Could Man United try and raid Arsenal’s top stars under new ownership?

If you were to identify the two most influential Arsenal players this season, you would almost certainly say Martin Odegaard and Bukayo Saka. This season those two Gunners have been on another level, as if they have made it their job to guide Arsenal to Premier League glory. Any coach, if he were to raid Arsenal for stars, would probably take Odegaard and Saka as his first two choices, but signing the pair will cost a lot of money, so who would be unwise enough to come for the Arsenal duo?

Stan Collymore believes Manchester United could come for the duo under their potential new ownership. He explained why on Caught Offside: “If Manchester United end up getting taken over by ridiculously wealthy owners, there is no reason why they couldn’t look past De Jong and go after the real big hitters who are destined to become the next global superstars.

“They can blow most teams out of the water now, let alone under potential Qatari ownership. If they get taken over, what’s stopping them from going in for Arsenal’s Martin Odegaard or Bukayo Saka in the summer?

“You’re not telling me Manchester United’s financial power wouldn’t at least make the Gunners, as well as the players themselves, stop and think.”
To be honest, Saka and Odegaard are the backbone of Arteta’s drive, and losing both of them could be devastating for Arteta in the future. But I doubt Arsenal will ever sell them; the two should be deemed priceless and untouchable.

But anyway, who would want to quit Arsenal with all of the progress they’ve made, especially to the perrenial underperforming Man United?

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  1. I don’t know if Collymore sets out to play the Devils Advocate role or whether he is simply a buffoon? On reflection, given his track record, it is definitely the latter.

  2. There’s nothing stopping anyone enquiring about our players and there is already enough clubs who could do what Collywobbles suggests – city, chelsea, newcastle, psg, real, barca – but our club has more than just money, it has tradition and that’s something money just can’t buy… and why players like Martinelli and Saka love playing for The Arsenal.

  3. Nowadays I don’t worry at all, not many better places to be for any player these days. I believe they want to be a part of the great Arsenal History. This wonderful team has capacity to win more than the league 🙏

  4. I don’t see Odegaard or Saka leaving or Arsenal entertaining any bids for either of them. They are integral parts of this team so wouldn’t be getting an upgrade in game time and if they went to a team run by Pep or Klopp they would probably see less game time. I don’t see either of them wanting to switch leagues because there’s just not the same level of competition, it would purely be a trophy haul. Had we not had such a good season then perhaps there would’ve been more to be concerned about but I don’t see either of them wanting to leave.

  5. I believe we should be discussing more important things like “WHY THE HECK HAS SAKA NOT SIGNED” and also about new deals for Saliba and Ødegaard. We should pay less time to witless buffoons like this non-entity

  6. They can enquires about our player but let say we want 300 or 400 million.what they can do?

  7. This might be a bit old fashioned but Arsenal gave Odegaard a chance when it wasn’t so promising at RM and has since shone under Arteta’s tutelage and Saka is home grown and adored by us all. Neither look as though they are after being money bags as a top priority and value the tradition that comes with being a Gunner and the opportunity to carry on being successful with us.

  8. The recruitment of players with good characters has been fantastic at Arsenal. These guys are to a man intelligent, ambitious, humble and loyal – that’s why fans adore every one of them. Arsenal are still riding up a wave – we are nowhere near our peak yet, with one of the best and most innovative managers in world football. Players are visibly developing and we play great football. Although globally huge we remain a community club in the capital of the most successful league in history. Fans and players are very close. Our greatest players stay involved after retiring – “once a Gooner…” is a fact. Our squad is very close and we reward players fairly.
    Seriously – who would wish to leave?

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