Could Lacazette replacement be in the works with club already having signed new striker?

Juventus are claimed to be on their way to London for talks over the possibility of signing Alexandre Lacazette, but have Arsenal already lined up his replacement?

CalcioMercato claims that Arsenal are willing to discuss the sale of the French striker for somewhere between £27-31.5Million, with our club looking at alternative ways to build up their transfer budget this summer.

The report also claims thar Juve are interested in such a deal, but where would that leave Arsenal?

We currently have the likes of Eddie Nketiah, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Gabriel Martinelli amongst the ranks who have all played in the central role last season, while I believe Nicolas Pepe has also been utilised centrally beforehand also, but I feel like the majority of these players are preferred out wide by Mikel Arteta.

Lacazette’s sale could well see our club invest in bringing in a new striker, and I would love for it to be Odsonne Edouard.

The Celtic star amassed a huge 27 goals and 19 assists in all competitions (according to TransferMarkt)for the Scottish side last term, despite his league campaign being cut-short due to the Coronavirus.

I know the SPL doesn’t hold the same clout as it used to, but this level of consistency is outstanding at any level, and the fact that Celtic have just moved to sign Albian Ajeti from West Ham whilst giving him the number 10 shirt in the process is very intriguing.

This signing came amidst long-ongoing contract talks with their star striker which could well be a sign that the Hoops are in fear that they could well lose Edouard, and I would not be shocked if Arsenal have already earmarked him to replace Laca

For me, the 22 year-old would be a great signing, and one who could fill the void left by Lacazette and then some, with his all-round unselfish style one that could bring us to another level.

Do any of you doubt that Edouard would be a hit in our first-team squad?


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  1. No I wouldn’t be surprised,we just have to look at VVD,Robertson,Tierney..they all been great buys and cheap too, there is a reason Brendan Rodger is a fan of his and might be interested in bringing him to Leicester.

  2. I think around 30m is dead cheap for Laca, 35-40m should be about right if he were to be sold.
    If he does go, i really hope we get in a ”targetman” type player.
    The reason is pretty simple, we already have alot of pace and up top in Pepe, Auba, Martinelli and Nketiah, but none are known for their aerial prowess.
    We also have players that can actually deliver the ball via crosses and freekicks which we havent really had for some time and i would like us to have a plan B, C D etc if certain things dont work out well we have an option from the bench to change things up.
    If we do sell him and go for Edouard i’ll be happy aswell

    1. You know I was thinking the same exact thing £27m for Laca? Wow we really don’t rate the man.. at this point he should just leave before we destroy his career.. Laca is a £40m buy at least.. if he was in say Juve and had a bad season and we want to buy he bearing in mind he is important to Juve as he is to us do you think they will take us seriously if we bid £27m?

    2. Val: This is Arsenal; so I would not be one bit surprised if the sold Laca for 27-30M. MAybe there is really little/no money for transfer, so we must sell before buying.

    3. I agree about a target man and having a different option but by looking at teams like Man City,Liverpool, Leicester city, seems they are going out if fashion which is a pity,looking at Chelsea you can see what players like Giroud bring.

    4. I’m not shocked by the fee given the Coronavirus financial implications, and the fact that he only has two years left on his contract. But the price given isn’t mine of course and is stated in CalcioMercato, which could mean anything

    1. As far as I’m aware, we are unlikely to see him fit again in 2020, and that sort of injury may not be the easiest to get over. Fingers crossed he will stay fit for the entire of 2021, but we couldn’t just rely on that

  3. As long as we don’t replace him with that SPAL/Napoli player or Nketiah then I have no problem him leaving.

    1. Edourd is good. But I do think if Laca leaves (i will miss his fight and funny goal dancing) we get a striker that can use his head. Auba scored some headers last season but I want a Drogba or Giroud, dead clinical with the head. All I want to be hearing from Peter Dury all season is

      “Tierney crosses! Arsenal leads…Sensational!”

      Got my point?

  4. Patrick, I agree with Val, that the valuation for Lacazette is way too low. I would be disappointed if Arsenal accepted the valuation you have given.
    However I would be excited if Arsenal got Odsonne Edouard, as he is not only ready to play now, but has a real future.
    Arsenal is apparently interested in Andrea Petagna of S. P. A. L. a tall rugged striker for Plan B as described by Val.
    As Val also states

  5. Arteta has convinced AMN and he will not be leaving Arsenal. The player wanted a move away to play in his favoured CM position but he looks set to stay. All bids for him will be rejected

    1. I almost said thank god.. I hope you are right bro because I am a big fan of AMN.. I feel like he is the most assured in all the academy first team players.. he should be given a run in CM instead of buying some of the CM’s the club has been linked with.. he can be our own Partey that also plays in defense occasionally.

  6. We are very strong with Laca in the team.. to replace him will cost nothing less than 50m.. the same with Auba.. I am hearing Edouard everywhere.. who in their right mind will take Edouard over Lacazette.

      1. just some fun facts for you both @quicy @Kobin
        Laca is 29 years old, has 2 years remaining on his contract and in all comps scored 12 and assisted 7 (5ft7- 1.76m) valued at £43m on
        His value is declining with age and form so it is probably the right time to cash in on him.
        I would take £35m for him no less.
        Odsonne Edouard is 22 years old ( no idea on contract length ) and in all comps scored 27 goals and assisted 19 (6ft 2” – 1.87m )is valued at £13.5m on
        I know the Scottish prem is nothing on our league but he nearly tripled Lacas contribution, is 6 years younger and is mush taller than Laca aswel.
        So , we’ll lose on making any money from selling laca, well we’ll actually lose out in that department but if we do buy Edouard, we will have a much bigger potential sell on later in his career but more importantly is his age, he has so much room to improve and be part of this team for years to come.
        The club are being pretty smart if all the targets we are hearing actually come to the club, they are definitely looking at the short, medium and long term future of the club.
        The future’s bright, the future’s red and white!

    1. You are danm right,don’t just know how many Arsenal fans reasons. Does it mean it’s not right to have 2 proper world class strikers in our club? Or some persons alergic to this?

    2. I for one, and there are quite a few
      others I reckon.

      Laca is a tremendous player but if
      AFC arent SERIOUS about offering
      the Frenchmen an extension than
      he must be moved on NOW. How
      many Arsenal fans would be a
      little concerned if Edu and MA
      decided to extend Laca for another
      3 years @ say £200K a week with
      the midfield deficiencies still yet
      to be resolved?

      I l love Laca but if there was a time
      to move him on its NOW and quite
      frankly if MA decided a like for like
      replacement Edouard would be my
      #1 choice

  7. We don’t need a striker we have auba and 3 or 4 youngsters that can help. How many goals did Laca score last 2 years? Spend the money on a midfielder instead.

  8. a good perfect long replacement of lacazette is clear odsonne edouard (pace attacker, good with the ball,dribbling) imagine him and aubameyang

  9. A little of topic Petagna, strikervof Napoli loaned to SPAL is rumoured to have be struck be COVID19.

      1. Ba, see my post above re Petagna.
        He is young and fit, Covid19 should not kill him.
        He could always move to the USA where the President believes it is a myth.

  10. I quite agree we have 3 young strikers to support Auba, but to be honest they are spare that may fail us when the stage get heated.
    A proven premiership big forward like Ings or Chris wood can help in converting those crosses coming from Pepe, Saka and Tierney.

  11. We are not buying another striker. Not when we have several young ones and Auba. The money would be used to secure Partey and probably another midfielder.

  12. Lacca is not going to be sold for under £40 mil, he is worth far more. If teams aren’t willing to pay the price, dont sell, we need lacca for at least another season.

  13. Very good news about AMN Kev.Having seen Edourd on numerous occasions, he is a class act in a League which is low in quality due to the lack of money other than in the case of two sides.From what I’ve seen, this guy is better than Dembele of Lyon who is apparently worth in the region of 50m.He is more skilful, quicker and an excellent finisher and like Lacazette he can drop deep and link up play.I like Laca, but if he leaves Edourd would be the ideal replacement.

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