Could the return of Giroud be the answer to Arsenal’s problems?

Giroud Should Return To Arsenal? By Dan Smith

Oliver Giroud wants first team football in the short term to cement his place in France’s Euro 2020 squad line up (now Euro 2021).

Due to his family being settled, his preference is always to remain living in London. That criteria has seen him linked with a move to West Ham, but surely if there is any substance to the rumours then Arsenal should make an enquiry? It’s something I have suggested in the last couple of years due to our lack of plan B, but some gooners viewed re-signing the 34-year-old as a backward step.

We are no longer good enough to be so arrogant as a fanbase and need to think what’s best for the short term.

Is he as confident as our current forwards? If not more? Would he be a better option off the bench than an Eddie Nketiah?

Think how many games recently we have failed to translate possession into making chances.

Giroud offers an alternative, someone you can go direct to.

I also think the Frenchman has developed leadership qualities our current squad need.

Underrated, Giroud has shown a great strength of mind to make a living out of proving people wrong time and time again. Most importantly, he would be cheap, the crucial factor in any January purchase we make.

Chelsea can’t demand a big sum, and might even accept a loan as the player is out of contract in the summer. Once upon a time Chelsea would not do business with us due to wanting to help a Top 4 rival. I don’t think they have that problem anymore!

We have given Willian a 3-year contract at the age of 32 so why not a short-term deal for Giroud?

Him being an ex-Gunner shouldn’t be a reason. He only left due to not being the man we rely on in our hour of need.

How ironic if he ends up being that person now?

Dan Smith

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  1. I was against his leave and I thought it was a stupid decision, he fitted Arsenal’s style better than all our strikers and replacements were not the same.
    And I thought he can partner some of our strikers like he did with grizeman in France.
    With that said, he is 34-35, high salary and it will not be easy to get rid of one of our current strikers to make place to a bandage solution.

  2. I’d like to see more of Balogun but Giroud would be a reliable option that could provide a bit of security for the rest of the season. He’s proven himself a very good CF many times over.
    I feel bad for saying this, but nketiah has never been convincing as a CF. He does a lot of things well and has a fantastic attitude, but for someone considered to be a goalscorer, he doesn’t look able to finish 1on1 chances. He looks like the sort of player who might need to transition to another position to maximise his potential. In the short term I don’t think we can rely on him as an option at CF. Again, would be interested to see a bit more of Balogun in that role as he looks more suited.

  3. With our current attacking style, Giroud would be a perfect match. So many efforts from the flanks into the penalty area from Tierny, Bellerin, Saka, etc. but powerhouse in front of goal to the nick the ball into the net. Duncan Ferguson anyone? 😜

  4. What about a straight forward swap of two old boys?
    Nketiah for Giroud?
    Yes, I know the age difference, sell on value etc etc but as the article says, Giroud is playing for something and we are desperate for someone to, at least, meet those crosses.

    1. Ken I am not with Dan on re-signing Giroud,even supposing he would want to come, which is very unlikely IMO. But neither is skinny and easily bullied young Eddie the answer. I do not see anywhere near enough in Nketiah to be our long term answer. He is a good tryer, given his physical limitations of lack of power, height and all round non effectiveness at PREM level. But as our long term striker, never in a million years I’ m afraid, even though I like him personally.

      Balogun though looks a very different kettle of fish; taller, stronger and imo vastly more effective, though not yet proven through lack of opportunities at PREM level.

      Like it or not, sheer ability, power and strength is key as a striker. If you also have height that gives you an added advantage. I see no TOP level strikers at Prem level who are skinny, short,lack pace AND not good in the air. Jesus at City is perhaps the nearest of that type,who IS top class but even he has body strength,definite pace and great natural ability.

      You need at least TWO of those FOUR strengths but Eddie has none, save reasonable(though not special pace). Giroud had two but is too old now. The true all time greats, like HENRY, HAD ALL FOUR AND MUCH MORE BESIDES.
      So no to Giroud, no to Nketiah and yes please to BALOGUN, WHO I WOULD PERSONALLY PICK TO PLAY TODAY.

      1. Agree with your assessment Jon. Arteta has to give the Balogunner more chances to prove himself. Nketiah is simply not good enough.

  5. No more turning the clock back please unless for an experienced, and able back up for Leno.What about Sergio Romero who is twiddling his thumbs with Man Utd.I am with you JonF with regard to Balogun.He has a lot more about him than Nketiah in my opinion.

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