Could Man United’s lucky win be GOOD for Arsenal?

They say that the good and bad luck that each and every football club has to cop[e with should even itself out over the course of a season, but a lot of Arsenal fans will disagree with that and wonder when the likes of Chelsea and Leicester City will have to cope with something like a full team of players out injured all the bloody time.

That old football adage will not be much comfort to Slaven Bilic or the West Ham fans and players either, after they were the latest to fall foul of the walking disaster that is the Premier League referee Mike Dean. Whether it was bias to United or simply, as some pundits have labeled it, rank bad refereeing, the decision to senf off West ham’s Feghouli for an early clash with Phil Jones that was a yellow card at best and probably more so for the United defender, has become a huge talking point.

Dean lost the plot and followed that awful decision up with quite a few more over the course of the game. United won the game and of course that is not good news for Arsenal as they are moved to within a point of us in the EPL table. There has been a lot of talk about Dean after the match, including a real slating by Tony Cascarino on Talksport who called for Dean to quit and declared him as too old and simply not up to the job.

The football authorities cannot ignore this and if they do decide to act and call time on Dean’s EPL career I reckon it has got to be seen as great news for the Gunners. Officious and incompetent he may be, but I believe he is also anti-Arsenal and if this lucky win for United signals the end of Mike Dean then I will see it as worthwhile.

Sam P.


  1. joe from kenya says:

    off topic still gutted from last night’s perfomance,why was giroud celebrating his equalizer like it was a winning goal instead of getting the ball and running with it to the centre to get a winner?? if wenger really loves the club despite how this season goes he should just walk away and pass the mantle to someone else,doing the same stuff every season and expecting different results is just insanity,tonight our best hope is a london derby draw or a spurs win coz catching up with spurs is easier than chelsea,i love this club so much but something has to change at the end of the season,gooner for life and the next

    1. Jim A says:

      Never understood why time could be running when there is a stoppage in play such as a goal or injury? Shouldn’t a goal stop time?

      1. Break-on-through says:

        Excellent point, a rule should be brought in where a team has one or two minutes to celebrate and if they go over the captain should receive a yellow card. The time should be stopped or added on, they say they add time for goals in stoppage time but I never see many going sufficiently over. That was fourth place mentality from Giroud, hate players going overboard with the smaller accolades. Remember Fab and the gang when we scraped fourth that year. It’s a pity Giroud chose last-night do that or it’s a pity he couldn’t do it with an opener, because I think it’s actually of the best celebrations Ive seen, it would be his or Mkhit’s alone.

    2. Pablo Picaso says:

      Totally agree with you bro.

      Giroud gave a MOTM performance but the nature of his celebration were uncalled for considering we needed the 3 points and most of his team mates were rushing back to the centre. Anyway we cant fault him too much I am sure emotions got the best of him.

      Wenger needs to have a word with Cech, these near post goals for such an experienced player are getting out of hand. He cant even save a PK to save his life, next time just don’t dive for Christ sake and maybe you will look less silly. Wenger also needs to have a word too with Ramsey or even better at the end of the season let both Wenger and Ramsey and other players not fit to wear our colours live.

      Never thought I could say this but team Spurs all the way tonight. Should Chelsea win or even draw I just have a feeling our better performing players like Sanchez will just give up all together and we might not even make top 4 this year.

  2. dragunov762mm says:

    Mike Dean fired by FA sound hilarious. Any idea how to do it? FA is not parliament. You can’t wipe a refs (even as expired as old Mike) by street protesting or legal impeachment. FA is a dictator in the Republic of EPL. LOL!

    1. Break-on-through says:

      I agree, it’s never gonna happen. We see refs being clowns almost every week, there is only about three or four that are consistently decent. But even they will ruin you sometimes.

  3. Ramterta says:

    Forget mike dean michael oliver is an arsenal fan.
    Was it not for him we would have conceded 5 or 6.
    Our best player by far

    1. Wilshegz says:

      either Xhaka’s foul shouldn’t have counted n it shouldn’t have been a penalty or Fraser’s goal shouldn’t have counted as they were both the exact same kinda foul.
      n that’s from a standard referee view… how much more one you claim to ‘support’ Arsenal

      1. Break-on-through says:

        And there supposed to be quicker to give them outside the area than when in it. The fact we came back means we have a shout at curing ref justice.

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