Could Spurs star be surprise Arsenal transfer after Bellerin goes?

This particular Arsenal transfer rumour may seem a little far fetched and out of the blue, in fact it may even be a stretch to call it a transfer rumour as I have not seen it in the football press and just think it might be a possibility. With the departure of the Arsenal star Hector Bellerin to Barcelona seemingly on the cards though, I have been thinking about potential right backs and so the name of the Tottenham and England man Kyle Walker came into my head.

It would not be the first time that the Gunners signed a spud so although it is rare it is not out of the question and it also appears that Walker will be going somewhere else to ply his trade before the new season begins, according to a report in the Daily Mail.

The 27-year old defender said, ‘I am an England player now and I am fully focused on a massive game on Saturday. We need to go and get the three points.’

Asked whether he could give an indication on where he would be next season, the right back told Sky Sports with a laugh: ‘No, no indication at all.’

The general idea is that the player, whose performances earned him a place in the PFA Team of the season ahead of Bellerin and all, has fallen out with the Spurs manager Mauricio Pochettino and is set to move on. Most of the links in the football press are with other clubs like Man City but why should Arsenal not be one of the interested parties.

He is a very good player and I do not recall him being one of the Spuds who bangs on about Arsenal and our rivalry and tries to wind us up. If the problem with Poch is over playing time as some suggest he may feel that Arsenal would be a better choice than City as well, so what do you think Gooners, could Walker do a Sol Campbell and would you want him to?

The 27-year old defender said,


  1. No it’s not going to happen.
    Levy would never let that happen
    He would never help improve our squad
    He tried to stop the Ozil deal by calling Real Madrid and asking them not to sell him to us.

    1. on top of that they do a lot of penny pinching, Levy owns AW in that. He is already raising his price from 40m to 60m for City. They are building a stadium and follow the same principle that AW followed 6-7 years back, buy them young, make them stars and sell them for a lot to finance your stadium. Only they have either perfected the art or got lucky with it.

      1. Ignore the media.

        Levy hasn’t “raised the price”.

        £40 million is the price City had their friends in the media put out as a part of the tapping-up process. It was how much City were “prepared to pay for him” before any contact had been made. It was part of shaking the tree and seeing what falls out of the branches. It has now taken on a life of its own as variously his arbitrarily decided value and the price Levy placed on him and is capriciously raising against poor old financially doped Manchester, playing off a straight bat, City. In other words, nonsense.

        Walker is coming into his peak years. He is on a lengthy contract. There is an inflated market – thanks in no small part to financially doped oil clubs like City. City paid £50 million for John Stones. They are direct rivals and, if Iheanacho’s agent is to be believed, City are refusing to sell to Spurs because they are direct rivals. Holding so many cards, could anyone really see Levy the undervalued “how much they are prepared to pay” amount City had their media friends put out at the start of the process​?

  2. Yes why not, i mean Sol did when we all thought it would never happen.I hope the immediate thought of Kyle Walker that came into your head comes to happen and Wenger brings him to the Emirates.

  3. By the way guys it’s voting day today so don’t forget to cast your votes (#WENGEROUT)

  4. Any writer going to comment on Tony Adams destroying his legacy? he recently made rough comments on wenger and Arsenal, pretty cheap comments coming from a legend. Calling wenger having no firends, not a coach, its ok to criticize, but Tony also has his own failings in recent times, like desperately asking for a job at arsenal and when he is offered he quits because of poor salary (even after offering working for free as advisor)

    1. Havnt seen the interview but im hoping its taking up the wrong way as usual. Tonys a Arsenal Hero from the days when football was rough.

    2. Tony Adams has been quoted saying that those “Rough comments” were actually a periodical quoting his book inaccurately, and therefore not what he actually said, or taken in context.

      1. Not capable of coaching through a wet paper bag, no context can excuse that. Tony uses his other once managers to try and have a dig at Arsene, he’d say no offence to Arsene but they were better coaches, with being drilled and tactics and stuff. He’s allowed to have a preference, but he came off sounding so bitter and very childish, that I’m not surprised he’s a failed manager. He even wears posers specs to try and look more clever. Adams just go fire and brimstone, whilst drilling the back line. Adams should have become a no2, on defence, working with Fergie would have been great for him.

    3. The comments were taken out of context and reported in a raw format. You have to read the entire passage to get the full gist of what was being said.

      Lee Dixon clarified the misquote by giving more scope to the passage by saying that when Wenger initially arrived at Arsenal, Adams, like many of the Arsenal players were not exposed to the training regime that Wenger brought with him. So his comments, ‘at that time’ were regarding the newly arrived Wenger and his training methods

  5. Why should Bellerin go? AW is very keen to retain this squad. I doubt he will let him go. They can have Debuchy instead if they need a defender.

  6. Well no wont happen and if Bellerin goes thats no problem so we miss some speed but will have a more solid defender in im sure as he lacks a little there so let him go we will find another to come in.

  7. Sidibe from Monaco or Hysaj from Napoli are much better than Walker.
    One of them would be huge upgrade on Bellerin.

  8. Barcelona aren’t going to bid Bellerin’s true value. He’s one of the most valuable defenders in the world. I read that Barcelona are coming in with a $20m opening bid. What an insult to us and Bellerin himself. I can’t see that getting up to $60m… can you? He’ll be an Arsenal player next season and he will be excellent for us as a wing back.
    Answering the question, no I would not want Walker. Ricardo Pereira is the best buy of this transfer window on the right in my opinion. He has just had a phenominal season for Nice as a right wing back. He was on loan for 2 years from Porto, who notoriously ask huge prices for their players. Luckily, they completely underestimated him and put a $25m euro buy out clause on him several years ago. He is yet to sign a new contract so at that price would be a steal.

  9. Benjamin Hendrichs, and Bruno perez of Roma on loan from torino are other option of Barcelona bid 60 million plus. Last season arsenal bid for sibide but he rejected as arsenal wanted him as lb and he wanted rb. That’s 4 options available. Pereira can be bought by nice per loan option. Arsenal have to be smart

  10. Why would Walker leave Spurs to join Arsenal? Especially when Man City are interested in him?

    The days of being able to take a Spurs player like we did with Campbell are now long gone. Back then the vastly increased chance of success for Campbell and the chance to play with far better players probably just about made the abuse he will receive for the rest of his life worthwhile, but nowadays why would any player choose a life of abuse to move to a club with no better players and, at best, probably an equal chance of winning the title. We can’t even offer him Champions League next season.

    If Walker’s Man City move doesn’t happen then surely he would just stay at Spurs?

    And that’s before you consider the fact that Levy would never sanction a deal to us in the first place and nor would we pay the 50 or 60 million to sign him.

  11. We don’t need bellerin defensively he is not great he only plays offensively, rather we go for sidibe his game is balanced

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