Could this be Arsenal’s best chance to land a Top Top striker?

Arsenal have been linked with many, many strikers over the years, with very few ever coming close to to joining, but this summer may well prove to be our best chance to nab one.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang will not be the man to join our attack, because according to today’s reports, he will be moving to Paris Saint-Germain in a big-money move, and which will likely frustrate Edinson Cavani.

The Uruguayan striker has spent the majority of his time with PSG out on the wing, accommodating Zlatan Ibrahimovic in the central role, and flourished this term in the Swede’s absence. Cavani will not be relishing the idea of having to share the central role with PEA, and nor should he, after scoring a whopping 49 goals in 50 appearances in all competitions, including eight from his eight Champions league outings. He may well be frustrated with his club’s feeling to bring in another top goalscoring striker, and may well push for the exit door.

Real Madrid also have an issue with having two top strikers in their squad, and the first-choice Karim Benzema has found himself being outscored by his counterpart. Morata was strongly linked with a move to the Emirates last summer, and is again tipped to quit his club. The likelihood is that ONE of these two stars will have to leave in order to keep the other happy, and we should be happy to land either!

Alexandre Lacazette has also thrown his name into the speculatory hat, whilst revealing that he wishes to leave the club this summer. The 25 year-old has scored consistently for Lyon over the past three years, and if he could replicate that form in England, would be a great buy, but I’m sitting on the fence as to whether he matches up to the above in terms of being such a big name. He certainly has the stats to boast being a big name, but seems to be the bigger risk of the four.

Which would you prefer to sign? Is this our best chance yet to fill a long-overdue need?

Pat J

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  1. Greizmann, Lukaku, Aubemeyang, Mbappe, Lacazette, could all potentially move this summer for the right fee and salary but I bet Wenger will only bid for one and not bid enough

    1. It would be a miracle if the strikers you mentioned plus Cavani would like to join Arsenal next season. One of them can only move if Arsenal shows big ambition like Manchester United (when Mourinho came) and Chelsea (when Abramovic came), which requires Arsenal to spend more than 150 million in one transfer window.

      Whoever the new striker is, I hope he:
      – Has a good technique and able to dribble well (to not always depend on his teammates’ crosses and through-balls like Giroud).
      – Is good in the air (because Arsenal likes to play with long crosses).
      – Is fast (to beat the offside traps).
      – Has high stamina (to disrupt the opponent’s defenders, which could release his teammates from pressures).

      The strikers that possess all attributes I mentioned are Suarez and Lewandowski. Unfortunately Arsenal will not be able to get one of them…

      1. Auba is good in all these, bit weak on headers. But we need to sell to create space and free wage bill, Giroud/Walcott/Wilshare/Debuchy/Ozil/Campbell/Sanogo/Gibbs need to go to keep Alexis and bring in 4 more top players, 1-2 youngsters. A net 100M spent and no increase in wage bill is good for everyone.

  2. No our best chance to get a top striker is either

    A. Abduct Dybala or a similarly talented player at gunpoint and dump him blindfolded into the back of a red and white transit van and keep him under lock and key at the Emirates, only letting him out on match days.


    B. Find a wizard and kindly ask him to sprinkle magic dust over Danny -bambi on ice – Wellbeck’s head.


  4. the only toptop striker we are getting is onyekuru.What a player he is.Our new henry

    1. Last summer, Onyekuru was the subject of a profile by DH in Belgium, and he said: “I hope to find myself one day in a top club in Europe and to play for my national team. The shirt I dream of wearing is Arsenal’s because I’ve always had Thierry Henry as a role model since I was little.”

  5. Only hope is Sanchez will leave now in all likelihood and Giroud will lead the team for us. Don’t worry fans we’ve Ramsey, Wilshere, Coquelin, Gibbs, Debuchy, Jenkinson, Sanogo all can lead us to glorious days back again and we’re gonna win EPL next season. Poor fans they pay the most expensive ticket to these substandard players fooling them

  6. the only top top striker we are getting is onyekuru.
    Why would top players want to join a club.who have shown no ambition for 10 years?
    They want an elite level.And that is a level far above us.
    For now we can only buy europa level type of players

    1. Who you going to choose, Bayern/ancelotti, real/zidane,
      Juve/allegri, Chelsea/conte, Man Utd/Maurenho or

      Arsenal and Wenger who has one 0 UCL cups in 22 years and 0 leagues in 14 years. It is now crystal clear that if you have ambition to win things you either run away from AFC or if you find yourself part of it, run quickly away to another club that can fulfil your ambitions.

      We have been relegated further today. ”Tis a sad day!

  7. In my opinion we’ve played our way into the 3rd Tier of teams for the transfer of quality players.

    Tier 1 – Barca, Real, Bayern
    Tier 2 – Juve, Atletico Madrid, PSG, and teams that will spend money – Chelsea, City, United
    Tier 3 – Arsenal, Dortmund, Monaco, Roma, Liverpool, Milan clubs….Spurs.

    Our position in Tier 3 will not allow us to land a big name player in our own Tier or higher, that hasn’t already been deemed surplus to requirements at one of the bigger clubs (example: Mesut from Real, Alexis from Barca, Cech from Chelsea). We have to hope for a young player that may not be ready to try their luck at a Tier 1 club yet, or a squad player from a higher tiered club that just wants to play now and is willing to drop down to us.

    I fear we’ll be in the ‘purgatory” for quite some time until we spend money.

  8. It’s funny how the above article rates Lacazetti as not a big name player yet he remains Wengers main striker target.?

  9. Haha, I was literally making Benzema/Higuain jokes in the last thread, and now this gets posted. When are we going to get it through our heads, neither of them are EVER coming to Arsenal! I am not looking forward to another bogus Benzema transfer saga that happens every freaking summer!! Even if Benzema did become available he wouldn’t downgrade to us. I swear Arsenal are paying Benzema’s agent to link him with us every summer just to keep season tickets renewed. This has to be a joke.

  10. Come on guys end this topic of striker because we have already on verge of signing top striker in the of Henry Onyekuru….. He is our future after 5 years… Stop being mediocre by looking at next season… Just look beyond next season…. We next Henry heading towards Emirates…. He will surpass everyone….

  11. Soooooo we have 730 more days of failure to look forward to……..

    1. Counting em down with ya Rob!

      Maybe with the inevitable spate of poor results and capitulations and a reminder for the gold fish supporters with their 10 sec memory of how little a s£it Satan Kroenke and his board care for the club, other than what money they can make from it, it will be less than 730!;)

  12. What we the fans want will have no bearing on who if anyone joins this summer. The board have shown no ambition,no vision or no desire to be successful by giving Arsene an extension to enable him for another two years of failure.Prepare for another year of frustration.

  13. Just persuade Cavan if Aubameyang goes there. The guy is energetic and has stamina. Failing which Benzema’s negotiations should be rekindled.

  14. Forgetting one thing no cl involvement.
    This would mean we need to do a MU. Will Wenger throw money at this to get the calibre player we need?
    I’d say not. But if you told me he’d play 3 at the back earlier last year I would have laughed loudly so who knows. Sell enough dead wood and maybe.

  15. Apparently aubamayang moving to psg for 60million but salary of 168k/week…so does that make ozil and sanchez claims of 350k/week realistic then…are they worth twice as much as pea ?
    Only goes to show foreign stars see epl teams as cash cows to milk !

  16. Based on Stan Kroenke’s statement regarding wanting Arsenal to compete for all major trophies, coupled with Wenger’s dislike to of buying top-quality established strikers, I think the following is likely:

    Wenger will buy Henry Onyekuru (Almost done according to media reports) then stall for the rest of the transfer window, until the board buy somebody on deadline day in an attempt to appease fans. By then the best strikers, and especially those who are less injury-prone, will have joined other teams.

    I hope I’m wrong, but that seems to be a likely scenario based on past experience. Wenger officially has his contract now, so he’ll go back to being his stubborn self for another 2 years.

  17. Don’t get me wrong, this Henry Onyekuru sounds great, but a big risk in terms of making an immediate impact on the EPL.

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