Could PSG’s Mbappe speech help Arsenal’s transfer window?

Paris Saint-Germain manager Unai Emery has told the press that he wishes to sign Kylian Mbappe this summer, and that could actually work out to Arsenal’s advantage.

The Paris-based manager has told the press directly that Mbappe should come to play for him, saying: ‘With all respect to Monaco, he should come to Paris, he has family here. His parents live here, he went to an academy here.’

Arsenal are supposedly chasing the French wonderkid, who will no doubt be amongst the best in the world for years to come, but will now have a huge battle on their hands if they were to pursue Mbappe.

PSG would likely give up on a deal to sign Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang should they favour Mbappe, and the striker looks to be eyeing a possible exit from Borussia Dortmund. PEA would be a huge snipe could we land him, and his goalscoring prowess should be worthy of challenging the big hitters for the Premier League Golden Boot award next term.

Another star striker who PSG’s move for Mbappe could free up is Edinson Cavani. The Uruguayan goalscorer topped the charts in France this season, and will not be keen on playing second-fiddle to a new striker only one year after breaking out from Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s chains.

The Swede had Cavani having to settle for a wide role in the PSG frontline, and after his departure last summer, the 30 year-old picked up his prolific form to smash in 35 league goals this term.

PSG are also believed to be keen on Alexis Sanchez, but the arrival of Kylian would also reduce their need for attacking reinforcements…

Could Mbappe’s move to PSG actually help Arsenal land one of the above? Would it also boost our chances of keeping Alexis?

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  1. With the quality of clubs in for Mbappe, does anyone really think a club that finished fifth in the league and whose wages would be comparatively lower really stands a chance?

    1. Yes. They can. Arsenal can offer Mbappe something that. I other team can; that is a starring role and building a team around him. At PSG, RM, or anywhere else really, Mbappe won’t get the games and starts he will get at Arsenal. Plus, Mbappe will follow the footsteps of his idol Henry. There are many reasons for Mbappe to choose Arsenal over the others; immediate and full time starting being the main one. Sure Arsenal missed the CL. But that is 1 time in 20 years. MU missed it last year and were still able to get Pogba and Ibra. Chelsea had no problems recruiting after missing CL too. Arsenal won’t have a problem as long as they pay.

    2. nope, considering you have PSG and Madrid on your tail? Wenger is just trying to buy himself some points so that the fans (esp. Arsene Fc fans) will come out and say our genius manager tried everything but he failed, blah blah blah, sing with me blah blah blah

      Mbappe will wanna play champions league and not Europa league and win some FA cups, and Wenger trophy

  2. We are just getting started but I am already sick and tired of rumours…look what Everton just did 55m purchase in key areas where they upgrade they can if they retain Lukaku play an interesting 4-4-2. And us still looking and poking and nothing to show for it…Wenger has to deliver that is all, he knows where he lacks world class players so do we and we want to see him put his money where his mouth is. Walk the talk Mr Wenger and will stand behind you!

    1. I safely bet he doesn’t know where to strengthen – his track record is pretty poor on that…

    2. I think when Wenger sees the prices of players he gets mad and pulls the shutter down his transfer window and goes into hibernation.

    3. Evertons requiements and level of player are far from what Arsenal need… also when they go for a player no one challenges them… when Arsene / Arsenal go for a player everyone else looks and challenges normally plus the frenetic fans demands… so to compare Evertons transfer window with Arsenals is pointless
      However.. I do like the way Koeman manages and acts and thought he could be an ideal Arsenal manager

  3. Teams are strengthening their squads.
    Arsenal are linking themselves to a player they have no chance of signing.
    A leopard never changes his spots and Wenger will do exactly the same things that caused us to finish fifth.
    I sense A LOT of fan unrest next season and much more protesting..
    And another season just like the last one less Sanchez to bail us out…
    But on the plus side we have Welbeck back who, as Wenger would say is “like signing a new player”

    1. ” Arsenal are linking themselves to players they have no chance of signing……Wenger will do exactly the same thing that caused us to finish 5th……we have Wellbeck back who as Wenger will say is like signing a new player”

      When did or when has Wenger ever said Welbeck is like a new signing? I heard Wenger say that the team needed reinforcements and he planned to be bringing in 3 players. How long will we hold on to the past and quote Wenger comments from the Diaby days?

      You say we will finish 5th again because a leopard doesn’t change it’s spots but us finishing 5th was a break from the norm. Chelsea finished 10th then won the following season.they returned to type. Leicster won the league then finished poorly the following season.They returned to type.

      People have been predicting Arsenal would finish out of the top 4 every season since Vanpersie left. Until now we have defied the odds and finished 4th even when playing poorly for most of the season.

      Finishing 5th will not be a regular thing for us. It has happened once and next time we will be better prepared.

      As for Arsenal being linked to players we can’t have, how is that Wenger’s fault. The papers write these rumours and many of us believe what we read and get emotional. None of us know what Wenger is doing because Arsenal are very secretive and private about their business which makes us an easy target for journalists who make up stuff to sell papers and get hits. Fans get angry when the players that we end up with aren’t of the quality of those we are linked with but in most cases we were never in for those players to begin with.

      If anything our anger should be directed at the journalists lying to us as it is them that get our hopes up and play with our emotions whereas Wenger is trying to be as secretive as possible so any deals he is trying to make don’t flop from others hearing, competing and hijacking them.

      1. *Until now we have defied the odds and finished 4th or higher even when playing poorly for most of the season.

        Finishing 5th will not be a regular thing for us. It has happened once and next time we will be better prepared.

  4. Not offering Wenger a 2 year contract would have helped Arsenal’s transfer window more

    1. Not really, because we’d be looking for a new manager. And then that new manager has to wait to see what he’s got, they then tend to say, I’m giving you all a chance to prove to me you deserve to be here. So helping us in the transfer window to act more decisive and bold, maybe next year it would have.

  5. Stats to know;-only 4 players in the top 5 leagues in europe last season scored goals 5 or more goals only with their left foot, right foot and head …PEA,cavani,lukaku and belotti.Considering psg buying mbappe will certainly make 2 of those players available in the transfer window

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