Could Saints defeat be a blessing in disguise for Arsenal?

Its not the end of the world, actually a blessing in disguise! by SOH

Now yes we are all pretty angry about what just happened to Arsenal at St Marys, against a struggling Southampton side, but what can we take from this game?

Firstly, we take this as a blip and possibly a few too many drinks on Christmas Day with their families as we are still in a great position in the league only 2 points off the leaders, Leicester, who lost as well this weekend to Liverpool. The Foxes next game is against the team we beat on Monday, possibly favourites for the title because of the depth and quality their squad, and 3rd placed and 3 points off the top – Manchester City. That will be a great match but a City win would be my suggestion and that levels them on points with Leicester, so again we have a 4th chance to go top if we can beat Bournemouth at home in a the next game going into 2016. Even City have had a few hammerings this season!

Secondly, even though this was hard to take even a 1-2 scoreline just for GD but a blessing in disguise after Wenger’s silly comments on having four world-class strikers at Arsenal and thinking we have the squad to pull this title run off.. and in no better timing could the transfer window be opening to add more firepower and give the team a huge boost with a few signings and fresh legs into this depleted team.

Southampton away just proved we are tired and don’t have the depth to cope with a long title run. With the amazing amount of injuries (and the length of them) actually shows we cant cope.

Lastly, point to all the teams in the league. No game is an easy game in the Premier League. It is so much closer with smaller teams now gradually catching up on the top 6, due to TV deals paid to all clubs according to league standings. Every team has a bit of quality somewhere in their ranks and its getting harder each season. Every team is battling for the highest place they can as it means more money and maybe European football. Just look at some of the results in the last 2 seasons, the only difference is Chelsea did what we cant do this season – and take advantage of chances to get clear at the top.

As I believe, as do many Arsenal fans, that we should be clear at the top of the League but we lack that mentality to take advantage of situations handed to us. Only ourselves to blame really.

Its not over yet – just half the season is over – so on to Bournemouth at Home and 3 points will be a huge step in the right direction and to get this defeat and blip out of our system. Theo starts up top in my opinion and Gabriel comes in for Per.

Wanyama must be bought on the 1st Jan, no questions, just slap a 20m bid down. He would be great competition for Coquelin and as cover for now, and will sign if given a chance. Then an attacker… if Mahrez is 20m+ plus then hell go for it. We could do with firepower and he is Premier League material already and can help us win this League. 40-50m spent to win the league, winning the league with its winnings alone will cover that! How handy will these two be especially going against Barcelona?

If we beat Bournemouth we could still be top going into 2016 and still in with a shout for this title.

Happy New Year to all you Gooners!!

Sean O’Hara

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  1. and for all those who think Gibbs can fill the big shoes of sanchez….. U Lot really have to think twice…….

    No sanchez, no rhythm, no party

    that’s just how it Looks like

    and Le coq, gLad we could now see how much a proper DM like his is missed…… And per ….. Is there anything slower?

    Quit covering up his deficiencies with talks of him being able to read the game …..once u set him up against the Likes of Usain bolt…..his true weakness if exposed…. And yea Teams are starting to understand the formular to destroy arsenal’s backLine

    “play a Mobile striker and hit em on the break with Long throughballs” ……. There u got it!

    Is Gabriel doing so badly at CB?…..more than a yr at Arsenal , still can’t secure regular football…..

    Too many old/injury proned Cargoes on this team that needs offloading….. And they are eating up squad spaces……. It really is Time to adopt a New system of things starting from 2016

    1. in hindsight, our players tired: shouldve started gabriel, chambers , ox.
      chambers at DM. bc of wenger, dont have a good flam replacement.

  2. Saints defeat a bLessing in disguise?

    Hahahaha……that’s Laughable

    HonestLy, it was and still is a Pain in the ***!

  3. I knew this article was coming
    every time we lose we get the old “blessing in disguise” article

    The answer is a big NO 🙂 lol

  4. hmmmm, instead of patching our cloth were the saints burnt it, we want to believe it was a blessing in disguise. An article in the wrong direction.

  5. Loosing 4-0 is never a blessing undisguised!
    If you think we would get wanyama for £20m your having a laugh! I would like wenger to try and her chicharito from leverkusen, who we should of went for in the summer anyway for the feble price of £9m he left utd for! What a bargain that would have been

  6. Where are Fatboy Gooney and Hafix ? I need someone to express my frustration with Arsenal’s silly school boy mentality

  7. What blessing in disguise? This defeat will not change a damn thing. Players will keep on being complacent in seemingly easy games, Arsene will still stick to the same squad, regardless of the players’ physical shape, transfer policy will remain the same, maximum one addition will happen in January, not world class, of course. Come May, there will be at least eight defeats total, Wenger trophy will be there and we can move on to the next season, where manure and chelski come back strong and city stays on top of their game, Klopp’s Liverpool gels in better and Wenger continues to disregard flaws of his squad and stays happy with the 3rd, 4th place.
    Good old Arsenal. Successfully disappointing it’s fans ambitions since 2005.

  8. As usual by this time of the year Arsenal squad gets so drunk that anyone playing us on Boxing Day gives us a hiding. Hope we lost only a battle, not the war.
    I don’t understand though why Wenger is not playing Chambers replacing Flamini (full game) after two tough games. What is he trying to prove? I know, I don’t see the players everyday and I have no clue what form are they in but I can’t see how Chambers is worse than a tired Flamini. Every darn second a young players is in the field counts massively in confidence and form.
    And for whoever thinks the game against Bournemouth is going to be a walk in the park, get a reality check.

  9. Gabriel can do very well, he’s not played often and iT’s never good paring him with the German Rhino.

    Arsene got a slap from reality, he said he’s right to have not bought any striker. My goodness!!!

    1. He thinks, or lets say he wants us to sale the thought that we rlly are filled with World class players.

      The ones who need a B*** slap are the fans for being B***es

  10. Blessing? ??????

    It was more like Dagenham and Redbridge indisguise!

    And to be honest, I’m not looking forward to the Bournemouth game either.

    Arsenal is like a box of Forrest Gump chocolate!

  11. AFC Bournemouth from the West coast should be made by Arsenal this night at the Ems, to pay for the sins of their fellow South coast brothers Southampton FC, committed against Arsenal at Saints Mary’s last Saturday. The Gunners MUST pounce on the Cherries and pound them hard with relentless vigour to deny them having a drink of the wind produced from their Cherries. The Gunners MUST give the Cherries a doze of the medicine which Southampton had previously gave to Arsenal. A 4-0 hamnering of AFC Bounermouth this evennig will be appropriate and in oder.

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