Could Pochettino be the solution to Arsenal’s problems?

What a lovely weekend we had; although we didn’t win our game, we didn’t lose either. Arsenal just acted out how we expected them to act, by not winning against a beatable team. But despite the draw, and given Arsenal’s problems, Emery is still lucky to be in charge. Good for him, at least for the meantime.

Now, ever since Pochettino was relieved of his job at Spurs, many people have come out to directly or indirectly advise Arsenal to grab him. Some pundits have come out to say we should replace Emery with Pochettino; some have out rightly asked Arsenal to sack Emery. Can we have some quiet please?

I quiet the show of concern from these pundits but I want to ask them to just leave Arsenal alone to sort out their issues. For God’s sake, even the Arsenal owners know that something needs to change, but people coming out to indirectly force a coach on them, is one thing I don’t encourage. Let us check this out…

When Arsenal sacked Wenger, a lot of people came out with possible names that can replace him at Arsenal and Emery was one name that was mentioned enough! How well did it go for us? Did he sort out Arsenal’s problems that Wenger left behind?

Enough of Arsenal hiring below excellent coaches! Enough of looking for a coach that can perform a miracle, with little or no sort of encouragement from the board of arsenal owners. What we need in arsenal, is a coach that can change things around and who can do it fast. With all the coaches whose names are being peddled around, Pochettino is definitely not the one we need at Arsenal.

If we are to sack Emery, then let us do well to replace him with a coach who has a record of winning games and winning trophies. Pochettino is not the solution to Arsenal’s problems and even the pundits know this. No to Pochettino, but then, who can really do a good job for us?

Sylvester (Lagos Gooner)


  1. Ljungberg has been seeing what Emery did wrong, so he might know how to fix the team’s current problems. Mertesacker could help him out as well, since he saw Wenger’s mistakes

    Or Arsenal can gamble on Arteta, because he has learned from Moyes, Wenger and Guardiola

    1. Poch won’t but Chris Wilder could. They didn’t win the game but he did MANAGE the blades to a draw.

  2. The obsession of only employing a Manager who has won trophies is not one I agree with.Emery has won trophies and has proved to be incompetent.Before he joined Aberdeen, Alex Ferguson had never won a trophy.To my mind Pochettino has done very well at Spurs .To take them to the final of the European Championship is no mean feat.Brendon Rogers went to Celtic to win trophies to improve his CV for future appointments,But with respect, Sam Allardyce or Emery could win trophies with Celtic so your argument falls on stone ground.Winning trophies is not the be all and end all of being a successful Manager.Eddie Howe will probably never win a trophy with Bournemouth but he has taken a small Club and established them in the EPL which in itself is a tremendous achievement.Arsenal has no divine right to think we are only open to Manager’s with a proven record, because we are no longer an elite Club.We as fans need to realize this.

    1. Exactly Grandad, exactly!! I don’t get the obsession with only a manager with trophies can take us forward. I don’t know why fans are do obsessed with that. Emery with all his trophies done do nothing but ruin the club’s image totally.
      Pep never had a single trophy before taking over Barca.
      D.Simeone never had one before taking over.
      Klopp had zilch before taking over Dortmund.
      Tuchel never won a trophy before taking over PSG.
      I don’t know why suddenly most fans are seeing trophies in the cabinet as the bigger influence.
      The idea that Poch can do nothing or improve this team because he has zero trophies is a delusional one
      Since we’re judging by trophies, why not try to poach Pep, Benitez or Zidane then.
      Let’s overlook impressive young coaches in the EPL cause they have no trophy

  3. Yes he could but I would think there is a clause in his settlement contract that he can’t come to us, though not sure that is acceptable in U.K. law as it’s a restraint of trade. Thing is, I’d take anyone over Emery at present!

    1. My cat is available and could easily do a better job then Emery. Cats at least know how to DEFEND their own territory.

      1. I`d take your cat over the pussy in charge now !…………..they also shit in your neighbours garden, so your cat would give a team talk at The Ems then go over to Totnumbs ground and have a shit !

        1. LE COQ, as a lifelong admirer of cats, i have had them all of my life , i have to state that cats are very choosy and picky about where they shit !.so, i dont think any arsenal cat would go near the lane to crap, never ,they are fussy pussys.nice thought all the same LE COQ, sending our kittys down the road to bring a nicer smell to the spuds.i think all arsenal loving cat owners should begin training their loved ones straight away, wouldnt that be some fun.gooner cats that give a shit !.

  4. Can I just say I was not one of fans who supposedly wanted Emery, I probably wasn`t commenting on this site at the time, so I dont know who on here favoured him…………….shame on you whoever you are ! hahaha

    The biggest evil and even more evil than our blood sucking greasy haired vampire is Kroenke, he is the Devil and at this very moment in time he probably has not even given us a second thought seeing as his LA Rams got thumped last night !.

    1. Whilst I am not a fan of Kroenke, I am struggling with why he is being blamed here. He has spent big over the last two seasons. Those in charge of football matters are the ones who should shoulder the blame. Raul, Edu and Emery.

  5. Steve Gerard has done a wonderful job with Rangers. A born leader and winner. BTW what has George Graham won before joining Arsenal as coach? He was at Milwall!

  6. The key is knowing that Emery did not do well with shots against us (worst ever?), and he cannot manage stars too well, not even Laca, who is as understated as they come.

    Time for Emery to go. At least there is a strong attack. Give back to Wenger as caretaker, which the Professor will agree to, I am sure, given how much he loves this club.

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