Pedro is the perfect replacement for Podolski at Arsenal?

The very highly rated Barcelona striker Pedro Rodriguez is being linked with Arsenal as the club look to replace Lukas Podolski.

The latest reports coming out of Spain say that the the Gunners made an initial contact with his representatives. The report goes on to add that the chances of striking a deal for this summer are being evaluated.

Pedro’s future at the Nou Camp has been the subject of speculation for a long time. The Spanish striker signed a new contract extending his stay at the club till 2019. But the contract extension did not stop discussions on his future.

Pedro had a very frustrating last season as he struggled to secure regular starts for Barcelona. He scored 11 goals for the Catalan club and helped them win a historic second treble. However he was always behind Luis Suarez and Neymar for a place in the starting XI.

The Spanish striker has won 18 titles during his time at Barcelona but was unsettled for many seasons now. And he is no short of suitors – Liverpool and Arsenal have been credited with strong interest. Liverpool already added 6 fresh faces to their squad. Getting Pedro may still be attractive for them but it remains to be seen if their interest is genuine.

Arsenal, on the other hand, may be tempted to look at Pedro. Podolski is sold to Galatasaray as Wenger looks to fresh up his squad and get into title challenging mode. This could mean that the club would look to add a striker. Pedro brings experience and class that would improve Arsenal’s chances of launching a challenge for the Premier League next season.

An interesting footnote to the scenario is Pedro’s release clause which stands at an eye-watering £110 million. Such contracts are generally put in place to help strengthen a club’s bargaining power during transfers – just in case they decide to cash in on the player.

Arsenal may not find it difficult to overcome Liverpool or for that matter any other club which may rival them for Pedro. But, the chances look really slim unless the player himself demands a move. Pedro may be looking at more game time and being the first choice striker; but transfer this summer looks very slim and can probably be ruled out.

But what do you think? Will Pedro be a good addition to the squad? Is he the player that can lift the club to the next level? Should Arsenal go all out to secure him, even if the chances are slim?


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    1. Pedro would be an awsome signing he will not only be a replacement bfor poldi he would also be a huge upgrade.with his arrival there is no need to play Ramsey or jack on the wings. He is a winner and would add super quality to our squad and he could be signed at a decent price.but will barca be selling any of their players since they are banned fro m making any signings

    2. Sanogo is surely a mystery. I don’t see any way he can ever break into the 1st team. I don’t even see much room for Welbeck now except as injury replacement.

      If we see Sanogo on the pitch again, we will know Arsenal’s season is truly over.

    1. What’s up with the 18 mil offer for benzema??? Just read it at real would never sell him at that price. We need to pay around 35-40 mil for his services. Am I mistaking???

    1. Or may be Benzema
      or Higuian
      or Obameyang
      or Ibrahimovc
      or La casette
      or La DVD
      or Emile Heskey
      or Danrren Bent
      or Bobby Charlton

      1. can’t believe you still want Higuain…. Ridiculous anount of money for someone who sure knows how to miss a penalty

        1. Ridiculous to judge a player over a penalty. In fact to assess a player based on his international form is pretty dumb altogether.

          Messi is garbage for Argentina more often than not, while Eduardo Vargas seems to always put in a performance for Chile.

          Higuain is so much better than any ST at our club it’s actually embarrassing to even engage in these “debates”.

          1. Higuain is a good player but…….

            He is NOT worth anywhere near the kind of money they are demanding for him.

          2. Higuain is marginally better than Giroud if one is being generous. And no one knows how he would adapt to the EPL. Not what we need and horrendously overpriced.

  1. Podolski does not
    need to be replaced.
    He did nothing for the
    club last season.
    Why spend 20 -30 mill replacing fresh air?
    We have Giroud Wellbeck Sanogo
    Walcott Sanchez Ramsey Chamberlain
    Gnabry Cazorla Ozil Akpom. 11 goal scorers

    1. You are right. Regardless of what fans think about Poldi, he was already replaced by Sanchez.

  2. Pedro signed a deal in June. Quality player, underrated by the Fifa crowd on here but better than every winger we have bar Alexis (not by much). Can’t see a Barca player signing a deal and then leaving a month later.

    Poldi honestly, given his contribution last term, needs no replacement….at least not directly. Way I see it there’s 100k wages free to hand to someone who CAN contribute in the 25-man squad. Would like Welbz to stay understudy to Alexis out wide, polish his game more before going central proper. Theo/Ox have the RW covered (I hope Theo isn’t a ST for us this year). Would ideally bring in competition for Giroud…….but can see us wanting a RW with Theo ‘getting his chance’.

    Higuain as ST would be great, but if Theo moves there then Reus has to be the target for me as Ox is much like Welbz – needs polishing – so we have to bring in a senior player. Still certain we need a match-winning attacker added this summer, that’s for sure.

    1. Can’t see Reus will leaving after signed contract extension about two months ago.

      1. Most likely not, but his contract extension was a lot to do with the buyout clause that was worth pennies in his old deal – a measure of respect to Dortmund should a top team really want him this summer. Unlike Pedro whose reasons for signing seem very much down to the fact he’s certain to stay.

        1. Really? I suppose Pedro’s new contract was an act of charity too? Reus Likes Dortmund and doesn’t to move before the Euro 2016.

  3. Vidal deal was reported 90% done until it was reported by sky that those rumours were wide of the mark. Everyone remember this when reading any rumour.

  4. Can somebody answer thes questions

    1) who will be first choice rb next season
    2) where will walcott play – right wing or as a striker
    3) what will be our first choice cb pairing
    4) who will be our first choice cm role – santi, rambo, wilshere
    5) who will be our main striker – giroud, welbeck, walcott, sanchez or a new signing
    6) will theo, ox and jack go through the season uninjured
    7) whats gonna happen to the youngsters – gnabry, zelalen, hayden, akpom,
    8) will jenkinson be loaned or sold permanently
    9) what about silva, campbell and sanogo
    10) will ox and danny finally step up next season

    1. If I could answer all these questions, I should as well be Arsenal’s new manager.

    2. @Handsomegooner
      Excellent observations.
      Back 4, GK+ CDM
      are fine.
      However we only have one good
      DM, CAM, LW, RW, and Striker.
      Will the second tier step up?

    3. 1. Belerin
      2. Both Striker and RW
      3. CB Pairing will change over the course of the season
      4. Cazorla
      5. Giroud early – Walcott by season’s end.
      6. No.
      7. reserves and loans
      8. Jenks loaned
      9. Silva – limbo, Campbell-sold, Sanogo-who cares
      10. Ox has already stepped up last season prior to his injury he was fantastic – even more this season. Welbeck=more of same.

  5. No disrespect, why bring on the table on this website for comments on a 27 year old Pedro whose release clause is reportedly to be £110m? How are Arsenal going to make a bidding for a player whose value on the field of play will be gradually declining by the reason of his aging as he becomes a spent force in 3 years time when he clocked 30. Are Barca serious or they are making a big joke with that price tag?

      1. Sanchez LW
        Griezmann RW
        Think Wenger will be using Giroud, Walcott and Welbeck more centrally this coming season.

  6. Those of you who are looking for a world class striker will be desapointment,

    My belife is that defensive players have up their game so much that it’s wery hard for strikers to flourish and shine, the last great striker was Suarez we won’t see one like him for a while

    I feel now Walcott will make a deacent striker because he is diferent from other strikers what with pace and great first strike defenders have difficulty marking him,

    I think we should consantrate on DM and another World Class AM, goals should come from all direction making It hard for the best defenders, and I think we are leading the way in the EPL regarding having the best AM

    1. thank you! finally someone. rw is where we aren’t getting enpugh goals from. also özil needs to bang in more

  7. Get Griezmann for the RW. It will be a joke if we see Ramsey or Wilshere or Özil or Cazorla or Rosicky on the wings again this season.

    1. Ox played the RW until his injury and he was very dangerous. He was the only gunner to play in every game prior to his injury – he was great at RW – my first choice.

      Wenger loves attacking midfielders and has little concern for traditional wing play so a I expect he would get a CAM or B2B midfielder. When Wenger does get wingers they usually end up on his infamous dead wood pile.

      1. Ox is great at RW but looked what happened when he got injured. No backup and we threw our CM’s or CAM’s out there until the end of the season. Ramsey was the last CM to play RW in the FA Cup final. Look Alexis compliments Monreal so we need someone to do the same with Bellerin. Giroud, Walcott and Welbz I see playing more centrally. We just sold Podolski and Campbell is heading for the exit too. The only players we have that can be an out and out winger are Alexis and the Ox. Alexis will get a extended rest so we need another winger. Griezmann!!! Unless we love seeing our midfielders get tossed out there and become less effective.

        1. You are arguing for what makes sense – depth I simply highlighted Wenger’s tendencies – little use of traditional wingers.

          What makes sense to fans and what Wenger does are not always the same.

    1. Adding Benzema would create more depth – not more goals. Giroud / Walcott are 25 goal strikers – Benzema about the same. I don’t see the great advantage of adding Benzema.

  8. pls remind me charlie……… Was there not a time higuain choose Napoli over Arsenal?……. When he decided they were a step-up for him….. And us (Arsenal) ….. We were Nothing to him

  9. I imagine Wenger has been having look at Pedro, but I can’t see him thinking that a replacement for Podolski is necessary. Pod didn’t play for us last season so I just can’t see the point. A DM is more important, maybe a CB and use Chambers as CDM. Pedro would be a bit of a luxury signing but it would probably limit the chances for the Ox.

  10. I don’t know why we keep fueling speculations that won’t end up sanctioned. Higuain is definitely not happening so is Benz. We should just try to work with what we have in hand till deals are confirmed.

  11. Strikers win games so are defenders. Imagine an Argentina team with Messi, Aguero, higuain, Tevez not scoring a single goal in 120 minutes. Shit happens, yes, but what’s most important in a team is discipline and that’s what we need the most in our darling team. COYG.

  12. poldi can’t even seem to get game time and ur saying pedro would be awesome biz to replace poldi….. like we’re buying him for d bench or what? or are we hell bent on killing theo’s career and Ox’s development cos dats d only way He can get game time! Am pretty sure when it comes to a straight choice between G-rude and pedro for cf, we all know who wenger’s gonna pick for the cf role! There’s also the small matter of Welbiz, wenger won’t pay 16mil for him and waste him on the bench after one season if He didn’t see something there.

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