Could Lacazette be forced out wide to accommodate Arsenal target?

French publication L’Equipe are claiming that Arsenal are set to force Alexandre Lacazette into a wide role with the impending arrival of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang this month.

The Gunners are said to have an agreement in place with the BVB side for their star striker, and the deal will be completed once they land their replacement, who could be one of a number of options.

Chelsea’s Michy Batshuayi and Olivier Giroud were believed to be high on their wishlist, but Anthony Modeste is the latest name to pop-up as PEA’s potential replacement.

The Frenchman Modeste had been impressing for FC Koln prior to moving to China with Tianjin Quanjin, but is believed to be eager to return to the Bundesliga, and Dortmund are keen to give him the chance.

A deal for his replacement should see the BVB club release our target, and his arrival could well force Alexandre Lacazette to play out wide in order to accommodate the new signing.

French publication L’Equipe insist that the Frenchman won’t be able to be accommodated as a second striker, and will be forced to play wide of the Gabon international, but he will have to vie with Mesut Ozil and Henrikh Mkhitaryan for a starting spot in the starting XI.

Lacazette only arrived last summer as our club record signing, but is now expected to lose his place as a regular starter after only five months in the side, with the French paper said to be insisting that it will be ‘impossible’ for him to keep his place in the starting line-up.

Will Arsenal be forced to bench Lacazette with the new arrival? Is there no possibility of a formation change?

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      1. ALBERTOGUNNER says:

        Jan I know who you want to see as the DM, so how about this?

  2. Grandad says:

    Why buy another striker when the glaring weakness in the team is the lack of quality centre backs and defensive midfielder? Ah well AW knows best doesn,t he ?

    1. Because we lost a 30 goal a season goal machine in Alexis Sanchez. With Giroud and Welbeck perpetually out of form, Lacazette seemingly unconvincing to the coach (and some of us) and the weed Walcott finally gone we needed Aubameyang more than ever. Auba will put some proper fear into our opponents now!!!

      1. Goonerboy says:

        We kicked Giroud out of form.nevertheless, i believe if he plays for France tonight, he will score.

        Giroud is a very good striker that is so underated and not used according to his strengths.
        I remember when he said “sometimes we pass the ball to much” which i believe its true…
        Personally, seeing him go will make me sad especially to Chelsea if the rumours are anything to go by

        1. Robin Vanpayslip says:

          So good he misses sitters?

      2. Midkemma says:

        I think more fear will come from the teamwork if we can get them all to play well together.
        Laca needs service to score, he has shown intelligence in holding the ball and laying it off but he hasn’t had WC support all the time. Also he did have the selfish Alexis as support. Also Alexis isn’t the fastest player in a sprint and the way he was dropping deep, it didn’t help as it slowed the attack to be around him.

        Mkhitaryan provides that blend of goalscoring and assists, Auba brings the raw pace to counter attack with and intelligence to move into the right place at the right time, Laca will find his opportunities increase.

        These signings could also be just what Laca needs to get banging in the goals as a CF…

  3. John0711 says:

    I don’t think lacca is a wide player although he has played there sparingly. i am concerned with whats happening if auba does come a front 4 of auba, lacca, mikki and ozil unbalances the team, it would be fine with two DMs behind but we dont have one. maybe ozil is off ?

    1. Midkemma says:

      I don’t think it will unbalance the team, I think it would provide the missing balance in attack, Wenger needs to learn that we need a DM with legs alongside Xhaka and Jack isn’t a DM either.

      One of AFC problems is not going forward but when we get forward, we pass… pass…. pass….. pass……

      Better balance would mean we would have a couple more players willing to drive through the opposition and create chances instead of waiting to spot them.

  4. Phil says:

    Instead of moving players out of position to accommodate a new arrival how about applying some tactical nous and allowing two talented players to both play as strikers.The best teams of 1998-2004 had a number of different strikers playing off the genius of Dennis Bergkamp.We had pace,movement and power.Although I would not put Ozil in Bergkamps class he is talented enough to pull the strings with other playmakers such as Jack and Mikki in the side in a 442.

  5. Nayr says:

    aubameyang is the one who goes out wide simply because lacazette is good at hold up play.

    1. bran911 says:

      Hahahaha! With that height??

      1. Midkemma says:

        You haven’t watched AFC much have you?
        Laca has shown he can hold off players, he is not the tallest so not good to feed him high balls all the time but he can hold up the ball and bring others in nicely. He has proven to be more than a poacher so far with his hold up play and ability to keep attacks going.

  6. Jan says:

    24 6 20 31

    10 30/29

    9 14

    1. ALBERTOGUNNER says:

      Noooooooo x 2!

  7. Bajaja says:

    I think we can play a 4-4-2 formation to accommodate both strikers. But the mid field 4 would be a diamond formation that includes xhaka at the base of the diamond. Wilshere and mykitaryan on the left and right of the diamond while the assist king (ozil) will be at the apex of the diamond. A back 4 of bellerin, mustaphy, koscielny and marvelous Monreal. Perfect killer squad!!!

    1. Kevin says:

      I agree!!! I totally agree!!! It doesn’t make sense to have laca play out wide. He is a pure cf. Maybe auba plays there but I doubt it. If I was Wenger, I would do exactly as you said. 4 4 2 with the mid being a diamond. There is no need to have laca sit on the bench and auba play. We can have two superb strikers upfront. And plus Iwobi and Welbeck are not that creative and thats why Laca has been having his goal drought. And the selfish Sanchez who left. Instead of passing it he would dribble and dribble around. But a 4 4 2 diamond would work. Or we can also do that with Ozil and Mkhi up the flanks and Jack and Xhaka behind, but the diamond works well with me. We do need goals and auba is gonna play a major role with that and laca has also proven he can score. We now have another creative addition to the team. Mhki that is so we should be good. Come summer time we strengthen our defense and we’ll be alright.

    2. ALBERTOGUNNER says:

      How about this?

      1. ALBERTOGUNNER says:

        Elneny or Maitland becomes our 3third defender if needed, jack and xhaka to fight for the right mid, mhkitarian and Ramsey for the left mid, Ozil as No.10

  8. McLov says:

    What about:

    Bellerin – Mustafi Kosc – Kola/Nacho
    ————- Xhaka – Wilshere
    —Mkhitaryan————- – Özil
    Aubameyang——– – Lacazette

    1. Midkemma says:

      It feels good having 2 LB who are worthy of our badge 🙂

      1. Maks says:

        Yeaaah… I hope somebody can fix our defence, but Nacho and Sead are very good Arsenal players.

  9. Durand says:

    How about 4-2-3-1

    Bellerin. Kos. Mustafi. Sead/Monreal
    Xhaka. Wilshere
    Auba or Lacazette. Ozil. Mhki
    Auba or Laca

    Unfortunately we know Xhaka and Ramsey doesnt work, maybe El Neny and Ramsey works?

    I like El Neny playing DM; jack and Xhaka seem more comfortable/confident knowing El Neny backing them up. Been impressed with El Neny sitting back

    1. Midkemma says:

      I would agree apart from Xhaka, I would play AMN instead, I know he is younger and less experience but he has the legs and he is solid in tackles while also being tidy on the ball.

      For me, Xhaka and Jack should be competing with each other for that deep lying playmaker role and as Jack is better at driving forward with the ball… He is the starter for me with Xhaka being backup.

      Ozil has been impressive recently and also been driving the team forward from slightly deeper at times, he is making me think he could almost be a 3rd man in CM to help link CM to attack.

      Kinda like;


      For me, Auba has the pace to give him the ball and let him run with it from half way line, let Laca be waiting and using movement to create gaps upfront as the CF, Auba has the intelligence to exploit that IMO.

      Not just that, not many players can move the distance Auba can in a sprint, passing the ball long will not only require a CF but also players around who can get forward and support the counter quickly, who is going to be quicker than Auba?

      Laca has a nice bit of acceleration but not the sprinter that Auba is…

    2. Maks says:

      Ramsey doesnt work in Arsenal FC. Lets sell him to Chelsea. They are desperate at the moment. They have bought Ross Barkley my God! Why not Ramsey? He is better.
      …and what about sending them Danny Welbeck instead of Giroud.
      Giroud is an Arsenal player who likes the club and if he wants to be supersub we shoud keep him. He will go to the WC… Dechamps likes him.

      1. Alkali says:

        I have a feeling giroud would make the France squad no matter what happens, he works so well with griezmann

  10. Arsenal1Again says:

    People forget that Wenger is Le PROFESSOR and knows everything. If he plays Lacazette out of position then it’s because this is what he does, play everybody out of position. Hell, Sanchez played right wing at Barcelona and was the third top goalscorer in La Liga, so Wenger played him on the left wing, lol. We’ve had Ozil on the wing and Wilshere.

    Expect to see Lacazette as a DM at some point, Ramsey, Denilson, Wilshere, Cazorla and bunch of other forwards have done, where will our new Armenian play if Lacazette is on the wing? Hell, even Nutty Boy did a stint as a DM.

    Funniest Wengerism is seeing Walcott as a front man nad his best position was always the left wing, but so very rarely was played there. Mind boggles. He always played awesome on the left wing, a real Thierry Henry clone. He scored that hattrick against Croatia from the left wing or whatever that country was.

    I give Aubameyang 3 games before his first red card because of the physicality of the EPL. He won’t put up with it.

    Let’s have the Capataincy handed to Wilshere. It’s time. He’ll actually kick players up the ar*e.

    1. Midkemma says:

      “Hell, Sanchez played right wing at Barcelona and was the third top goalscorer in La Liga, so Wenger played him on the left wing”

      Goals from RW for Barca; 15, 11, 21.
      Goals from LW for AFC; 25, 17, 30

      Wenger got this one right.

      “Funniest Wengerism is seeing Walcott as a front man nad his best position was always the left wing”

      He performed best from the right, did you even see some off the games he played on the left? What a waste of space he was on the left!

      “He scored that hattrick against Croatia from the left wing or whatever that country was.”

      You mean from the right? Go YouTube it.

      “a real Thierry Henry clone.”

      PMSL! You for real? TH14 had an end product and tidy footwork, only similarities between them is pace and the number they wore, oh and lack of heading.

      “Let’s have the Capataincy handed to Wilshere. It’s time.”
      HELL YES!!!!!!!!!!!!
      The guy bleeds red and white 🙂
      We need that passion after the Alexis drama.
      AFC need to get him signing a new deal as soon as the auba deal is done, fingers crossed the auba deal along with getting Mkhitaryan and Laca recently will convince him we are changing for the good.

  11. GB says:

    Giroud going to Chelsea. For £15 mil FFS!

    1. ThirdManJW says:

      If he goes for that cheap I’ll be fuming! I know his age plays a part, but he’s way better than Morata, and he cost £60 million!

    2. MW supporter says:

      Yes and of course we all believe what’s in the press ?

    3. Alkali says:

      More like 35m which is still low.

  12. Samij says:

    Giroud our best striker.. We wil all miss u

  13. Ronny says:

    I know it’s key for the the auba deal but giroud 15m to Chelsea?!?!
    Virgin van djik 75m and Laporte 60m and defenders are cheaper than strikers no?
    Even if he is getting on 15m for a versatile no1 French international? Just don’t get it.
    I hope the add ons are significant.
    Quite a good window if we buy a cb though.
    Giroud walcott and coquelin sold

  14. Innit says:

    Play 442
    Or 3412
    If we had a top defensive midfielder my favorite would be 442 diamond formation (midfielders)

  15. Arsenal Fan says:

    25 milion for deadwood Walcott was brilliant business by arsenal.

  16. adi says:

    I think its good Lacazzete plays out wide for a SHORT while, he needs to get confidence on the ball and more touches. Our ST has been left isolated in too many ocassions.

  17. Welsh_Ramsey says:

    Please no, why do we insist on playing players in positions that dont suit them. Laca is not a wide player. We payed 50+ million for a striker and now we want to push him to the wing? You dont see Chelsea wanting to push Morata to the wing.. if were getting another striker we must accommodate them both, which means a new formation. Otherwise we should have gotten a proper winger in place of Aubamayang. A 4-4-2 would be the best solution that allows everyone to play in their correct positions.

    With Bellerin providing the width down the right as a winger, Jack or Ramsey can play a more central role paired with the DM, being the transition from Defense to attack and carrying it out of the back.

  18. Yossarian says:

    Mkhitaryan is a major upgrade on Walcott. Lacazette is suffering from not making into the “Wenger favourites” club but he’s undoubtedly a quality striker. Ozil is brilliant when he’s not surrounded by rubbish, and Aubameyang is one of the world’s most sought-after players at the moment.

    True we still need a DMF, better defence, and a new goal-keeper, but it seems we’re really getting somewhere at last with all that quality upfront. Now we need a new manager that doesn’t ruin excellent players, and we’ll start looking like a serious big football club again.

    I’m actually beginning to have genuine hope that all the behind-the-scenes changes really will soon lead to a refreshing post-Wenger Arsenal FC.

  19. Paulista says:

    Let Hope Giroud Stays And Welbeck Loan out.Auba Will You Get Out Of There.

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