Could Liverpool cut their losses as Arsenal prepare offer?

Arsenal are claimed to be eyeing a bid to sign Daniel Sturridge from Liverpool this summer, but would they sell?

The Reds have relied on the English forward for goals since the sale of Luis Suarez to Barcelona two years ago, but his injuries have prevented him from having a real impact for the side.

The 26 year-old has only managed to appear in 25 Premier League matches over the past two seasons, scoring 12 goals in the process. His return per appearance is more than respectable, but the fact that he is rarely available must be frustrating.

The club signed Christian Benteke last summer in order to try and cover for the injury-prone star, but the Belgian has failed to earn a regular starting place at Anfield, but did manage to rack up eight league goals in his 26 outings this term.

LFC also have young English forward Danny Ings in the squad, and he started the season in great fashion, but he also fell foul of injury, and is only nearing a return from that injury he picked up back in October.

With Arsenal supposedly readying a £30 Million offer for Sturridge, Liverpool will have to consider the striker’s worth to their team, and that sort of fee could appear generous for a player who is regularly on the sidelines.

If the Anfield club were to win the Europa League final in 10 days, they will secure Champions League football for next season, and they will no doubt be eager to strengthen their squad and numbers if they were to achieve that.

I don’t think any Reds fans will be keen to see the striker sold in order to reinvest the money in strike-targets, and their manager Jurgen Klopp recently praised Sturridge as being ‘unbelievable when fit’.

I don’t think that the striker will be allowed to leave in the summer, but his continual injury issues could mean a substantial fee could persuade Liverpool to cut their losses.

Would we be willing to fork out the cash needed for Sturridge? Do we really want ANOTHER injury prone player in the squad?

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    1. I want to believe we can do better than Sturridge or Lukaku. But in my opinion they are both an improvement on Giroud.

      It’s St. Arseringham’s day today, if Tottenham beats Southampton.
      What a shame.

        1. LOL…I’m glad Tottenham lost. However, not happy that we have to depend on other teams to do our business for us. You had to wait till Southampton scored the winning goal to respond right? I’m sure you had your heart in your mouth till then…Since finishing above Tottenham is as good as winning the BPL, or even better?
          Give me a break.

  1. Daniel sturridge really, aren’t we tired of injury prone players I believe we can get Icardi or lacazette for 30mill

  2. this is a rumour with no fact behind it.
    Why would they sell and he want to go?
    Perhaps if klopp goes for.lewandovski or whatever
    He is called…

    1. i reckon if we got one of….

      louwee swaaredz
      gongzaalow higwayne
      edenzon kervaknee

      we could do well
      hopefully arrghsayne whengaarr will agree

      1. lol “Viera” is the one that really annoys me. He’s a legend, an icon- learn to spell his name!

  3. We can’t sign won’t work and its not possible…
    I don’t like the idea of Lacazette too…

    I would love Morata and maybe Lacazett,I just don’t want only Laca cos I don’t think he is a top No.9…

    if we are to choose only one,Morata is ok, but we need more one…therefore we can add Laca or Yarmalenko

    1. Tried to look him up on youtube. Could only find two small clips, one of him scoring a goal, no surprises there. And the other of him getting out of a tricky situation, with sublime piece of foot skills, which Santi would’ve been proud of.

      I’m glad when I hear we go after English CBs. England can produce these as well as any nation out there. It’s the attackers I worry about. Hopefully Chambers will come on leaps over the next few years. And even if he doesn’t, I don’t think you’ll see an English CB duck or avoid the ball in the way some of our foreign ones have over the years.

      If this rumour is true, then we must have gotten nowhere with those two you Italian CBs

  4. A fit and in form
    Daniel Sturridge
    by all means.
    But he’s hardly ever
    fit and in form.
    Arsenal readying a 30 mill bid for Sturridge. Lol.
    No wonder Wenger stays with Giroud.
    At least Giroud is able to play every week
    which is more than can be said for Sanogo
    Chamberlain Walcott Wellbeck Wilshere
    Artea + Rosicky.
    Put in a 15 mill bid for Divock Origi.

  5. Id say we could have gotten him ahead of liv all those years ago if che were willing to sell to us. It’s a wonder we never went for him. Do I see Arsene paying thirty mil for another English injury prone player, maybe, but Sturridge is a proper finisher. I believe his injuries could get worse at Arsenal though. A little bit torn on this one – I liked Sturridges dad as a player and it’s clear he picked up a few things from his old man. He is a very very good player, not a great one, better than what we have up top all the same. The injury thing and with English attackers not being as good as the best foreign attackers, this is a big con, esp with some of the stuff we’ve had to put up with. Like I say, I’m a little bit torn.

  6. I will not be surprised if we do get him, we may not be keeping some English lads so the board may see it as give and take scenerio.

    We give them injury prone Theo and we take injury prone Sturridge… and then we go next season with no fit CF… well we will have Giroud but he may as well be sat on the bench while playing for all the good he does most the time.

  7. We really don’t need Sturridge specially at that price, add 10-15m more & Lukkaku is ours! Injury prone player & not really the kind of striker that will transfigure our forward line. Sorry he is a good striker but we need a great one.
    Somebody that can be a leader, not injury prone, can score at least 22G & provide 6-8A a season in the EPL. Of course if he plays across all competitions even more!! Somebody who can inspire the squad…and he is not that type of player!!

    Continue to make wrong moves & choices and our best players specially those who want to see moves to make us win & allow us to make that leap will just force a move out of the club!!
    The Sanchez rumours looks every bit real to me…can’t blame him really (even tough he’s been poor this season). Even Ozil is starting to think twice about it. Wenger needs to understand & stop looking for bargains they don’t always work as he can tell!

  8. Without Ozil, there will be more penetration and forward play with more goal threats..

  9. Daniel Sturridge is NOT a TOP CLASS STRIKER. This guy is always injured Liverpool would eat your hand off for £30m. Arsenal need a TOP CLASS STRIKER what Arsenal have at the moment is
    not good enough to compete and Daniel Sturridge is not going to make any difference.
    Wenger needs to get the finger out and make sure he gets a TOP CLASS STRIKER before the Summer Transfer Window Closes.

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