Could Arsenal fans believe that we can equal Man City’s Treble success?

As a Gooner, is it bad to not feel happy for City’s treble win? I bet that’s a question many of you are battling with. Anyway, what does City’s treble win mean for Arsenal’s plans?

Do Arsenal just want to win the Premier League, or do they now want to be the real deal, lift the treble, and be considered dominant as City were this season?

For the next few seasons, Manchester City’s 2022–23 season will be the standard of a team having a brilliant season. Even if Arsenal win the Premier League next season, which hopefully they will after a good summer transfer window, and managing to sustain their momentum all throughout next season, that success would be overshadowed if they don’t win the FA Cup and the Champions League (which they’ll be returning to play next season).

Next season, Arsenal should win the league and see if they can collect all the league cups. About the Champions League, it is ambitious to believe they can lift it next season. The Gunners’ Champions League run next season is one in which they go to announce their return to the elite clubs in Europe and push to reach the knockout stages as an absolute minimum.

Man City may have made winning the treble the standard of a successful season in the English top flight, but Arsenal needs to be patient to taste such success. It took the Citizens winning 5 out of 6 league titles to eventually manage to lift the treble.

Arsenal’s time will come….

Sam P

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  1. The simple answer to your question is no way, a child that is still crawling is been expected to start running, it’s a miracle too far to expect. It took years for city to reach the pinnacle they just achieved

        1. How did you know that for sure?
          Football there is no if’s or had it been, maybe we wouldn’t have had the chance to fight for the league had ibrahimovich remained at Chelsea and Liverpool haven’t had do many injured 1st teamers missing for long, the point is there is no certainty in the game, it is what it is, there is no metric to know city wouldn’t have won the league without pep, gush even Leicester won it from relegation

          1. Look at the point gap between our team and Man United this season. Only Man City were more consistent than us

            1. Where did I mention man u?
              City are more consistent than us that’s why the are champions ofcause

              1. We finished second and Man United were far away in the third place

                If Guardiola didn’t work in England, we would’ve seized EPL trophy because we were far better than the other EPL teams

                1. Since you are so sure, please tell me where arsenal will finish this up coming season… City may have won the league more comfortably with a new manager, there is nothing that guaranteed that we would have won EPL without pep, I want you to tell me where we will finish this coming season since you really know that much

                  1. I think we’ll become runner-up again, unless Man City get punished by the authorities

                    1. So you think there will be a rerun of this season’s title race, interesting
                      You seem to underestimate Epl
                      I can’t see a rerun from my side, i expect a surprise as we did surprise many this season, i will keep reminding you of your prediction throughout the coming season…

    1. New season, same challenge, start from zero. So, getting into top 4 is still challenging, so we first need to think about getting into top 4. Pep winning league is much more difficult task than Wenger or Ferguson days. In this era money is flowing at each and every corner in premier league. It is an era in which even relegation threatened teams are spending over 100mil. There are 5 or 6 teams who have spent almost equal money in this 5 -6 yrs, yet only one team is coming up with winner every time.This is the era in which pure tactic, getting right player, getting great players , getting great management and everything should come together to win the league, not just money. This season was missed opportunity for us where everything was coming together for us until last 8 games when we suddenly gave up. But this is life, we fail we try and keep on trying, that’s all we can do.

      1. I also don’t think Ferguson and Wenger would finish in top four consistently, if they manage EPL teams in this ultra-competitive era

        1. That’s your opinion, how is EPL now more harder? When city is making 90+ points almost every season, how hard is it then? Please tell me what made the EPL harder? An EPL where a team can win 10-15 games on the stretch

          1. The Invincibles could only get 90 points in their best season, but Man City easily get more that that every season and they got 100 points once

            1. Your statement kind of validated my case, as tough as you think EPL is how come teams are easily making 90+ points and even 100points even the invisibles couldn’t make such points because it was tougher to get those points then than now, for teams spending billions that is simply down to inflation and football failing to effectively regulate the market.. How much do you think great team of then will cost to assemble in this inflated market where an average player is been sold for 50m-80m, look at the players Chelsea paid half a billion for…
              City has won 4 of the five league titles while managing only one UCL in that same period, that doesn’t sound like a toughest league for me, you can say EPL most exciting league yes but you can’t say Wenger or Ferguson wouldn’t finish in top4 in this league, it’s insulting,

          2. When we talk about football money matters most. It’s a fact that Premier league alone spent more than top 5 other league combined this season. Not only Arsenal or mancity or Chelsea has spent, you can see even Nottingham invested more than 100mil. Its wont be wrong to say that premier league is super league in itself. Each of 20 teams have financially capacity to assemble some of the best team in Europe. And we can see this day in day out how unpredictable can premier league be so to get 90 points in this super league is achievement in itself. The status of premier league was not the same in Ferguson era. You can see with manu spending almost 1 billion but not winning any league. It would not happen in any other league at present scenario.

  2. We can if we improve the team with clever purchased players. If what I have been told that Bellingham has gone to Real Madrid for £88 million( plus addons.). Then Rice and Caicedo ( AKA ” I pass sideways) should be worth £44 million each( plus add-ons ) because Bellingham is worth the two of them put together. Unless Westham and Brighton think Arsenal are stupid. Am I missing something?

      1. Totally agree, can’t see the what all the fuss is about, bang average at best

      2. Remember when Sancho was suppose to be the next Messi.. Typical of English players and their media..

    1. Actually you are in my opinion.
      Supply and demand, along with a players preferred destination, is how the system works.

      It is being reported that there are other clubs out there willing to pay the asking amount for both Rice and Caicedo and if we pass on either or both, they will snap them up.

      Both players seem to want to play for The Arsenal, they are both PL players and would most certainly strengthen our squad (as they would other clubs).

      If the owner is to continue backing MA, as he has done since day one, then we should be able to compete in the transfer market – and if a player is over valued, rely on MA’s judgement.

  3. Like the author’s optimism, but it’s based on hope not any solid factual footing.

    Players need to acquire the right mentality first, and Arteta has to improve his man management and be more flexible and adaptive with his tactics.

    The only trophy with Arteta was the FA Cup, which he won with Wenger and Emery’s deadwood.

    Let him finish something, anything with his players before any foolish dreaming of the treble.

    Top 4 is no guarantee next year with several clubs powering up, we blew our best chance in 17 years this year.

  4. Let’s even start by winning the League first!
    No need cramping up the pressure on anybody.

  5. Yes Arsenal can win the treble because according to the media, we don’t need Bellingham for £88 million., When we can buy Rice and Caicedo for £200 million. Between them, they should get Arsenal those much needed 6 goals that should help us do the treble and at the same time, bankrupt us financially. Oh yeh,it’s true, because Edu is financially challenged and stupid.

    1. Football doesn’t work like that, calm down Bellingham can get you the goals and yet we will not win anything, football is all about the team, having a balanced team is far more important than having any individual player, right now what we need is a better balanced squad quality wise and in depth, Bellingham may be four times better than Rice and Caciedo but both players are the type of players that we need to have a balanced squad to compete better, we scored 80+goals and if we had shut down the other end by conceding around 20goals we would have been champions so I can make an argument that the six goals that you are looking for to win us titles could be usually found at out own end of the pitch by simply conceding less..

  6. i have always been a half glass person but there is not a chance in hell we can accomplish what City done this season
    it has taken city countless seasons just to win the CL
    we are asking to do that in our first season back for years
    the squad depth they have is unreal and whilst we are slowly adding, it will take us a few seasons just to get back in the groove
    if we get out the group stage and make quarters will be a good start
    on the last post
    if you look at the last 4 teams left in the CL, they all had a good target men or two
    some thing we will have to consider for the later rounds. Jan window could also be import to us if we continue in the competition
    onwards and upwards

  7. When I read articles with headlines that refer to “Arsenal fans” I immediately know that article will be less than intelligent.
    To treat “Arsenal fans” as if we all have one general opinion is, frankly, unintelligent.

    The term” Arsenal fans” encompasses countless millions of individual fans the world over and about the only single one thing that ALL those fans share is that they support Arsenal. If you countthenm also being ALIVE, then that is TWO things we all share!

    Within that non specific team will be clergy, drug dealers, burglars, people who devote their whole lives to being kind and compasionate and literally thousands so jobs as well as many who arejobless, retired desperately ill, some who are in professional level finess and about any other list of differences you can imagine!

    So to then ask, do all those people – “Arsenal fans”- think we can or cannot equal Citys treble success, is meaningless drivel.

    A few will believe it. most will not and everyone will have different views as is perfectly predictable for any group of countless millions globally, of humans across our world.

    I write this post simply in order so that some people may think further than just accepting “Arsenal fans “, as if we are ONE entity.

    Patently, we are NOT!

    I wont even give my own opinion, as it has no bearing on what I wished to write and it changes nothing in our team or club.

    1. To cut it short, majority opinion is what wins in the end, if majority of the fans think alike then it can generally be taken as their overall view, that’s how things work, as there is no way every soul will be in same page not even twins are wired like that..

      1. And not giving your opinion because it changes nothing about the club, I found it funny, you can as well not bother at all coming yo this site because it’s all about opinion, nothing we do here has a direct influence on our dear club, we are here as fans to share opinions and views

        1. YES and I stated my opinion, or rather my intention and hope, which was designed to hope – just hope, mind you – to make some people think how silly the term ” Arsenal fans” is, as if we are ONE entity.

          l’ll ask you a serious question though, do you think ANY fan is seriously interested in what I THINK ON TEAM MATTERS ? Because I think it most unlikely.
          You are almost certainly not remotely interested in what I think, and the reverse is also true. THAT IS PERFECTLY NATURAL AND NORMAL TOO.

          Most folk are only interested to put down what they personally think, but for their own ego, and not because they expect anyone much to be interested much, if all all, in what they think.

          If they do think others ARE interested, then IMO they flatter themselves. Mostly!

          1. Well, I learned alot about fans opinion here(on this site), some times I may read opinions here which are superior to mine and I will see reasons to rethink, that’s what this is all about, thou some are arrogant and have too much ego to accept a better and superior opinion but I respect all.
            When you are interacting with the public you are sure to meet some unfamiliar characters which if you don’t know how to relate with such people you may resort to using foul words on them, everyone may not have a great opinion,knowledge,use of words etc, but we all are arsenal fans and deserve to have a voice as long as it doesn’t abuse others.
            if I don’t care about other people’s opinion why bother reading them? we discuss things intensively, disagree etc, to me those are the fun and reason we all are here, at the end everyone wants a successful arsenal fc

      2. Gun down, By your own untrue definition then , which of course I DO NOT ACCEPT AS BEING TRUE- the obvious answer is at least 50.1 % of “Arsenal fans”worldwide do NOT believe we will equal Citys treble.

        Unless YOU can provide evidence to the contrary.

        1. I believe more than 69% of the fans do not believe we can win the treble, but it’s good to have the discussion all the same

  8. We have a good core to compete, the problem is with the depth of our squad.
    Last seasons substitutes weren’t inspiring at all.If we address the quality of our substitutes,then we may be a force.

  9. As a mentality, the club and fan base standard should be to challenge on all fronts, however that isn’t the same as expectation to win everything. As disappointing as this season ended it was successful in terms of progress, now it’s time to decide if progress measures our success again or will only trophies in the coming season do. Biting my tongue, I’d reluctantly take another season of the same as long as next time we are beaten to the title rather than lose it.

  10. I’d say that a “treble success” is one of the furthest items on our fans minds right now. More than likely just looking forward to a good transfer window, pre season and a solid start to next season.

  11. We need to string a whole season together without capitulating before we can even consider being worthy contenders. Make no mistake, Arsenal played well last season but came 2nd not because we were so much better than everyone bar City but because the usual suspects performed so poorly. We cannot expect to again see a season where Liverpool, Chelsea, Man Utd were so diabolical for large parts of the campaign.

    Arsenal and Arteta have a lot of learning to do. Pass with intent for a start. When we do we look as good as anyone in the league but there were too many occasions where it was just being passed sideways or backwards for the sake of keeping possession and that lead to us being caught out a few times.

    I would love Arsenal to win it all but not at the expense of it being a soulless club like City and Chelsea, where £££ rules and we win by way of just buying in the all the best players. Wenger took a group of players, some of whom were absolute trainwrecks, and some of whom we had never heard of and turned them into the most stylish team in the league. Once you’ve tasted that, it’s hard to accept anything less.

  12. Winning a treble has only been done twice in the English Leagues. Once by Fergies Man Utd and now equalled by Pep at City. The reason it’s only been done twice is because it’s a very complicated thing to achieve, and there’s no doubt needs an element of luck along the way. An injury, a dip in form, the weather could play its part. There are so many variables to content with that only the very best managers have the chance to win it.

    But I might also add two more reasons City won the treble. The first is that apart from Arsenal in the PL and Man Utd in the Cups, City weren’t driven as hard as they have during previous seasons.

    The second is where Arsenal fell short and it’s not about bottling it that’s an immature perspective. But it is about experience and experiences of winning consistently when it really matters being able to crank up another gear when it’s required and then being able to rotate those players with experience with those with less experience and maintain a team that can continue to win when it matters. Arsenal took a downward turn when Saliba was injured we used Holding for a couple of games then switched to Kiwior which I think we all agree was a better option. But we didn’t have that experience of losing such an integral player and being able to sustain our PL form.

    So yes Arsenal maybe there in several years from now but we will not be next season the PL, last 16 of CL and possibly a cup and we would be delighted.

  13. My hope for the Arsenal is that they can win a piece of silverware to stop Manchester City winning a treble next season. There will be a lot of very good competition from other clubs just to achieve this. A treble for the Arsenal is currently in the realm of “cloud cookoo land.”

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