Could player exodus BLOCK Arsenal manager’s exit?

Arsene Wenger’s future at Arsenal is the talking point of the Premier League at present, with so much negativity surrounding the club, he may be forced to stay.

The Gunners have struggled this season and are currently on course to miss out on a place in the Champions League for next season.

Many fans are finally at their wits end with the direction our beloved club is headed in, and it is hard to argue any of those opinions currently, but the reality for me is that he simply wont allow himself to leave the club in it’s sorry state, not by choice.

The board are the only people who can decide his time as boss is up, with the Frenchman in the belief that he has built the club to get to it’s current position, and will not choose to leave with it’s key men leaving, and without any Champions League football.

Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil look more and more certain to quit our side, with the Chilean showing his unhappiness on the pitch, and the German suspectly missing from action over the recent outings, with the pair both entering the final year of their deals in just over a year.

Some reports are suggesting that a one-year deal is to be announced, which will no doubt anger fans, and as much as I don’t think they are guessing, it makes sense.

Wenger will want to leave on a high, but it will be more important to him to leave the club in a strong position, and that is far from what we feel like currently.

Our team needs leadership and fight added to its ranks, as well as some much-needed experience. Our players have shown these to be our weaknesses for much of the campaign, and has to be addressed by whoever is in charge next season.

Would Wenger give in to pressure and allow himself to go whilst the club is in disarray? Could the board tell him to leave?

Pat J

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  1. Juhi McLovin says:

    LOL @ the last article.

    “We don’t need Lukaku because we got Giroud”.

    Yes, 81 Premier League goals at the age of 23. Yeah we don’t need that at all.

    1. Jansen says:

      Wenger could not convince Vardy to join in fact the best striker he could find was Perez and we think Lukaku would consider us? Thinking Giroud is the same as Lukaku got us where we are today. Wenger and some Arsenal fans have missed to transition in football and have been stuck in neutral for years whilst everyone else was moving forward and developing.

      1. Juhi McLovin says:

        I think Wenger is still living his glory years, 15 years ago.

        “Remember when I signed Henry and turned him into a world class striker? Yup, I did it almost 20 years ago. I can still do that to Giroud, alright.”

    2. frank says:

      Admin, I think every Arsenal fan should watch this non biased opinion and reality check of what people really think of Arsene Wenger.

    3. arsenalfan1 says:

      That is the first time I have ever heard it said that the ‘manager has made such a mess of things and brought the club so low that we had to keep him’ ???????

      But then again it reminds me of one of Arsene the Dope’s gems of misapplied logic when he said: ‘even if you replace me sez new manager will not win every game’!!!

  2. Jansen says:

    Wenger wants to stay. If we would qualify for a top 4 place he and all his fans would say that we had a good season. Now that he has destroyed the club he and all his fans say that he won’t want to leave with the club in tatters. One way or the other the man is staying until he is told to leave of comes to the end of his life. I see him manage Arsenal for another 5 – 10 years.

    The real tragedy is that there are people who think the club owes Wenger. How can Wenger be allowed to decide when he leaves? A one-year farewell tour??? People have got to be joking. Which big name player wants to come replace Sanchez to give Wenger a one-year farewell tour?

    People seem to forget that when you are paid 8 million a year the club owes you nothing. You owe the club some results. As recent as 1 or 2 or 3 years ago the likes of Pep or Klopp or Conte would still have been happy to come to Arsenal. Would these same top managers come now, with this squad (after Ozil and Sanchez are gone)? With our puny budget? If we have a 100 million budget this summer that gets us 1 world class player we need 3 or 4.

    There is only one manager who was good enough to determine his retirement moment and that was SAF who build winning after winning team year after year. How many PL trophies did Wenger win with a team entirely build by him?

    We owe him nothing. Did he suffer with the fans when we were building the stadium and cut his salary down to 70,000 pounds a year? No. We gave him millions a year for results he would have been fired for with any other big club.

    It is the most astonishing believe that this club and these fans owe Wenger anything after having supported him for the last 13 barren years during which he must have earned a grotesque amount of money (70 – 100 million?).

    1. N4NICOLAS says:

      If people think Wenger made Arsenal let them also know Arsenal made Wenger was suppose to b a win win situation with both parties smiling but it’s Wenger n b Board who’s smiling to d bank while we d fans fight n quarrel over the obvious…

    2. Disturbance says:

      Painful truth right there! Excellent point mate. “The real tragedy is that there are people who think the club owes Wenger.” YES, like he worked here for free… Shame on all of us. We’ve allowed this to happen.

  3. ArseOverTit says:

    “He may be forced to stay”

    Made me laugh! I think Wenger would not take too much convincing to stay.
    What I’m afraid of is that we may be forced to watch his mess for another year or two.

    Oh to be a gooner..:(

  4. leo...fourteen says:

    what shall we do..i repeat what shall we do..even if we decide to fly a rocket out of space carrying the message ‘wenger out’..the man wouldn’t even budge..
    I believe and I’m sure those fans bearing the ARSENE KNOWS BEST cards aren’t fans but attempts by wenger’s PR team to bring disarray.
    lets understand that wenger is a psychopath and he enjoys the pain..year after he feeds on our anguish.
    even the plane that bore the wenger support would have been funded by him also,the man and the board have successfully turned the fans to sadists,making 85% of the fans to wish that we just keep on losing, our players aren’t improving, their morale is totally dead.. I became a young arsenal fan since 2006 when I was just seven years old and the saddest part of it is that a Chelsea fan born in the year 2014 would live to see Chelsea win the epl in 2015 and another this 2017 surely and yet I don’t even know the feeling of winning the epl as an arsenal fan if that’s not touching enough then I don’t know if its arsene fc or arsenal fc.. the question is who really owns this club.

    1. ArseOverTit says:

      SK (Stan kroenke not Satans Kingdom) owns 67%.

      Usamov the next biggest share. Then numerous other business men.

      Wenger treats AFC like a pair of old comfy slippers and isn’t about to give them up easily..

  5. Ozzy AFC says:

    Doesn’t really matter who the manager is and who it isnt. The board will extend Wengers contract and he will stay as he wants to end on a high rather than a low point, the board are the main culprits here and whilst I am a believer that Wenger should cal it a day I am also thoroughly convinced that he will be replaced by a manager who will face exactly the same problem. lack of ambition and lack of will to spend any money on moving forward and nothing will change until the baord wise up and realize that this situation cannot continue.
    Wenger out?? yea by all means but what if anything will change ? all the time the current status quo exists

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