Could Ospina replace Cech as Arsenal’s Number One?

Arsene Wenger was always going on about how Arsenal had three ‘World Class keepers’ at the club before we finally sold Wojciech Szczesny to Juventus, but how on Earth can you keep even two happy?

We all know that David Ospina was very clear on his wish to move to Fenerbahce to gain first team football every week, and Wenger has now admitted that it was difficult to persuade the Colombian international to stay at the Emirates ahead of the new season. Le Prof said: “It was not easy, because of course all these players want to play. They are top-level players, they want to go to the World Cup but he will get a number of games here and he will fight with Petr Cech. The fight is quite open. At the moment I play Petr Cech but this battle is not won definitely by Petr Cech because I rate Ospina highly and, anyway, we play other competitions and he will play.”

Wenger already promised Ospina the FA Cup and Champions League last season, so the fact that we are going to be playing a lot more games on a Thursday night in the Europa League this season he should get to play even more often this time around. And if Cech gets an injury Ospina could maybe prove his worth and supplant the ex-Chelsea star as the Gunners Number One, which is definitely possible if he plays a starring role in a few games. At least we know he will be match-ready after playing in all the Cup games….

Maybe being in the lesser European tournament has actually worked in our favour this time?



  1. Jeremy says:

    It’s not going to happen. The most apparent reason, he lacked the physical presence, with due respect.

    1. Verstellung says:


      He is short

    2. Verstellung says:

      Reflexes of a Cat, but his height is detremental.
      I say this as a man who is 5’7″ on a hot day.

    3. gotanidea says:

      Agree, too bad Szczesny is sold to Juventus. Fortunately Arsenal still has Martinez, he is also a good goalkeeper.

  2. Gabie says:

    compare tp Per Cech he is better far, He needs game time , Per Cech since signing to arsenal where did he take arsenal ? Awful season last , He even gifted Fabregas deluded man , Please just shout up and appreciate Ospinah ,Hes a great goal keeper , Cech used to be good at Chelsea not anymore , He is not like BAFOON WHERE YOU CAN SEE that age is not catching him up, Ospina willl be no1 that is why Wenger sold Sczesny and loan Martinez. Accept that and support him as he will take us far.

  3. the barrel says:

    same old stories for Arsenal if we dont sell Ramsey, Giroud, and Ozil. Trust me we will be singing the same every year. These players lose possession like un professional players

  4. HERNAN ROLDAN says:

    I really want someone who tells me this. What is Cech doing so far in Arsenal to deserve to be the number 1 keeper? He was a backup keeper on Chelsea his last seasons and with Arsenal, his performance is not that good. Ospina had better numbers in his first season in Arsenal and them how Ospina can perform great when he has the chance to play if he is not playing regularity.

  5. Ack77 says:

    No just no, ospina is good, very good on his day but cech is world class, a level above. ospina height will also be a big negative on his skills especially in the epl and especially in a team that does not have towering defenders( merts is not counted he played 2 game last season).

    Yes cech isn’t what he was in his prime at chelsea but he still is damn good. simple observation
    Prime: cech is best in the world or at least top 3; ospina isn’t in top 10
    in form: cech is top 3 in the epl at least ; ospina is max top 5
    out of form: cech is still above average: ospina is useless

    consider that cech is more consistent whereas ospina alternate world class with below average performance. there is a reason wenger literally jumped at the chance of getting cech unlike his usual dithering and underbidding.

    1. Ack77 says:

      Well fuk me, cech is having a howler just like holding. Bellerin good offensively but not helping holding. It is clear to me that xhaka misses Ramsey, several time he launched the ball when trying to launch a counter and elneny didnt do the run and we lost the ball. Elneny needs to go even if he is not playing bad, bring on rambo.

  6. Waal2waal says:

    an effective standby is all ospina can be. plays in the shadow of a legend and has a decent keeper coming close behind. i agree he does have cat like quality.

  7. Nothing changed says:

    For me, Ospina is underrated by many. I think Petr has the aura of a Champion because of his winning history with Chelsea and a bit more physical presence due to his size. At the same time, it is hard to deny that he arrived at Arsenal past his prime.

    Ospina is a better shot stopper IMO and is quite confident. To me, there is no world of difference between Ospina and Petre in goal. I definitely rank Ospina miles ahead of Szczesny as a package.

    So if Petre retires it is not obvious to me that we can pry away a better keeper than we have in Ospina. Most top clubs hold onto to their great keepers so we can forget to raid the likes of Man U, Chelsea and perhaps even Spurs and would take Ospina over what Liverpool and City and Everton have as the first choice.

    I think Wenger made the right move holding on to Ospina and shipping Szczesny.

  8. Gabie says:

    @ Nothing changed

    You are a great fan who see the truth about a person and judge based on that, One thing about arsenal fans never like David Ospinah for what i real do not know, When arsenal signed Per Cech the world was happy that he will save us by 12 Points those points went on the drain and making other teams won . I knew he wont make us win while he is still on keeping. Last season he was also awful most of the goals he should have saved but passed him , what makes me angry gave Fabregas a goal on the plate. I wish Wenger plays a team next that win , that it will make all players to work hard also with the keepers.

  9. ruelando says:

    Cech is not the Chelsea Cech and has lost some of his brilliance in goal, however, Ospina is not going to be number one. Ospina is a brilliant shot stopper but lacks the ability to protect arsenal from crosses, which is one of arsenal defensive weakness. While Cech is not the greatest shot stopper anymore he still manages to do the basics and offers more confidence in dealing with crosses.

    In truth, i actually hoped Ospina would move on so that one of our young keepers could be promoted.

  10. Jeremy says:

    Anyone who plays the game knows, it’s always possible to harass GK during corner kicks. Ospina doesn’t have the size nor aggression to look fearsome in such situations. I don’t think any strikers will try to disturb Jens.

  11. Mohlanka Molapo says:

    Martinez must get enough play time this season. He is a superb goal keeper who needs a bit of experience.
    Sanchez must go, Seri in, Lemar in, Nzonzi in.

  12. Arsenogenic says:

    @Jeremy, I hope you are not including Chelsea’s Pedro. He has learnt not to test Ospina’s will to win any battle in the box.

    1. Jeremy says:

      Ospina had been around for a while but he didn’t really manage to strike fear in anyone. Pedro’s case is an isolated incident.

  13. Vlad says:

    Short (for a keeper), injury prone, bad decision making… The fact that we only got a 2mil offer for him from Fenerbahce tells the whole story.

  14. Gabie says:

    But Cascarino insists the veteran shot stopper should now be replaced by Arsene Wenger.

    “I’m not sure that Petr Cech will be No 1 at Arsenal come the end of season,” Cascarino told The Times.

    “The 35-year-old is nowhere near the level he was and rather than using his experience to compensate for fading ability he looks increasingly shaky in goal.

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