Could this Bayern Munich star really come to Arsenal?

He is a fan but is that enough for David Alaba to sign for Arsenal?

Bayern Munich left-back David Alaba has been speaking to BILD in Germany and his comments have raised some eyebrows about where his future may lay.

Basically, he told the German media giant that he would consider trying something different, maybe a move to Spain with either Barcelona or Real Madrid, or maybe a move to one of the big teams in the Premier League.

The Austrian international then went on to add that he was an Arsenal fan as a kid.

He said: ‘Yes I was [an Arsenal fan as a child]. When you’ve been Arsenal fan as a kid you will be one your whole life in some way.’

So that is the context but does any of this actually mean anything? does it mean he will end up at Arsenal?

I would say no, he was just speaking generally it seemed to me, loads of players do that, it does not necessarily then follow that a transfer is imminent.

It also does not mean that he will end up at Arsenal just because he is a fan, in the real world of football it is down to money and silverware, and no matter how much I love Arsenal I am fully aware that a club like Barcelona or even Man City will always offer a bigger wage and more chance of consistent glory.

In conclusion, it was a nice read but that is all, for me, there is absolutely nothing in this to get excited about.


  1. OT So Rooney has said he can’t bear the thought of Liverpool winning the league… and that it’d be a nightmare for any Evertonian!
    Not just Evertonians… it’d be a nightmare for me too!! I’m with him on that – Come on City!!

    As for Alaba coming to Arsenal, who knows! He’s 27 – isn’t that a bit young?! ? we usually go for an older model

  2. I want to see us go for Teirney. The lad has done well in the SPL and I do think he would be at home in the EPL, I think we should pull the stops out to get him.

    Alaba would cost more and want higher wages, while having more experience… I do think Tierney can be better.

    1. I also think Tierney could be a better purchase too, because he is much younger, a Scottish that can easily adapt to London and his assist stat is good

      However, Kolasinac has been great as an attacking LWB and Monreal can still push him for one more season. Besides, we still have Joel Lopez

      1. Rumors of Monreal going to Barca keep floating around, while I have enjoyed having Mr Reliable, we do need to look past him and find someone to push Kola and rotate with him.

        I’ve read nothing but good about Joel but I must admit, I haven’t seen him play, or least I can’t recall watching him. He is young, 16 I think, he might be one for 3-5 years time but in some ways that could be an ideal Kola replacement.

        Kola would be 28-30 by that point and last chance to sell for respectable money, creating funds to re-invest in the squad, while it is nice to see players retire with us after giving their heart to us… We can’t allow every single player to retire with us lol.

  3. I’ve been an Arsenal supporter since I was a child too so perhaps they will sign me? I’m in the right age group Sue, I’m 67 ?

  4. Tierney is on a par with Andrew Robertson of Liverpool, indeed before he moved from Hull to Liverpool most knowledgeable fans in Scotland including a certain Gordon Strachan thought Tierney had the edge particularly defensively.He would be a great buy for Arsenal but would probably cost £20/25m whereas Alaba would be twice that.

  5. Tierney is highly rated up here in Scotland and I would certainly like to see The Arsenal sign him.
    The reported asking price is well worth the “gamble” and I believe he will certainly be on the move this summer if the right price is offered to celtic.
    A much better long term signing than Alaba…or even Declan come to that!!!!

  6. Then why mention him at all and write an article about something you think will not happen? How desperate must you be then to pen an article which is irrelevant to anything that matters! As you yourself admit!

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