Could Lacazette be on his way to Arsenal?

Arsenal have been linked with Alexandre Lacazette for so many years now that he has gone from being a highly rated teenage prospect, to a 25 year old player still playing his trade in France. That is not to knock the French striker, but things haven’t exactly turned out the way that they were supposedly expected to, according to the media reports over the years anyway.

But now perhaps this summer is Arsenal best chance of landing their man, because despite Lyon still wanting to hold on to their attributed striker, it seems that Lacazette himself may be looking for the exit door. West Ham have reportedly had two bids rejected already and are supposedly no longer interested in signing him, whilst Arsenal have been quoted a £45 million price tag according to the media. The extortionate fee will surely be enough to put Wenger and co off a deal, however perhaps there is more in the pipeline than we think.

Lyon players have been returning to the training camp this week, in order to begin their initial training ahead of pre season and one player who wasn’t anywhere to be seen, was Alexandre Lacazette. The player wasn’t seen present in any of the training sessions nor the official photos, sparking speculation that perhaps some deal for the Frenchman is in the pipeline.

There are of course a few things to point out from this, the first being that Lacazette could simply be on an extended holiday break. He was expected to make the France squad for the European Championships in his home nation this summer, however was left out in favour of the whole host of talent that the France squad holds. He therefore may have not been expected to return to training until after the Euro’s and since he never went, Lacazette may have taken the time off to take a break away from football.

Secondly even if he isn’t on an extended holiday break, his lack of presence at training does not necessarily mean a deal with Arsenal is in the pipeline. Although rumours have been consistent over the past week in linking Lacazette to Arsenal, there are a few more clubs also linked with the striker, including North London rivals Tottenham Hotspur and so perhaps a deal is being made elsewhere.

We have seen in the past how transfer developments have been leaked to the media inadvertently in this kind of way, but do you think that this is one of those cases? Is Lacazette on his way to Arsenal?



  1. If Wenger wouldn’t give 45m for Suarez what makes you think he will pay 45m for an unproven striker ? He purchased Ozil and Sanchez for under 45m so I don’t see him spending that much on someone that hasn’t shown their quality at the highest level.

    1. I’m actually with you on this one… He’s 25y.o now and despite a few impressive seasons scoring wise he has yet to secure a move away to a big club, a better league or even make the Euro squad ahead of Gignac. It really doesn’t seem like the kind of player who would command such a fee.
      With Chelsea spending big on Batshuayi I think there’s a large chance we’ll now move for Morata, who, TBH I prefer to Lacazette.
      Personally. I think there’s a big chance we’ll get Gotze as well, due to Wenger being a fan for such a long time, his quality and versatility and Bayern reportedly accepting a 30mil (Bild) bid for him which is an absolute bargain for the caliber of player he is in the modern market.

      1. I agree we don’t need Lacazette even though he scored 48 goals over two seasons in La Liga he’s not an upgrade on Giroud at all,I’d prefer us to take a gamble on a South American striker if we going to gamble because that’s where the talent is produced e.g. Suarez,Aguero,Sanchez,Tevez,Neymar,Dybala etc.

        1. I think it’s pretty clear we’re moving to secure a few talents from there…
          Maxi Romero rumors seem to have stopped but the agent came out and said that we were close to securing his services in a deal that he’d remain at his current club for 2 seasons. Along with Gabigol that’s 2 of the brightest prospect attackers.

          1. I would still prefer Lacazette over Gabriel and Morata. I agree that 45 mil is a huge amount, but Morata’s fee is somewhere in the region of 55 mil, and i don’t think he has proven much more to demand that kind of fee. And Gabriel is rumoured to be around 35 mil which is again too much considering he has played in a much lower quality league. So out of these, i still prefer lacazette.

  2. If he’s really good enough then why was he dropped for our mighty Giroud??, gaging?? And even matial? Just asking. Aren’t we looking for Giroud’s upgrade?

    1. Simply put Lacazette is not good enough for Arsenal,Wenger’s love for French players is clouding his judgement let’s gamble on South American strikers now if we want to gamble

  3. In our desperation for a new striker we might end up signing the wrong guy for a transfer fee he’s not worth,this Lacazette is not all that and there’s a reason why no big teams are after him even despite his 48 goals in Ligue 1,even though I’m not a fan of Giroud I would rather stick with him with Sanchez as second striker like Griezmann for France than sign Lacazette

    1. I meant 48 goals over two seasons he’s still not what we need,Wenger must stop going French every transfer window it’s annoying because they end up being not good enough like Sanogo

      1. Sorry but that’s just simply not the case any more…
        12/13 – Cazorla, Podolski, Giroud, Monreal
        13/14 – Ozil, Flim-Flam, Sanogo (latter two on free transfers)
        14/15 – Sanchez, Chambers, Welbeck, Debuchy, Gabriel, Ospina, Bielik
        15/16+ – Cech, Elneny, JRA, Bennacer, Xhaka

        What are you talking about ‘French’ every window? Major transfers in the last 4 and a bit seasons are La Liga -5, Bundesliga – 2, EPL – 4, Ligue 1 – 1, >Ligue 1 – 2.
        The last major transfer from Ligue 1 was Giroud, who, love him or hate him, has been an absolute steal for 12mil. Flamini was a decent squad player, and yes, Debuchy flopped (can’t help but think injury played a big part) but it allowed Bellerin to emerge and lock down a first-team place which isn’t all bad.

        I think a big part of it is the gutter press goes ‘hmm Wenger – French… upcoming talent is French = Story!!!$!$!$’ But the criticisms of Wenger doing his bargain shopping in Ligue 1 which were valid… Aren’t really the case anymore.

        1. Ligue 1 is second tier in Europe but that is not the point .. It has produced some top quality players over recent years but all kos…have escaped wenger … The question is why is that?

          1. Because he’s been pursuing actual proven talents? Cech, Ozil, Sanchez, Xhaka. Even Elneny had some brilliant performances in the champions league. Gabriel was an extremely solid defender in a much more competitive league than Ligue 1.

  4. We can always sign an unkown Park Chu Yung on deadline day…afteralll. Its cover for an injured Welbeck that Wenger wants..not a starter … as he said Goroud is the one and only.

  5. We need a mobile poacher that has a good goal scoring record. Lacazette ticks those boxes.
    Will Wenger be prepared to splash 35 million pounds on him though? We know he has good networks in France and if the player wants the move Lyon might ask for less than West Ham were required to pay. I would love to have this player and I’m sure he will give Giroud a good run for his money.

    Lacazette, Giroud and Welbeck (in 2017), Signing him means we can look to sell Walcott aswell.
    I’d be a happy man.

  6. We need an upgrade on giroud. I do not know a lot about lacazette but he does not appear to be an upgrade and £45m is a ridiculous amount.

    This is media making up a story, player is not at training, he is a french striker, arsenal is looking for a striker, wenger is french. Conclusion, player is coming to arsenal. Reality, player is still on holiday or is unwell or umpteen other scanarios.

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