Could this be the season where Aaron Ramsey shines for Arsenal?

There are many Arsenal fans that have bemoaned that Aaron Ramsey has only had one good season for the Gunners, despite Wenger keeping faith with the Welshman whenever he is fit. Towards the end of last season, when Wenger finally switched to his 3-4-3 formation, Ramsey was given much more freedom like he is allowed when he plays for Wales.

Aaron looked much more comfortable in his new role and got into much more attacking positions than ever before, and even managed to score a few goals for a change! So could this be the season that he comes good? Harry Redknapp is feeling confident he will. “What Arsene Wenger should have going for him is Aaron Ramsey, who had a great European Championship last summer and then stuttered,” Redknapp said.

“But Aaron should be recovered now and I think he can have a great season.

“Arsenal are going to need players like him to stand up because they have to be back up there this year.

“The problem is that it is tougher and tougher at the top so a lot of questions are going to be asked of a lot of people — this is a crucial campaign for them.”

This summer Ramsey has hot a good rest and came back with a full pre-season of preparation, which he normally misses through injury. If he can stay out of the treatment room then I see no reason why this could not be his best ever season for Arsenal.

Who agrees?



  1. Quantic Dream says:

    Just how many chances will Ramsey be given to “come good” ? If for the last 10 years we still are yet to see him become the midfield orchestrator that we need why do you feel he requires yet another season to proove himself? Do you think at Chelsea, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Juventus or even our 6th placed brothers Man utd he would have been given all these chances to mess up the team in the hope of him developing into a player? Let’s say what needs to be said, Ramsey is rubbish, pure rubbish and we will not win the Champions league or premier league with him as our starting midfielder.

    1. Rkw says:

      Spot on … Without a big upgrade in the middle of the park we will not be challenging again this season … Carzola was a great .. And lucky .. Buy but Ramsey is nowhere close … I still have to laugh at the junkies on this site who spent thousand of words resisting his move to barca … Some people never learn … Begining with the yoghurt man at the top

      1. Nothing changed says:

        Most people still think we can win the PL which is laughable. We will once again finish outside the top 4. With 2 or 3 new players and the same manager, nothing is going to change. With the current exception of Spurs, our rivals have not stood still either.

        We have the same manager calling the shots, setting the lineups, calling Ramsey the future of our club, make the substitutions, determining the tactics and preparing the squad for the games. We still have a squad full of followers and short on leaders and high on injury prone players.

        Why we would do better this season is not obvious to me.

  2. Adajim says:

    Ramsey is a good player no doubt, his performance is dependent on the coach tactic and instructions. We all saw him at Euro also while playing for his country, he look different.
    Having said that, though am not tactically sound in football, of course am not a coach but I feel this system of 3-4-3 needs a double 4 or a non-mobile 4 and a quick b2b who can quickly track back to support defense. Correct me if am wrong, I don’t think Aron can be any of the aforementioned. I see him more like Lampard /Gerrard type of player than a viera/matic/kante.
    Most of the time Ramsey is found around the 3rd half than his own half, this exposes the defense

  3. Sean says:

    Aaron tries his best every game unlike a certain Mesut tbh…. may not have the same vision as Ozil but as a no10 Ramsey could shine. He will always do something in the final 3rd. He would be our Gerrard/Lampard if played properly. Hes an AM. Buy a new CDM like Seri to partner Xhaka & let Rambo link up with Alexis & Lacazette up top is the best way to get Aaron playing in my opinion.

    Id sell Ozil tbh, if barca want him for £52m i would say yes please but we eant Rafinha for whatever price.

    1. Arsenal_Girl says:

      If Barcelona want him, then he must be good. He had a fantastic season 2015-2016. Nearly got Henry’s assist record. I think it would be foolish to let go of Ozil and not get a replacement. Ramsey isn’t good enough

    2. GO says:

      I like your logic, but if we sell Oil what happens when Ramsey then get injured? – which is normal – we play Nelson?

  4. Break-on-through says:

    Even if Ramsey has a good season, we are still low on numbers and quality. Not all our players compliment one another. We need at least one big signing for that area.

  5. Milton John says:

    Ramsey will never complete a full season with fitness or form. We’ve witnessed so far in his career and it’s gonna happen in future. So let’s forget about his season. Never expect more than 20 games in a season with form and fitness together from Ramsey so the best option is buy Goretzka and send Nelson on year long loan to a bottom club and the boy will be good enough for first team football in full swing from next year. At the end Santi can retire from next season very peacefully.

  6. ThirdManJW says:

    Cannot believe people are still living in hope he’ll come good. Just how many years have we been waiting? A top manager would have dumped him in after 6 months, maybe a year, and here we are…9 years and counting!!!!!!

    For anyone that watched Arsenal regularly last season, you’ll know Ramsey was one of our worst players…again! He’s a massive downgrade on Santi. We need to sign a WC midfielder, instead of relying on an injury prone, rubbish one.

    1. Ack77 says:

      for someone who brags about watching arsenal regularly, u dont seem to have seen that ramsey had a reduced role last season, was injured and even when fit was surprisingly benched by wenger. every player some negative-minded fan would slander for being rubbish, useless like mertesaker, ramsey and giroud had little to no role in arsenal last season.

      lol keep rhinosaker, rambo and lampost off the pitch and we will challenge they said; and we came 5th…

      1. Ack77 says:

        whoscored stats
        ramsey 1231 min = 13.6 match( min/90)
        giroud 1198 min = 13.1 match
        per 37 min = not needed

  7. waal2waal says:

    Aaron needs to return to form he showed 3 seasons ago which would mean he needs to improve. But while he is trying to do it we need to bring in some healthy competition for aaron for fear he resorts back to type (*very poor). One more year of ramsey then if he cannot produce quality on the field he can be counted much like walcott is after 10 years at arsenal: a minor disappointment.

  8. emeka says:

    ramsey again… we cant wait for ramsey forever. we need better midfieders.. very simple

  9. Towers says:

    And as usual this is still the season for Walcot,Ox and Ramsey!

  10. desire to excel says:

    If Ramsey, must be given freedom then it must come with a few caveats
    1. Not dwelling on the ball too much
    2. Not going for glory when teammates are in better position
    3. Don’t try those fancy flicks or dribbles when there is a chance of loosing the ball in dangerous areas.

    I think he could be a decent player if he stops pretending being Messi

  11. amb98 says:

    Ramsey should not be our starting CM. He is inconsistent, injury prone, doesn’t work hard enough defensively, dwells on the ball for way too long going round in circles and doesn’t even score much (bar that one half a season). He should be a squad player at best. In the 3-4-2-1 system, Ramsey would be best in the 2 behind the forward, rotating with Ozil. This means he has more freedom to make forward runs. When he does this as a CM, he leaves us wide open and vulnerable, especially as Xhaka isn’t the most mobile player or a great tackler. Ramsey plays in an advanced role with Bale behind Vokes/Robson-Kanu for Wales. He has been at Arsenal for 9 years now, it’s time for Wenger to be more ruthless with Ramsey, Walcott etc

  12. Nothing changed says:

    I definitely think the Ramsey-Xhaka pairing late last season seemed to work best for Ramsey. Unfortunately for me Ramsey doesn’t inspire or excite me. To me, he is vastly over rated and hugely ineffective. He tries to dribble as if he is Messi yet he ends up with useless backward and sideways passes and loses the ball in dangerous areas.

    Yet after Santi, he is probably the best partner for Xhaka since Elneny is too much like Xhaka and Coq too defensive and too average going forward.

    So here is to hopeing Ramsey can replicate his one decent season.

  13. sulgem says:

    i have seen Ramsey pass mostly loose and not perfect as a result intercepted by opponents not sharp and frequently make silly mistake around the goal , we need a good midfielder like gorzeka

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