Could this Arsenal academy graduate take Ozil out of the club’s line up?

Mesut Ozil remains one of the most divisive players at Arsenal at the moment. The German is undeniably talented but some feel that he has failed to reach the heights expected of him while others feel that he has simply passed his best.

The German remains on a huge deal at the Emirates and although he was declared surplus to requirements by Unai Emery, he has been given another chance by Mikel Arteta.

However, it appears that he might be set to lose his place in the Arsenal starting XI to one of the club’s academy graduates.

Joe Willock is one Arsenal academy graduate that has been on the cusp of regular first-team action for some time now.

The young Englishman looks set to take his place in the team which could see Mesut Ozil sidelined by the Gunners.

In Arsenal’s recent friendly games, Willock has been impressive, he netted in both games against Charlton and Brentford and he seems to offer something different from what Ozil offers.

Arsenal’s first game back will be their match against Manchester City and it is the sort of big game that Ozil would normally go missing in, Arteta might use Willock to give his team a different dimension and that could be the start of something great for the teenager.

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  1. If he starts or not ,that’s down to Arteta,let’s just hope the fans get behind the team either way ,because we are already starting to see negative fans which is ever good for a football club ,let Arteta do his job and then have a moan at the end of the season if he hasn’t lived upto our expectations,all this pretending that we are managers and telling him he his picking the wrong players is pretty stupid ,just let the man do his job .

    1. Whether we tell him or not I’m sure he doesn’t listen so we can be armchair managers all we want.

      Our chitter chatter in here is like the pub talk (Unless we can confirm
      Arteta logs in to the blog @AdMart) it gets lost in the ether.

  2. I agree Dan but we don’t have to wait till the end of the season as top managers said be judged on your first 10 games of the season

  3. willock has been poor this season. the fact we dont have anyone better in our squad than Ozil really exemplifies why we are struggling. None of our midfielders come even close to the level of our supposed rivals. Lets hope that KDB is having an off day next weekend.

  4. My friend,Ozil is my favourite player and to me he is the most talented player in the squad but if MA picks willock over him i respect it cuz he is the MANAGER.

    And about KDB,a superb world class player but his technical skills are not even close to ozil.His strength is his passing and game reading.He is a different sort of a player but david silva on the other hand is just a pure all rounder.Silva and ozil are the only 2 players who make my heart beat faster whenever they get the ball in the PL.

    1. Your comment, which was fine by the way, was attached to a comment I deleted and thus became a victim of that particular thread of comments being deleted. Basically LenoHappy had a pop at me for this article and inviting you to put your opinion forward but there was one tiny little problem with that, I never wrote the article. If I did then fine, but I did not and so the critique of me was totally unwarranted by LenoHappy.

      1. You guys need to change the layout somehow if possible. The first thing people see is “By Admin Martin”, I assume because you uploaded it. And the actual author is at the bottom of the article and missable sometimes. There would be a lot less confusion about who wrote what article if the author was listed within the header as well instead of the admin. Idk the limitations you have to work with of course but just in case you didnt know how the confusion comes about.

        1. I am sorry but not all authors are allowed to post before we have proofread and edited their articles, so you will see very few trusted names at the top of the article

  5. . Leno
    Belle. Mari. Luiz. Terney
    . Ghuendou xhaka
    Pepe. willock. Auba.

    Maybe socratis for luiz and saka for pepe
    Martinelli from the bench

  6. I think Martinelli can do better in that position. There’s no need to replace Ozil because he’s already absent

  7. Why can’t Arsenal be trying to upgrade by buying robust prodigies like Harvartz or Grealish?

  8. Plus Saka or Martinelli are pliable utilities! Either can be converted into playmakers if money is the problem.

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