Could Oxlade-Chamberlain be the striker Arsenal are looking for?


In the Arsenal pre-season, and with the big players of the squad missing due to their commitments to country through the Euro 2016 and COPA America Tournaments, a player whose injury kept him out of the tournaments is stepping to the plate. Ox Chamberlain is just 22. I had to remind you because I would not be surprised that you may be forgetting. The Ox has scored two spectacular goals in the pre-season and Arsenal fans must be worried that his performances are putting a cold ice into the deal that Arsenal have been looking forward to secure – That of Mahrez joining us from the EPL champions Leicester. But, I would like to give my thoughts on how the OX can be utilized by Arsenal this new season.

My thinking is that looking at the OX play, he has the potential to get a lot of goals in if he was closer to the opponent’s goal posts. He is showing awareness of scoring good goals that will only improve with time. The other thing is he like to dribble and dribblers are good around the 18-yard box, they bring about pandemonium that defenders find impossible to deal with and cause dangers that are quickly converted into goals or assists. The OX also likes to shoot and has been known to shoot on sight. But there is also another quality that he would bring in frontal attack – he is quick and will get behind defenses just out of sheer pace. The OX also has the body frame to hold his own in physical battles. He perhaps had issues with decision making last season but that should improve with time.

Arsenal’s best known project of wing to striker has just been handed bad news as the latest student of the project is being reported as failure (Walcott just has not managed to carry on the route that Thierry Henry and Robin Van Persie before him had taken to establish themselves as world class strikers).

Perhaps, it’s time to scrub off the latest version of this experiment, cut our loses and move on to the next student showing promise. With Walcott, we knew the pace was electric (Why didn’t we sell him to Barcelona when they sniffed around a few seasons back?) but that was about all he had going for him. The premier league defenders seems to have mastered this one dimensional capability and now know how to curtail him. With Ox-Chamberlain, you just know that beyond the pace, there is a football brain in their too and the player will throw in some surprises depending on needs for the moment in the match. His two goals in pre-season were clear manifestation of analysis of the situation and seizing the best possible tools within him to execute just the exact move necessary to get the goal scored. That’s what a good Thierry Henry had mastered. His goals were as diverse as the opportunities needed. The OX has the potential to deliver this same varieties of an end ball that will get many goals counted as goals rather than huge chances. It is this variety that the likes of Giroud, Walcott and even Welbeck are not being providers of.

So for the upcoming season, just go ahead and sign Lacazzete and Mahrez and let the OX be eased into the frontal attack. Get rid of Walcott and let him pick up his career elsewhere. In games that we are deadlocked or in games that we are far ahead in terms of goals he should be introduced as the alternative striker to get his tutelage under the belt. A player like Giroud will soon be leaving the hustle and bustle of the premier league due to age catching up with his feet and that would be a chance for the Ox to seize.

Can the OX be converted into the missing Arsenal striker of the near future?


  1. No, he is not the striker we are looking for. He is not a striker but he can improve his game. He can score goals and work on his final pass. He can be a beast this season and improve drastically. …provided he stays fit.

    He is not the striker we need but he can hold his own ground this season and add depth to the team.. .

    1. Yes maybe he can do all that BUT…
      What if he don’t….and another season waisted for us waiting he impove bla bla bla…
      Don’t forget this is pre season match…when PL starts we ain’t gonna play against Lens Chivas or Stars of MLS born in 1980’s…..we’ll be playing against S’ton, Stoke at Britania Swansea….not to mention MUNutd City Totnam Chelsea L’pool….
      Those are the games where he ‘s gonna disapear – BELIVE ME!

    2. To Uzi Ozil;
      Right answer he never stay fit for few weeks to play as winger, he is not a striker. Ox never ever going to be a player in Arsenal Shirt!!! Maybe something to do with the training in Arsenal, or the pressure the players have to go through. He should be sold ASAP while there buyers, otherwise he gives few games a season and that is all. He scored a goal, and all of the sudden Arsenal got so excited that they found the dream striker!!!! so dream on baby, dream on.

      1. Are you insane? how do you sell such a young player with plenty of talent and potential? he has been our best player in preseason! In terms of confidence and consistency, yes he may not be there yet, but its good to have him in the side as back up…I believe if he can manage to have an uninterrupted season, he will come good.

  2. My My My …same old same old ….
    Walcott missing couple of sitters…pretty good for his standards.

    1. Yeah, and he has a moment in the game when he chases the ball down and goes in hard trying to win the ball and going clear. Why does he show these small fleeting moments of aggression commitment then reverting back to lost in space. If you are going to do it at all you should be doing it from the first minute til you have used up everything, annoys me when I see him just flicking the odd switch.

  3. Couple of points from Chivas game…
    Chambers can’t play as a CB!!!
    Holding and Xaka great additions to the squad.
    We have awesome midfield now!
    Now just to add CB Mahrez and CF we will look like serious contenders!

    1. Yep get 20 mill for Ox now.
      Sell Wilshere before he gets
      injured again. By the way any
      one know why Jack did not
      play yesterday?

  4. no he cannot be our striker but alot of you on here will be eating humble pie when you realise what we have with the ox. know i fly the flag for him bit too much. just convinced by his talent

    he will be huge for us, he has it all, just needs the right coaching and mentoring….dont care how inconsistent he has been, hes 22 and will come good…
    hero in a half shell….turtle power

    1. Same here Muff! So many positives to his game… Can’t help but thinking if we’d had Giroud in the side a few of the balls Ox has been putting in would have found their target. They’ve been quality!!
      I really struggle to understand why so many of our fans write so many of our players off.. Unlike a lot of other positions, whichever wing Sanchez isn’t on is still very much open. (unless of course…. a certain previous player of the season comes on board :O )
      It’s great to see Ox taking his opportunity this pre-season. Heel-chops and first-time dinking the keeper isn’t exactly the sort of things players low on confidence attempt!

      1. Josh the problem with out team u see those delicious balls in the box but let us play a serious game then there ain’t even a single ball into the box i always fail to get why sometimes we so flat

      2. You can tell he’s been working on things over the Summer, I respect him more because of this, shows his commitment. He needs to cut out the odd mistake, when we are in an advanced and vulnerable position, versus a quick counter attack team, he needs to be aware of their game, plan and himself possibly playing into it. I like that goal he scored, the finish reminded me of how Mahrez finishes many of his. Don’t need to beat the last player, the ball does, and it can distract gk. He looks pumped, I’m worried he might over do it a little and pick up an injury. The way he’s playing, and with the players missing, we need him, so it’s good that he’s playing confidently and being all nonchalant.

    2. #muffdiver;
      To you and those AKBs who give me thumb down I have a simple question how many minutes OX played last year and years before that you you think he is the solution to all your problems up front.
      Put it to your thick skull no new striker Giroud the Lamp post is your and you have to get use to it.

    3. The problem with likes Walcott and Ox And if you want with Campbell etc. is that we are waiting too long for them to shine.
      And in this “waiting period” there is no room (they are the reason we don’t by) another players…They had a chance to prove themselves 3-4 years (Walcott 10y) – but they didn’t!
      So sorry – goodbye – bring on some fresh blood some new options.
      Just check out other great clubs in europe…there’s not much examples where clubs are stucked with deadwood players…don’t get too emotional with these (shine in pre-season or in one or two games – then disapear for the rest of the season) kind of players like Wenger.
      Wenger’ve said that he just can see how 60 mil or 100 mil “investment” in one particular player can be a good investment-and that its hard to calculate if the player cost so much money can pay off….???
      Maaaan.. you need to act quickly – buy players (if they are dont fit in sell them) buy another do something …show the world ,the club ,the fans that you are a manager who care and produce the team with the winning mentality!!!
      Pay 50 mil for Cazzette Get Mahrez (send him and to LFC offer they cannot refuse) get us a WC CB sell deadwood!!!
      CAUSE just like one famous commercial says:
      Suarez (40 mil) wow expensive
      Messi 250.000 weekly – wow too much?!

  5. What?… No!!
    Why do fans always do this!? If a player is playing well and scoring in a particular position.. Why would you want to take him away from where he’s being effective? Yes he has a great shot on him when he’s in the mood and strikes the ball very cleanly… But it’s his explosiveness that makes him such a handful. Why take him away from areas that he can isolate players and put him in a congested box?

    1. I disagree…he has poor shots!
      And explosiveness …like what? when he do that pointless run with the ball from left to the right side of the field?

  6. Can the OX be converted into the missing Arsenal striker of the near future?
    Depend on his fitness and how consistent he can be. Ten goals and ten assist a season at less, can he produce that? Thirty EPL fixtures, can he stay fit as long as that? My opinion, so far, Ox is no where near it. His individual style only working in few matches but might be useless in general.
    For me, Joel Campbell is more like a team player, therefore more useful and reliable than Ox.

  7. The Chavs team Arsenal played
    yesterday was right up there with
    super club teams like Bradford PA.
    Last year Oz scored in the
    Community shield win over Chelsea.
    In 31 further appearances he managed another incredible 1 more goal
    thus finishing 9th = top goal scorer for the club.
    2 seasons ago Sanogo hammered 4 goals v Benfica preseason.
    He then went on a scoring spree racking up another phenomenal 1 goal by Christmas
    and placing 10th = on the clubs goal scoring honours board.
    Arsenal clearly DO NOT need any more strikers. We are replete.
    Ox and Sanogo MUST lead the line for Arsenal this season.

  8. Get real in his almost 5 years at Arsenal his scored less than 15 goals in all his games played.He is great on the wings and should stay there,this converting a winger in2 a striker talk is ridiculous,the striker we are looking for belongs to another team,so let’s just go out and buy him, SIMPLE !!!!!! But yes the goal Ox scored against Chivas was pure class.

  9. Haha i don’t see campbell as a striker.this days strikers are like all rounders they need to be fast,strong,and fighter,joel the physical part will make him be an average striker just like theo so thin and wants to play cf.

    1. @khangunners
      Joel leads the line for his country, Costa Rico. And does a fine job of it. Besides Alexis and Santi, he is the most all round player we have…

  10. Wenger said same last season about the Ox. He needs to believe in himself. Simplify his game, sometimes he just runs into blind alleys. I feel he has it all but I don’t trust him to start always because he’s all highlight, no end product. Hope he can improve his final ball.

  11. Mate, The Ox must be reading the comments on ? He certainly looks more motivated and That Goal he scored ? it had Henry written all over it!!

  12. LoL, I wrote the same article 2 years ago: www justarsenal com/could-the-ox-take-arsenal-goal-pressure-off-giroud/30446.

    Now though, I’m not so sure. I don’t think we should read too much into his performance from yesterday. Just like we shouldn’t read much in Sanogo’s 4 goals the other day. And just like no Walcott-out fans read much in his 4 goals against Newcastle a few seasons back.

    ATM the OX is just a prospect – great players do it week in week out and tend not to get injured very often. Remember the OX was also excellent in preseason last year?

    Maybe we should have this conversation again by January?

  13. The Ox has a bit of Rooney in his play, but is more mobile. Hodgson seemed to get plenty out of him for England when he was fit and I rate him over Theo now! He should stop being the club clown (of which he does a brilliant job) and knuckle down and bit, this is a make or break season for him. Though it looks like Wenger rates him and will keep him long term

    I like Joel Campbell too, he covers a lot of ground and can be trusted to always move the ball forward, rarely losing it then getting forward to keep the attacks going. reminds me a bit of Freddy.

    They played well in the pre season games and are probably why AW isn’t bringing anybody else in right now. He’s a man of undying faith, just look at Theo!

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