have done and which club they once played for, are all TOTAL IRRELEVANCES.

    IF Havertz does become a superstar,it will be entirely because he has done it himself with HOPEFULLY, a deal of help from our own manager.

    THE MAIN POINT of this post is to tell lesser observant of humankind fans, that whatever a person ever does, is because that person has done it him or herself and NOT because certain others once did it.
    High achievers often say “So and so inspired me” and indeed they may well have done so.

    But the person THEMSELF is the only one who has achieved greatness and never any other person.

  5. Think the most telling point with Havertz is that Tuchel who managed him at Chelsea for a large period wanted him at Bayern. Bayern pulled out because they can’t compete with us or any other big PL team on transfers unless the players specifically wants Bayern. Pandemic lengthen the gap between the PL and the rest of Europe. Madrid are holding on because they adopted a sensible strategy prior seeing the writing on the wall but even they are pushing it right now and banking on their reputation.

  6. Arsenal is making significant strides in strengthening the squad during this transfer window, providing the support the team deserves after an impressive 2022/2023 season that secured their return to the Champions League.

    With the next development stage being to win trophies, Arteta’s experience and time as an assistant manager under Pep Guardiola at Manchester City have influenced his approach in his type of player selection

    Guardiola is widely regarded as one of the best managers in the world, and many coaches aspire to learn from him. During his time at City, Guardiola often favoured signing players with versatility, capable of excelling in multiple positions on the field.

    This strategy is evident in City’s signings of players like Nathan Ake, John Stones, Bernardo Silva, Manuel Akanji, and Rico Lewis, all known for their adaptability.

    Arsenal’s recent acquisitions, including Kai Havertz and Jurrien Timber, also reflect Arteta’s focus on versatile players, underscoring his inclination to emulate the principles he learned from Guardiola.

  7. £330K a week for Havertz is simply preposterous! I can forsee the same type of pressure and expectation that plagued Ozil because of his £350K very quickly afflict Havertz.

  8. I am sure Arteta has seen something in Havertz that prompted Arsenal to go in for him. That said, he can play multiple roles in the midfield and across the front line. If Arteta is able to get the best out of Havertz, we are in for a really great season and with Rice coming into the squad Arsenal look unbeatable.

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