Could Luis Suarez help Arsenal to win the title?

Arsene Wenger famously made a concerted effort to bring Luis Suarez to Arsenal 18 months ago, although the strange rumours about the Gunners offering Liverpool 40m plus 1 pound sounded extremely far-fetched at the time but is now taken as true. The Telegraph is claiming that Wenger tried again to sign Suarez in the summer, and that he is still keen to bring him to the Emirates.

But Liverpool repelled our bids and Suarez went on to score 31 goals to help Liverpool to second place in the Premiership table, which then secured the Uruguayan a big money move to the Spanish giants Barcelona. This has hardly been the success that was expected and Suarez has only scored two goals in his 11 La Liga appearances so far and there is already talk of Barca cutting their losses on the volatile hitman. He reportedly cost the Catalan club 75 million GBP

… I lost my balance … falling on top of my opponent … I hit my face against [Chiellini], leaving a small bruise on my cheek and a strong pain in my teeth.
Suárez’s defence to the FIFA Disciplinary Committee, 25 June 2014

Although Suarez has a penchant for snacking on opposing defenders, he was virtually “unplayable” last season (according to Brendan Rodgers anyway) and he very nearly carried the Anfield side to the League title single-handed. If he could regain his old form back in the Premier League for Arsenal he would make a fantastic partner to Alexis Sanchez and practically guarantee goals on a weekly basis.

Wenger obviously thinks that he would be able to control Suarez’s temperament, but would Arsenal fans even want him at the club?

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  1. I dislike Suarez. The guy is dirty. The guy is a cheat. The guy wastes his talent. I would not bring him to Arsenal despite the fact he was the best player in the PL last year and one of the best in the world.

    That said – I also trust in Wenger to work with him. RVP was well known for his reckless streak and was constantly red carded in his early Arsenal days. Wenger changed that and adapted him into the world class striker he became. Would it work with Suarez? Hell if I know. BUT if Wenger took the risk, I would back him to see it through.

    I feel this is all a bit moot though – the chances of Barca offloading him cheap is a big fat 0 and before we buy him you KNOW City, Utd and Chels will come calling. Hell, even Liverpool have financial clout to go knocking! I do not see it.

    1. He is a dirty racist, diving, biting, malicious player little chav scumbag of a player.
      He is not the sort of person who should wear an Arsenal shirt.

      Sounds more like a Chelsea player to me but all just rumour mongering anyway.

    2. Absolute bs.
      I would have suarez in a heartbeat.
      That 4 goals he scored against norwich.
      The quality of those goals left me speechless .

      Worlds best striker becomes available u move the earth to get him.
      Wasted talent? Hilarious.

      I actually watched liverpool last year just to watch him.

      1. Exactly he was out of this world last year, his goals, his runs, his trickery damn. I’d like him in our team without a doubt 🙂

    3. I think Suarez’ act is a result of psychological inbalance. When pushed too far, he does stupid stuff. If he finds peace outside the pitch (such as not getting constantly picked on by other teams’ supporters), his shenanigans on the pitch will be absent as well.

      I too does not want a player that could possibly ruin or damage the respect our club has built up during the years concerning fair play (i can only remember one or two incidents with Cazorla related to arsenal players diving). However, I hope and think there will be less fuzz around Suarez in Arsenal than it was in Liverpool.

      All i can say is maybe.

  2. Ahh:

    1. No he cant help us win the league as he is not our player

    2. I don’t see Barca selling him anytime soon. Am sure he will be given atleast 2 seasons and if he flops maybe they will offload him after that. They paid good money, lost a quality player in Sanchez and took him despite his antics.

    3. Are we really in for another striker? I know we have been crying out for the WC striker for years now but with OG/ Welbz/ Theo/ Sanchez/ Akpom – Sanogo/ Joel / Poldi I don’t see how this will work. Ofcourse offloading some of those listed and bringing someone of high quality would be welcome. My preference would be a Laccazete or Dyabala (sp) would be most welcome, young, potential WC players who would come without the drama and am sure at lesser prices.

    1. I myself have become a massive fan of Lacazette and I personally would take him over Suarez. He’s cheap and in due course will become world class. Fingers crossed that we get him next summer. Seems we are the only top club in need of a striker right now. There’s no place for another striker in City, Chelski, Barca, Real, Bayern, Juve or PSG. So come the summer, here’s hoping that Lacazette be wearing the Red of Arsenal. COYG

    1. Suzie – expensive, yes – risky, no.
      Falcao – Expensive, yes – risky, yes.
      Cavani – expensive, yes – risky, no.

      Why? Suarez has proven himself to be one of the best players in the world, as he played in the PL. Falcao is not worth mentioning – just look at his performance in manure. We dont want that player.
      Cavani has as mentioned below, been scoring consistently in different leagues for the last five years, and he’s a power plug up top to keep them goals coming even in the PL. I dont see any of them coming though

  3. I can’t see barca giving up on him after only a couple of months.Remember he missed the first eight games.

  4. I would take Suarez in a heart beat!

    Of course, he comes with a bad temperament, but it is an offshoot of the amount of passion he has for the game. The kind of “bad temperament” that is unacceptable is the kind that comes with a certain Balotelli, where he gets to a point where he doesn’t give two shits about his team!

    Because Wenger it is common knowledge that Wenger already tried to sign him, I wouldn’t think it would be unrealistic… With Sanchez and Suarez playing together, we would be scoring goals for fun!

    1. But he’s not scoring for fun in
      the best team in the world
      Ronaldo Bale Rodriguez Modric
      Ilaramendi Isco et all.

        1. ha ha throw in those tests to see
          if your awake . You know what
          I mean Messi Naymar Xavi Iniesta
          Mascherano Busquets et all

    2. @kis_SA
      Not a fan of Luis. But I can’t deny his deadly skillset. He and Alexis together would rip any defense to shreds…

      1. Yeah I know he might come with some baggage, but he is too good to not look twice at… He is also a team player, and doesn’t have the ego of some other world class players, in my opinion!

        Look, no one can guarantee that he won’t nibble on someone’s shoulder, but I would take the risk!

  5. And how do you spell that word…errrmmmm…..lemme see….wait a sec….what was it now…come on…..hmmmmm…O….ohhh….okay….yes right… it…..

    D E L U D E D as fcuk

  6. Be aware that the source of the story is The Sun and not the Telegraph who were only quoting them. The only reason Barca will sell is if they’re facing financial difficulties. He’s Suarez and will come good eventually. I’d rather we focus on getting Dybala instead next Summer….

    1. Indeed. Barca wouldnt sell him during their transfer ban, and at the time that is over, he would be 29, turning 30. Sure, he would still be able to bang in some goals for us, but i would rather have someone like Dybala or Lacazette, who both are more than good enough for the first team (at least a lot better than Welbeck to rotate with Giroud on top)

  7. Suarez any day any time will be a BIG PLUS to this Arsenal team so I’d love to have him in our team if he is available…I SEE A BRIGHTER FUTURE FOR ARSENAL especially if we manage to clone Thomas Rosicky

  8. What happened to the the contract signed by his agents, him and Liverpool regarding the 40 mil buyout clause?Completely ignored by all parties including the football league when Liverpool said b******* to it.A complete sham.
    leave Suarez where he is and Barcelona which their overinflated bill.
    don’t want him now.

  9. This article is based on a flimsy rumour, it will never happen. Suarez is too far gone in his ways, and we need to realize that Wenger will also not be at Arsenal forever, perhaps only until the end of his contract, so those saying Wenger can change and help control his temper are being a bit short sighted. Realistically, Barca will probably only let him go for 60m+…do you honestly think Wenger will fork out that much for one player?

  10. Some of you fans have no shame, After rasict Suarez basically said he’s happy the Arsenal transfer didn’t go through and him and Gerrard mocked us you still want him….When there’s other strikers available who have no history with our rivals..Cavani,Dybala,Lacazette etc come on lads let’s have a bit of pride

  11. Giroud is been improving, Welbeck is slowly adjusting and could be a fantastic player for us. We’ve seen Akpom playing minutes who got us hyped, young Sanogo scoring his first goal for Palace already. I don’t see the need to invest a massive sum in our centre forward position now to be honest, rather have it saved to get replacements for Arteta/Flamini/Diaby and on the longer term Rosicky/Cazorla/Mertesacker

  12. As I’ve stated before. Suarez main objective was to get to Spain so as to be with his woman. He ain’t leaving there now even if he has to play for Granada at the bottom of La Liga…

  13. People are strange. I personally would be totally okey with Arsenal using all means to win the leauge.

    Being dirty is also part of the game. Suarez would transform us all into beast mode, and all of you people know it. But hey, let us continue buying neat people and fight for the loser trophy and chelsea can win the leauge with tw@3ts.

  14. We won’t win the PL without a Top striker.
    It’s as simple as that.

    It does Not have to be Suarez but we still need a Top striker. Suarez and Walcott are wingers. Top teams have top wingers (ie Di Maria, hazard) but they ALSO have top strikers (Aguero, Costa etc).

    Also, we are an injury prone team. We can’t gamble on Walcott and Sanchez being injury free all season.

    To be a WC club, we need a Top Striker

    1. Montpellier won Ligue 1 with Giroud, why cant we win PL with him? With a consistent giroud, the striker is one of our smalles concerns. Yes, he’s not as good as Benzema, but he’s good enough to complement players like Sanchez and Walcott, as well as score in big matches, as he’s done for us so far this season (manure, City, Saints, pool, Everton).


      Which position in out topXI do we need to upgrade?

      All i can see that we need is complementation to the defensive midfielder and striker. As for wingers, Oxlade and Campbell are until proven otherwise, also good substitutes. One has to go if we want a new winger.

  15. I have to hand it to Wenger he knows how to handle Arsenal Fan’s he leaks something about being interested in buying a TOP TOP Class Quality players in the future. When he has no interest in the bringing the player to Arsenal. The fan’s buy it every time. Wenger out..

  16. Never going to happen sorry. I don’t want him no matter how good he is. He would upset the dressing room big time. Reason he is finding it hard is the team is not set up for him but in my view the best player that has ever payed the game & that’s just what I think.we don’t need £50 £60 million pound players. We just need a good pre season with a few new buys. Got to say the other night Chelsea player shit he took a push and fell like he smashed his leg to bits. Lol he should be banned for 6 games for cheating simple. Some of the players coming over tho the EPL need to stop this as I’m a big fan of EPL and don’t want this crap from over paid players

  17. and suarez would want to come to the emirates because ????????. the master of nearly signings still likes him , dream on children , suarez is a world class star , and there is no room for that particular breed og footballen in any wenger team . wenger has to be the big name , always . no footballer can eclipse the clown , no way .

  18. This Suarez to Arsenal is all pie in the sky. With regard to his biting, it is terrible behaviour but In all of the incidents I don’t think he has seriously injured anyone. I think that the dangerous challenges we regularly see and the career destroying injuries which can and do result is far more serious. The deliberate stamping on an opponent is just as serious as biting. So I think that Suarez has been treated more harshly with regard to biting than players guilty of equally or more serious offences.

    Would I want him at Arsenal? I am not sure, if his behaviour can be controlled then yes.

    Do I think he will come? No chance.

  19. These rumours are petty Suarez is the 4th best performer at Barcelona this season he has 14 goals and assist in 15 games does that sound like a player who is struggling

    No chance of him leaving

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