Could Ozil do a Van Persie on Arsenal?

Whilst Alexis Sanchez is certainly taking all the headlines on the transfer news front at this current moment in time, it doesn’t mean we forget about what the rest of the player’s are thinking.

The likes of Alex Oxlade Chamberlain and Mesut Ozil are just two other players who reportedly want out of the Emirates in the summer and the latter is today being linked with Manchester United.

Now despite what you think of Mesut Ozil, it’s undoubted that without considering form, Ozil is a top player who brings a lot of quality to the team, he’s a big name player. Currently he finds himself contracted to Arsenal for just one more year and with no contractual talks showing any promise as of this moment, it looks as if he has some level of control over Arsenal. The Gunners know, like the Alexis situation, that if Ozil does not sign in the summer, then the club is probably going to have to sell. Ozil therefore has the club in a position that he wants and he can demand what he feels is the right offer.

It sounds ever so similar to the RVP situation a few years back, who also coincidently joined Manchester United. Now Ozil sits in that position according to the papers, although there’s a few reasons as to why I don’t think it would happen.

First of all the Manchester United that signed Van Persie is very different to the United now. The Red Devils were then managed by Sir Alex and were a very prominent team in the country. A few years down the line and although United have some stars in their squad, they haven’t managed to put up much of a challenge in recent years (not to say Arsenal have either).

Secondly the club is currently managed by Ozil’s old boss Jose Mourinho and the pair did have a good relationship at Madrid. Mourinho once called Ozil the best number ten in the world. However Ozil was later deemed surplus to requirements and of course went on to join Arsenal in the summer of 2013.

Mourinho and Ozil being reunited in Manchester is very unlikely in my opinion, because at this point in time, United are in no better position than Arsenal. I do have doubts as to whether Ozil will stay beyond the summer, but I’m fairly certain that a move to United will not be on the cards.



  1. davidnz says:

    Ozil + Sanchez might leave
    Heard it all before.
    Arsene might leave one day
    AKB’S v AOB’S Yawn.
    Arsenal play WBA. Zzzzzzzzzz
    Pie prices at Emirates to rise by 50p
    At last some real news 🙂

  2. ArseOverTit says:

    Ozil to Man U, Sanchez to Juve, Ox to City…

    Players move to bigger clubs because they can get more money, more sponsorship and play on a bigger stage (UCL).

    Let them go, and when maybe if we ever have a club that competes and wins at the highest stage on a frequent basis, like Real Madrid etc, you won’t find too many players running for the doors with their agents (unless they are homesick or the wife is very good at convincing them she needs to be able to shop elsewhere).

    It’s the nature of the business called football!

    It’s about aspiration.
    Something the AFC board lack in footballing terms and lust after in terms of financial success. Hence Wenger still being very much part of the furniture.

  3. Arsenal007 says:

    Leicester City are in the Quarter Finals of the UCL.
    Is it coincidence or luck?
    I guess not.
    Everyone who is associated with Arsenal (Manager, board, backroom staff, players, and fans) should wake up and smell the coffee.
    With every lacadesical season, football is leaving us behind.

  4. legend Henry says:

    @Arsenal 007

    The saddest thing is that some fans can’t let go of the disease which is stagnating Arsenal.We have become a joke in the footballing world.We saw someone who was an assistant manager under Ranieri perform wonders in the champions league by beating a very good Sevilla side but we are stuck with a manager who has past his best but is still clinging on to power.
    Worst of all is that he keeps on saying the loyal fans are brainwashed by the media while it’s so clear to all the animals in the animal kingdom that he is tactically inept.
    My beloved Arsenal is gradually becoming a football joke but worst of all are the imbeciles that think our clubs can never move on without the the potato head in charge of my dear club.

    1. Break-on-through says:

      Leicester done well with Ranieri in the CL. That’s their thing, they love the underdog tag. Liverpool are a bit like that.

      Seville v Arsenal, that’s a game that would suit Arsenal. They like to play, but we have more star power. And aren’t as open playing as Seville.

      1. Arsenal007 says:

        You can trust Arsenal to play Seville in the last 16 and loose 4:0 away fixture. We’ll come home and beat them 3:0, and lie to ourselves that we tried our best. Happened against PSG, AC Milan, and Monaco.
        We always get humiliated at least once every season with 4 goals or more. It’s been happening for over 4 seasons now.

  5. Break-on-through says:

    Utd is the top destination in England when it comes to players salary. I don’t see why they would want Ozil knowing how physically tough this league is. Mourinho more than most knows the graft that needs to go into it. The spine most of all needs to be solid. If only Ozil showed signs that he’s willing to try his best in stopping other players. I can’t believe someone could be so timid as he within a mans sport.

    Salt in the wound. Just to show us that everybody sees Ozil as being too lightweight, where’s all the bids trying to nab a very talented player on the cheap?. He has one season left, he’s on the back of one of his worst ever seasons, why aren’t the smart clubs trying to get him on the cheap. Even Ozil’s fans don’t believe this rumour here. Why aren’t City and Che tapping him up. We know why, but some choose to ignore it, to instead admire his touch.

    1. Tas says:

      Most top clubs send their scouts or contacts to other teams showing interest to unsettle some players and causing salary hype to the club which then can cause domino effect on all salaries,

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