Could Lacazette partnership presuade Alexis to stay at Arsenal?

Arsenal fans have been clamouring for Arsene Wenger to buy a top top striker for many years after despairing of Olivier Giroud’s chances of firing the Gunners to the League title Perhaps this summers acquisition of Alexandre Lacazette could be the missing link that cheers up Arsenal fans, and could this also give Alexis Sanchez the belief that he could still win a top trophy with the Gunners.

Despite the fact that Alexis has only actually been partnered with the Frenchman a few times, he seems to be very keen on playing with him. Alexis said on “When he has a goalscoring chance, he is a good finisher. He’s a classic striker. He was a successful player in France, and the two of us work well together. He’s an excellent player.

“I believe we have [a good understanding]. We haven’t played that many games together but when we have, I like how he plays. He finds space and understands the game well. He is very talented.”

In the three games they have actually played together Lacazette has got three goals and the Chilean superstar has got one himself plus two assists. If they can carry on like that and fire the Gunners up the table, perhaps Alexis may start to believe that staying at the Emirates may not be such a bad idea after all…..



  1. wilshegz says:

    not if Wenger keeps subbing Lacazette off in 60th minute..

  2. Gunner_2 says:

    Oh! Almost forgot, sanchez is yet to sign a new deal.

  3. Gunner_2 says:

    Huuurrray! Kreonke is around and kicking, talking about the arsenal he loves, rabid fans and how he wants to win everything with ‘smart’ wenger.

  4. Redmau5 says:

    Sadly he knows at city there’s Kun aguero kdb Jesus list goes on.
    psg have well everyone
    Here we have Europa league squad

    He knows he can get more money an better trophies and football elsewhere

    It’s good post but still dreaming
    No chance if he’s a champion he will wanna play with champions …
    He’s gone

  5. Kedar Damle says:

    It’s not only about Partnership with someone, it’s about winning as a team…. I don’t see Alexis will miss the opportunity to move to city because there only he has some chances of getting premiere league medal or may Champions League… With Arsenal he don’t even slight possibility of winning anything except 2 tier cup competition which are not enough to stopping Sanchez moving to City… It’s not about money.. It’s about winning….

  6. Kenny Rolfe says:

    What about the Manchester climate, rain, rain, and more rain, then there’s the night life, four restaurants and a bowling alley, soon get bored up there. He’ll be pining for London

  7. Yossarian says:

    Lovely photo of Alexandre and Alexis, and certainly a nice thought. Sounds a bit over-optimistic though. This season Man City look like Barcelona did under Pep. Any player that could make the team would fancy a piece of that.

    I really like Lacazette and think he’s a fantastic addition to the team, but every time in the last 10+ years when Arsenal have looked in the ascendancy, Wenger has managed to spoil it somehow, and I don’t expect this season to be any different.

    I expect us to maybe finish 5th or 6th, and possibly get a League Cup which Kroenke will use to justify another 2-year contract extension for Wenger until 2020.

  8. Kenya 001 Ars fan says:

    Whether he stays or not Arsenal will continue we lost so many stars over the yrs and we never missed on the champios ligi with the so called world class sanches and ozil we missed out hve we won the epl with them?

  9. Salmonella says:

    Alexis is 100% off

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