Could Ozil be getting frustrated with the Arsenal strikers?

Would Ozil move on from Arsenal??‏ by JH

I write this article with a degree of trepidation, earlier I wrote an article about Arsenal being one player from greatness, a striker. In said article I asked what the point is in having a Mesut Ozil when we don’t have a top striker, now my mind has shifted to something more disturbing, what if Mesut Ozil feels the same way?

Mesut has been our standout player this season, he leads the assist charts and chances created charts comfortably, he looks set to break Henry’s record for assists and Lampard’s record for chances created, in short Ozil is on the verge of having the most creative season in PL history.
If your not an Arsenal fan, you may say Ozil should be happy then, his chances are being converted, but we Gunners know that to be false, in fact our profligacy in front of goal is abysmal, right now roughly 1 out of every 8 chances Ozil creates is converted, now that doesn’t make for great reading, but it gets even worse when you think about it deeper.

We all know the genius of Mesut Ozil, the effortless creativity, the superhuman vision, so let me ask you within those 8 chances in which only 1 is scored, how many are difficult chances? 1? 2 maybe, 3 is probably a stretch. Which means of those 8 chances, lets say 5/6 are great chances, yet we convert just one.

I, as I am sure many here have, have seen Ozil get frustrated with poor finishing and movement many times this year, our mastermind has been the assist machine for Real Madrid and Germany, he is used to having the movement and finishing of Ronaldo, Higuain, Muller, Benzema, Reus and so on. Now he is trying to bring out the best in Walcott, Giroud, Chamberlain, they aren’t good enough for Arsenal Football Club, they are not good enough for Mesut Ozil. I am sure in the aftermath of the Barca game, he would have looked at the MSN and wondered what he could do behind those 3, hell even behind just one of them.

I fear deeply that failure to buy someone who has the ability to make the most of Ozil’s ability may lead to him looking for a club who already has one, Ozil has Henry’s record in his sights but the fact is he would have already surpassed it had our strikers been lethal, something they are incapable of doing. Ozil is now in his peak, now is the time for him to break records, win cups, win the league, and even the champions league, if we cannot provide that, chances are he will find someone who will.

What do you guys think? Will Ozil refuse a new contract or stay to provide the wasteful Giroud?? Or will failure to sign a true finisher lead to us losing the greatest creative mind we will see for many years?

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By Jonnhirons

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  1. u put the worlds best at creating opportunities behind giroud and theo….lol

    it took what 8 years to find a dm after gilberto silva.
    how longs van persie left?

    if mesut stays its cos he loves london. being a big fish in a small pond. an flamini holds his hand.

    1. @muffdiver
      So thats why they’re thinking of extending Flame’s contract. “Don’t disturb this groove”

    2. That moment during the Leicester game when he was about to take the free kick that led to the winning goal.. I noticed he recited what seemed like a prayer (“Allahu Akbar”). Watched the replay over and over again.

      This guy is desperate to win something BIG with Arsenal. He needs to prove to himself he is in the right place, the right club after parting ways with a mammoth club like Madrid. The same applies to Sanchez.. he has been making subtle comments and hints that show his patience is running thin.

      You see, that’s what you get with players of such caliber. They have tasted the highest level of success.. they know how it feels to be a regarded as champion players playing for an elite club. They want more! Ozil has a league titles and the world cup title to his he wants the Champions League title! Same with Alexis who has a league title and the Copa America title to his name.


  2. Id say it is the other way round, on the chances, he does create allot of chances but clear cut chances like one on ones with keeper there is no way that he creates 5 to 6 of these on average and on any given day. My opinion is lets say he creates anywhere between 5 and 10 chances in a game well Id say on average maybe two or three of these could be clear cut (one on one with GK or free shot in the area) That is still unbelievably difficult thing to do and strikers should be scoring at least one from three clear cut openings.

    I actually didn’t care for Mesuts body language when that goal went in, one it is against Barca secondly we are still well in the game at one goal down so a bit of fire in the belly would have come across better than Meh it was your job to stop them. I didn’t like the way he looked to Koscielny who had put in a magnificent full throttle defensive display along with everybody else up til that point except minus you know who? Not just because of what I say here but there is another reason why I didn’t like the body language – His own end of field the lads were not scoring and I cant even remember one instance were Ozil demanded the ball to try and force an issue simply he was hardly in the game thinks Rosicky was born for nights like this would have loved Cazorla there too. The End.

    1. Exactly my thoughts. Where was Ozil in the match. If our strikers are not scoring, Ozil should take 2, 3, 4 defenders out, create the chance and score himself. Is that too much to ask of an AM. Besides a lot of AMs do that consistently.

      1. we have to know what ozil does best and what he is not good at. He is definitely not the sort of player that takes 2-4 defenders out and then attempts to score a goal. He is good in creating passes putting our forward players in posession where they can score, or in posessions where they need to take out a defender or two, then score. So back to main point: should we get forward players who can covert better and take out a defender or two? well i was thinking that sanchez was that player or even gerod. But it turned out that both of these have also weeknesses. unfortunately, theo and ox seem to have already peaked and they are not peaking further. So i say yes. But we should get two strikers not one. I dont think one cuts it.

  3. Doesn’t matter whether he wants to leave in the summer or not. Satan K will want to cash in, since his price is bound to rise, so prepare to say good bye.

  4. Well if it did happen would anyone be that surprised? I know I wouldn’t as its a little bit of history repeating itself.

    If he does leave maybe we can get a AM who can take people on 1/2/3 players and force the issue/put his stamp on the game with sublime skill/raid on goal when the next manager comes in.

    I like Ozil, and appreciate his finesse in terms of the passes he can provide however the lack of fire in his belly and inability to drive the game leaves me feeling he is just a big fish in a little pond. Doesn’t really spark my imagination or get me up on my feet in expectation but I guess that’s just me.

    Now the robben type player..

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