Could Rob Holding be sold if Arsenal secure Ben White?

Holding and NOT Saliba to be the likely casualty of White’s arrival

According to The Times report, Rob Holding is the most likely casualty if Ben White arrives at Arsenal.

There was a huge uproar on social media when news of the Ben White deal being close came out. The Arsenal faithful showed their fear of their prodigal center-back William Saliba being loaned or even sold permanently by the Gunners.

However, it is believed that’s not how the club view things. The noise came from the player’s camp and not from within the club which was a huge revelation. And now that news can go perfectly with a latest update from The Times who stated Holding will be the more probable departure between him and Saliba.

Although Mikel Arteta rates the Englishman and sees him as a positive dressing room member, the young Frenchman’s talent might just be more appealing to the Spaniard.

Saliba is still a highly regarded center-back across Europe, with news of the player being dissatisfied by the treatment from Arsenal was followed by interest from at least seven clubs.

Newcastle United and Southampton in the Premier League have been credited to hold an interest in the France U20 international. Several teams from Italy and France have also been tracking updates.

However, he is expected to start the next campaign with Arsenal, despite his involvement in the upcoming Olympics.

That news too was again not welcomed by the Gunners supporters as reports earlier said that the former St. Etienne man would be given the opportunities in the pre-season. However, Arsenal have never and will never stop ‘any’ player, who has been called up to represent their national team.

Gabriel Martinelli is another instance. The young Brazilian, like Saliba, is desperately in need of a pre-season with Mikel Arteta and his backroom staff. However, if he’s called up to represent Brazil in next month’s Olympics, the London outfit won’t stand in his way.

Although they have been let down for several years, Arsenal fans still panic too much and give in every time they get information, regardless of whether it’s reliable source or not.

Last season, Kieran Tierney was the name whose hat was thrown in the ring. He was linked to Brendan Rodgers’ Leicester City and several publications ran the story that Arsenal will be willing to offload the Scotsman.

However, one year down the line, he has signed a new contract and has been tipped to become an Arsenal captain in the near future.

What my personal feeling on these topics is that the news publications love playing with the personal feelings of Arsenal fans. There is no doubt whatsoever that Arsenal are still one of the biggest clubs in the world.

Putting in Arsenal’s name will certainly get them more clicks. What we can do is wait for someone reliable to report it. Thus, keeping the panic button aside and enjoying the summer and the ongoing Euros should be fans’ priority.

Yash Bisht

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  1. Considering Ben is +/- 50 mil….how much would we get for Holding realistically? He’s English and nowhere near the end of his contract.

    Any estimates?

      1. 30 million seems wildly optimistic. If we could get 20 million euros for him even, I’d be thrilled. Especially if it makes Saliba feel better about sticking around.

    1. I think 20-25 million. His involvement last season has certainly shot up Holding’s market price

  2. We’ve been more stable in the back by starting a tall RB like Chambers, that cut inside into the right DM and right CB positions occasionally. So I believe Arteta will assign White for that role

    Holding would likely still be the first choice for the right CB position, with Saliba as his competitor. I think Bellerin will be sold if Chambers stays, because Bellerin is highly sought-after like Xhaka

    According to Chris Wheatley, Holding isn’t for sale. I believe him because Holding was our main right CB when Luiz was unavailable

    1. White predominantly plays on the right side and that’s the only position that holding can play also , so if he doesn’t want to sit on the bench then he will most likely leave .

  3. I believe that if any CB is sold it will be Mari or possibly-though I hope not – Chambers.

    All White hasdone if /when he signs is replace the error ridden Luiz. Buying him will be a massiVe upgrade in the all important defence and I doubt very much if either Holding or Saliba will be sold nor even loaned.

    Of course at my senior time of life , I am not at all surprised that the “out to get MA every day brigade ” are already blaming him for what they think will happen but which has not happened nor, IMO, will happen!

  4. Mari is the obvious one to go. Chambers can cover 3 positions, Holding younger, Homegrown quota and as good or better than Mari.

    Saliba is young, talented, and high ceiling of potential. Mari is peaking in his career, injury prone, and i think the obvious choice to go.

  5. White might not come it’s up to him and I can’t see arsenal buying anyone for name we will get nobody’s like normal

  6. Bellerin

    I so much want these players to be cleared out.

    News hitting up about Xhaka, Torreira, Guendouzi, and Bellerin leaving soon.

    I will be so glad if this happens. The sale of Xhaka should be the resurrection of a new fast, mobile, technical midfield.

    Hopefully, this is the window that speeds up the revolution in our beloved club.

    1. The vital sale of Xhaka , who has been a slowcoach and immobile statue for more than five years and has held us back hugely, will be a cathartic and freeing moment for our club.

      No club can hope to be at thetop with such a snail, both in thought and action, in midfield.

      He was an appallingly bad buy and has damaged us greatly. I cannot wait to see him, finally and far too late, just GO!

  7. Since most opinions here are based on impulse, I’ll help you out.

    Holding is a good player but not starter material. He’s just better than Chambers and Gabriel on the ball and defending headers.

    Mari is better than all of them in passing, defending and comfort on the ball. He’s however quite slow and not great in defending headers.

    So weighing merits Vs demerits (efficiency), the players we should look to sell in defence are
    1. Gabriel / Chambers
    2. Bellerin

  8. Assuming White comes in, we are arguably better suited to a back three with the current personnel:
    RWB – AMN and Cedric/Bellerin
    RCB – White and Chambers
    CB – Saliba and Holding
    LCB – Gabriel and Mari
    LWB – Tierney and Saka
    DM – ? and Elneny/Azeez
    B2BM – Partey and Willock
    AM – ESR and ?
    RF – Saka and Pepe/Balogun
    LF – Auba and Lacazette/Martinelli

    But since it’s not Arteta’s preferred formation (although didn’t it win us the FA Cup under his watch??), I expect at least one CB to go. My money would be on Saliba or Mari.

  9. Would Arsenal finish challenging for a top four place with Holding playing at CB? Not possible, so it’s better to sell him.

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