Could the Fellaini to Arsenal rumours be true?

This is even too ridiculous for us even to discuss here, but the fact is that Marouane Fellaini could possibly be an Arsenal player next season. This is how the Mirror discussed it today:

Marouane Fellaini could be set for a shock move to Arsenal.
The Manchester United midfielder is out of contract at the end of June and has yet to sign an extension.
Jose Mourinho was confident a deal could be struck but that was back in April, and no further news has come from either camp since.
It now appears that Fellaini, who is currently training with Belgium ahead of the 2018 World Cup, could be set for a sensational free transfer to the Gunners.
According to The Times, Fellaini is more likely to sign for the north Londoners than he is pen a new deal at Old Trafford.

Looking at Twitter and Facebook, Arsenal fans are up in arms about the possibility, but if you stand back and look at it, is it really such a bad deal? For starters he will come free, which is not such a bad thing, and he is highly experienced in the Premier League.

He may have only been a supersub under Mourinho but he is very effective, similar to Giroud in a way as he was a target man or a plan B. When we played them at old Trafford with our kids, we were easily getting a draw until The Moaning One brought on Fellaini, and he could have scored more than one and he singlehandedly won them the game in the end.

Am I wrong to think he couldn’t do a job for us when Aubameyang and Lacazette can’t find a way through?

Sam P


  1. Rudy Garcia fan says:

    Fellaini on a free to replace Xhaka would be a simple way of managing financially. It would also force Ramsey to accept a normal salary if he has another box-to-box player to contend with.

    Get 25 – 30 mill. for Xhaka and reinvest in a replacement for Coquelin – a first choice DM (except for Nzonzi not sure who we could get for 25- 30, though).

    Sell Mustafi and Welbeck as well and we might afford a GK and another defender.

    Not sure about wingers, though. No quality for less than 50 mill. me thinks.

    Not a huge fan of Fellaini, but you never know, and on a free might come useful, but only if we lose either Xhaka or Ramsey (even if Xhaka is more of a deep-lying midfielder or at least supposed to be).

    1. Naija Jollof says:

      Wenger Out!!

      1. Break-on-through says:

        Mislintat out!

        Fellaini 30
        Nzonzi going on 30
        Sokratis going on 30
        Lichsteiner well past 30

        Of course, they’re only rumours at this stage but am still waiting on the type of news I was expecting. It didn’t look anything like this. I hope the clickbaiters are only f**king with us.

  2. bran911 says:

    Is Wenger back at Arsenal? Coz he’s the only senile one who can buy outdated Man U players (except Mikhi of course)

    1. Ken1945 says:

      It seems that, maybe, it wasn’t all it seemed then regarding our ex manager? Is that what you are saying?
      I just wonder if our new set up is as restricted as it was when our ex manager wanted to sign players?
      That leaves Kronks, the board and our new structure as the villians if you’re thoughts are correct.
      I think it’s a little of Emery assessing our squad, seeing who wants to stay and (as Phil says) negotiating with players/representatives.
      But,as Durand says, wouldn’t you have thought that this would have been looked at and worked on already?

      1. Dalinho says:

        We do not want fellaini and it’s just fake news!
        Pavard *
        Dakonam *
        Sokratis *
        lichtsteiner *
        Adli *
        Bergwijn *
        Nzonzi *
        Gk ??? *

        Should be our targets and if u put them all in the first team it would look like this:


        Now obviously They wouldn’t all go straight in the first team but the future would look bright! The only problem is our budget and needing a GK n DM but if I had a choice I’d stick with these signings and maybe get Carvalho on a free or give Niles a go in midfield plus Elneny is still around! Bergwijn and Adli and Pavard could worth millions more after 3 years and dakonam is the fastest CB iv ever seen at 26yrs he can be a straight replacement for Mustafi and sell welbeck! Arsenal need to rebuild and we can’t do it all in one window so we get the best of what’s available now then finish off the job next window!

        1. Dalinho says:

          Or get Pavard next season and get lichtsteiner on a free and buy a midfielder instead for about £30mil that way we have a winger a midfielder a 2 CBs and a RB then all we need is a GK

      2. bran911 says:

        He’s free, and that’s how Wenger liked it. May be Arsenal have adapted to that strategy and now the legacy continues

        1. Break-on-through says:

          The articles are starting to say ..Emery’s first signing, and Emery wants this player and x player too. The power was said to have shifted but you can see already if people read something enough they will believe it. If articles and pundits say Emery, enough times, it will all fall on him. The ones who witnessed the supposed power shift will age and change view while newer fans will see Emery’s name attached to everything.

      3. jon fox says:

        Ken, Personnally , my MAIN beef with WENGER was not who he bought(though I still quiver with anger at the Xhaka, Mustafi and Elneny buys) but at the long term gaping holes he refused to mend. No decent CB’s at all, Koscielny apart , since Campbell left and no even adequate CDM since Gilberto left. I also hated the cavalier way he disregarded defence in it’s entirety. And we can’t rightfully blame Kroenke for the shambolic lack of defensive coaching, as the manager was highly paid and expected to coach defence and to motivate players. But we are in danger of revisiting old quarrels so I will say no more on that. As for FELLAINI, he would at least bring power, height and awkwardness(to opponents), something we have scarcely had for years past. I do not esp rate him, talent wise, but we have had so many supposedly talented midfielders over the past years (not so many currently though) and very few have proved to be great players , at least not for sheer REGULAR effectiveness. Fellaini is effective , very often, and we could do far worse; Xhaka and Elneny being two obvious examples. On a free and IF on reasonable wages I WOULD TAKE HIM. I will be attending oncde again come August and excitedly looking forward. I see definite changes happening already and can scarcely wait, though like many of us, I do not expect miracles for some time to come, considering the holes Wenger left behind.

        1. Rudy Garcia fan says:

          The holes will not be plugged as long as Kroenke is the owner. Unless you’re happy with top 4 being our only achievable goal. FA cups we’ve had galore, but win the CL or the Prem is not going to happen as long as Kroenke is the owner. And all the idiots mentioning Leicester fail to notice that a team that is not in the top 3 spending-wise wins the title once every 30 – 40 years (perhaps 20 if extremely lucky)

          Good luck waiting a few decades LOL

  3. Durand says:

    So free and epl experienced justifies him at Arsenal? “Free” and “experienced” are no substitutes for “quality”.
    CB Evans almost free at a mere £3 million with more epl experience than Fellani. I would not consider Evans a quality defender.

    Fellani could not even crack the starting 11 at united, enough said about this dud.

    Rather bring Coquein back than this clown. Coq played very well after his move, shame he was sold.

    1. Rudy Garcia fan says:

      Coq is now crocked if you haven’t paid attention. And if you think Coq is better than Fellaini, well, I’d rather not resort to name calling.

      Also, cracking the starting 11 at United who have massively bigger resources than Arsenal is not a good indicator. What about Martial or Mata?? Would you rather have Iwobi? LOL

  4. gotanidea says:

    Yes author, Fellaini is very dominant in the air, like Giroud. Hence he will be a good plan B, if Emery’s strategy doesn’t work in a match and when he has to be more pragmatic

    Sandro Wagner and Carsten Jancker used to do it for Germany. Aubameyang is not that tall and Mustafi/ Koscielny/ Chambers are similar

    But Mavropanos looks dominant in air duels as well

    1. ClassyGunner says:

      Looks like you forgot to mention your child Adma Traore

    2. jon fox says:

      I suggest you look more closely at the true height of Auba. He is a deal higher than the others you list, and taller even than Mavropanos, who is good in the air.

  5. Sean Williams says:

    Freebie, cheapie, freebie cheapie. Remember Sanogo our freebie/cheapie. Freebies are a habit pattern that will kill our club. We will win FA. My heart goes out to Unai Emery. Having Kroenke as owner is a nightmare. He doesn’t give a Donald about our great club. Some of you are giving in to the “no money” line. There is lots of money. Make a noise.
    Fellaini? Arghhhh!

    1. Ken1945 says:

      Durand old friend,
      Sounds like you’re a little frustrated!!!!
      I am starting to be a little concerned over the calibre of players being linked with our club as well.
      However, it is only media reporting these links and look how they got the manager wrong!
      I really do hope that, following on from our recent signings,we will be going for the top end of the market.
      But do you not think that a seasoned professional will help the likes of Holding and Chambers?
      Do you not see the likes of Evans in that role?
      It also needs to be seen who our defensive coach will be as that’s the area I see as our weakest spot.
      Remember Durand, never trust the media!

      1. Declan says:

        Well written ken, all these rumours are media led.

        1. Ozziegunner says:


    2. Ken Lock says:

      So is there a pattern emerging regarding how one has to manage under Kronks?
      Maybe, just maybe, the way the club is run has started to surprise some fans who actually blamed the wrong person for all it’s ills?
      Very good point regarding plan b , but that is not the area we should be looking at surely?
      Let’s get the defensive side sorted first.
      Please don’t forget Gooners, we were told that money was no object last season and know we need to hold those people responsible for their words/actions.

    3. CorporateMan says:

      No comparing Fellaini to Sanogo, mate. The one is an established PL performer, the other was a shot in the dark.
      I also believe bringing in the player is not such a bad idea. He could offer something different especially against these stubborn, bus-parking opponents. Float the ball into the area for him to attack and score. Replacement for Wilshere

  6. Dashing Rino says:

    If there is any truth behind this rumour, it proves that we are a comedy club

  7. summerbreez says:

    I would like Arsenal to sign Abdoulaye Doucoure rather than a united player dont you think he would suite better??? but also I like the Turkish caglar

  8. RSH says:

    so nobody believes dembele, tolliso, rumours, but Fellaini ones people do? Why? Because it’s negative and media wants ppl clicking and freaking out. Boring, next garbage rumor please

    1. Admin says:

      The reason we believe it more is because he won’t cost anything lol

      1. killamch89 says:

        William Carvalho is a free agent as well

        1. tony says:

          get that b¡tch too.we need all the free players in the world.where is flamini?

      2. jon fox says:

        Well said. I believe Fellaini will probably soon sign for us and RSH is quite wrong.

  9. Barren says:

    No way we can offer him a contract and not jack!!! No way

    1. tony says:

      jack is our mascot.give him contract asap.

  10. Tas says:

    I for one would like to have him in our squad his a beast something we have been missing since Viera his also EPL conditioned his amazing in the air for set peaces which we are lacking since OG left his free what els we want

    1. Tas says:

      He scares the pants of the opposition starting from the tunnel

  11. Simon Williams says:

    I suggested this a few days ago.

    I think this makes a lot of sense. We already have skill and talent – we lack determination, height, aggression –

    Fellani delivers all that. And for free – aside from wages. I even think he would a powerful asset in the dressing room – strikes me as a natural leader.

    Wouldn’t expect him to play every game. But against some opposition would make great sense.

    And I understand that Emery thinks more tactically about opposition. So you need options if that’s your approach.

    I for one happy if this rumour turns real

  12. royal says:

    All players are now linked to arsenal, media, i hail dee. With time we will kno the truth.

  13. JW Holmes says:

    This is obviously his agent spreading B.S

  14. Innit says:

    He would be a useful player to have and for free too

  15. Jeremy says:

    If we are really in for him, I think we can start preparing for Kroenke Out Movement.

    Kroenke had not shed the Loser Tag at all.

  16. Fellaini was a beast at Everton maybe he can re discover himself at Arsenal. I would also like it if we could sign Doucoure man the guy is good! Definitely would make up a solid midfield with those two.

  17. Rkw says:

    Let’s go all the way … Balloteli ribery and Ben arfa up front fallani and toure in the middle and Evans and de vrijs at the back lichsteiner done deal …am sure there’s a goalkeeper to be had for free as well … offload auba laca and ozil xhaka and Ramsey kos and mustafi … Put in kosilinac at left back and bellerin at right back add nailtland miles to middle and entire team costs nothing … generates plenty of cash and lower wage bill .. Kroenke’s wet dream team

    1. Declan says:

      Good looking team you have there Rkw and as for a keeper, Almunia looked good against Real Madrid Sunday, just get him back ?

      1. jon fox says:

        Ever done stand up at the Comedy Store? You would be a natural!

  18. jon fox says:

    I think a lot of people on here are letting their , understandable, dislike of Mourinho and also of United, cloud their judgement concerning Fellaini. He would be far more effective than the mistake ridden, one paced Xhaka and the fill in, very average Elneny. I would happily let both leave and take Fellaini on a free, with the money raised from their sale put towards a proper CDM. A real QUALITY one, not Coquelin, Elneny, Xhaka and all the other failed duds we have had since Gilberto left. On a free and if on reasonable wages, Fellaini would be a marked improvement on what we currently have. Not world class obviously ; but thanks to the LEAGUE position Wenger left us in we will find it very difficult to attract true world class players. So we should splash our money on one at least; at CDM.

  19. Grandad says:

    Pure speculation and will never happen.

  20. big g says:

    I really hope these rumours are not true, I don’t want him anywhere near our team. Yes free players can help with our financial failings but Fellaini, please no.

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