Could Oxlade-Chamberlain replace Cazorla in Arsenal’s midfield?

There has been a few Arsenal rumours this summer regarding Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, simply because the 24 year-old only has one year left on his current contract with the Gunners. But no-one really believes that there will be any problems regarding an extension and he is expected to sign a lucrative new deal very shortly, and according to Danny Welbeck he is good influence in the dressing room. “I think he’s had some really impressive performances,” Welbeck said.

“He’s had some solid performances and it’s something that doesn’t really come as a surprise to me. I’ve seen him over the years, I’ve seen what he can do and what he’s capable of. I think now he’s started to reap the rewards from it.

“He’s great to have around the dressing room. He can always lift the mood in the camp with a little joke. He’s always got a positive mindset and it’s a good thing to have him around the dressing room.

“He’s putting in some solid performances and he knows that. But he knows in himself that that’s got to be the standard, he has to be consistent with that, improve and get to the next level. I’m sure that’s what Ox is focusing on doing.”

Alex has been playing in many varied positions this season, from winger to central midfield and lately as a wing back, but where does Welbeck think is his best place in the team? “With the quality he has and with his ability on the ball… I’d say centre mid,” Welbeck replied. “I feel like he’s got the ability. I like it when he gets the ball in central mid, he knows that I can run in behind and he can play the ball over the top.

“He’s got that in his locker and that’s something that if we’re in training, we look forward to doing… if he stands somebody up in the centre of midfield and goes past them, they’re not getting the ball back.

“He’s so powerful and quick with the ball. He’s got an eye for a pass too, so it’s centre of midfield for me.”

The latest pairing in the centre has been Xhaka and Ramsey, but with the Welshman’s injury problems, and Xhaka’s agressiveness there are sure to be some rotation, especially with the extra Europa League fixtures ahead. We also have Coquelin, Elneny and perhaps Jeff available for these spots next season, though I don’t think we will see much of Santi Cazorla on the pitch in the next campaign.

So could the Ox take his position and become our perfect playmaker?



  1. Ox is already playing RWB along with Bellerin(rotated)…. get a CM that is not injury prone n top quality like Koke,Verratti,Isco,Fabregas or Kovacic or even Renato.
    ….Wilshere is injury prone
    same with Cazorla now.
    Ramsey even when fit is inconsistent
    Elneny is no better than Adelaide..should be sold ASAP.

  2. Absolutely no for me,Ox Chambo is already progressing in his role as a wing back so need to disrupt his adaptation to that role,unless absolute necessary

  3. My first reaction to this article was “Yes”. And I know what I’m talking about, I’ve tried it in Football Manager and it worked a treat. 🙂

  4. Would love to see what we can accomplish with a midfield three of Xhaka, Ramsey and Ox- for 60 minutes against Bayern at the Emirates they took absolute control of the game. While we were also strong with the back three, I still think that was the best football we played all season (considering the quality of the opponent). It would also allow us to get all of our best players on the pitch in natural positions, and give our two young mfs (Ainsley & Jeff) the opportunity to play 20+ matches this season.

    The only problem might be a lack of tackling/defense- which would explain the Goretzka rumors. Although I have to admit Ramsey definitely upped this side of his game once he was fully healthy and given the freedom to roam.

  5. Yes completely agree. Ox’s talents are wasted at RWB, and he has all the attributes needed for a Cazorla type role – great dribbling, good passing, work rate, as well as putting in some brilliant performances there last year

  6. His position is out wide, more effective there, has the pace , but still lacking some of the technical skill in possession of the ball and his still set is that of a wide player

  7. Get him to sign that contract extension 1st which is much more important then argue about which role he should have.

  8. nope. This is another “Walcott wants to be ST” when he should know his place. Ox now creative enough, and just not talented enough to come close to replacing Cazorla. He’s been great on the wing this season and should be happy he’s part of the starting lineup after being rather useless for years.

  9. A nono for me. Not gifted enough in possessing the ball and very very dangerous in making runs down the wings gifted with sweet crosses than his elder brother Walcott


  11. OX is such an unreliable player, especially defensively.
    Yes, he can do eyecatching things, but never plays well 2 games in a row, and as our biggest problem is opponents playing through our midfield like it is a Sunday game in the park, OX is not the answer.

  12. Yah need to go out and look for cazoLa replacement but i think we may need him sometimes in that place

  13. No ! Ox is a high risk / high reward player. Dangerous wide right bur gives the ball away lots. eg. totally out played (with Dier) vs. France this week.

  14. ox with a def minded player with a good engine like goretzka would be good for our central mid against park the bus teams at the emirates. The thing i like the most about ox is that he doesnt shy from taking responsibility even if does lose the odd ball in dangerous places. Big example the 5th goal for bayern away. everyone was shitting their pants running away from the ball, he went back took the ball and tried to do something even he lost the ball.

    this match and other examples have make me realised that only alexis and ox have the mentality to play against super team like real, bayern and barca. they dont shrink from responsibility. santi also has the ability to take the ball in hot situation and dribble his way out of trouble.
    holding is starting to show his “i dont give a shit who you are” mentality.

  15. Think his best position is out wide either as a wing back or winger. As a centre mid, particularly a deep lying one, I feel he lacks the positional awareness and ability to track runners. While I’m sure he could improve in these aspects, I feel we need a ready made replacement for Santi e.g. Seri, Kovacic, Isco, Naby Keita.

    1. Arsene wenger shud go get players like Isco or veratti 2 replace cazorla instead of relying on Chamberlin & ramson 2 solidify our midfield. As 4 the attack, u shud try as much as possible to Kip Sanchez then go 4 lacazerate & Douglas Costa. Comin 2 defense line, he shud go 4 bonucci Bcos koseilly is injury prone player

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